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Weird Record - Info Needed


Here's another strange thing I got this week:

Johnny Soul & The Manchesters - Wait - Dome Records SR 4012.

I on,y bought it because I clocked the names of some of the people bidding on it and sniped them :thumbsup: and it was in the wrong section, anyway it's a beat ballad thing, obviously white, muddy production but it's got that kind of weird factor which makes you think it just might have something. I'd guess late 60's/early 70s as it's stereo.

Just wonder if it was known...certainly a weird track.

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Got a copy of this one myself. Just BARELY making into my soul boxes, too. This record is from Baltimore, which makes sense because I live here and that's where I found it. A friend of mine wrote a book called "Baltimore Sounds" and the group had a listing and a picture of the label.


Here's a link to the site:



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Cheers mate.

Did you get that cd I sent??

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