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    my children, my records, my jukebox, reggae & ska, I like Sex Pistols, Prodigy, Slade, Bowie, old skool Jungle, punk and new wave 1976-1981, beer, Wolves FC, Madeline Smith, Brenda Holloway...
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    Wombourne, South Staffordshire
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    Yum Yums - Gonna Be A Big Thing

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  1. Hi Pete, you still got the Gerri Thomas?

    Cheers, Simon

  2. Pete had a record off you a few weeks ago , just wondered if you got a copy of baby cakes Loretta Williams on jotis thanks pem 

  3. Not sure where to post this and apologies if it has already been posted. Some sad news, someone I've know for a pretty long time on the Northern scene and who some of you may also know, Grant Rankin from Stockport, passed away last night following a stroke on Friday. I know Grant had been a member on Soul Source for years. RIP mate.
  4. Please PM if interested, post extra, apologies if delay replying (you can always email me pete.smith@freeuk.com) SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  5. Yes of course mate thank you...same as ever pete.smith@freeuk.com
  6. Does anyone have a recording of this - I can't even remember it!
  7. Approximately 200 Blues & Soul magazines dating back to 1971. I'll take £300 and you can have the racking as well.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/groups/177746196324554/?source=create_flow I'm going to set up a new Facebook group if anyone's interested, Rare British Soul is a fantastic group but there are a couple of people on it who think they can dictate what does and what doesn't qualify as 'Northern Soul' so f them, I'll set up a group myself. Criteria will be - scans and photos of rare 60's BRITISH releases. Concentrating on Northern Soul but can also include rare Beat, Mod, Psych etc, anything as long as it's interesting and not chart fodder or reissues. Then people can just look at the scans or get i
  9. Yes you are indeed correct Skrewdriver White Power E.P. / Smash The I.R.A. / Shove The Dove Skrewdriver White Power E.P. / Smash The I.R.A. / Shove The Dove Current Bid: £43.00 People do collect all sorts of different things though, I know someone on here who used to collect those Confederate singles

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