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Adam Topping

Help Me Out! Need To Sell Some Cos I Need To Buy Some

Just seen my three biggest wants on eBay, all turned up at the same time so need to sell a few from my personal collection to finance my bidding finger :unsure: . P&P £1.25, £2 recorded. Paypal's best but cash or cheque will do as well. As always if you're not happy send them back for a full refund. Make an offer if you want to haggle a bit!

1. Major lance - Too Hot To Hold. Okeh EX+ £75

2. Billy Wells - This Heart These Hands. Sweet Soul EX+ £120 SOLD

3. Jan Bradley - Back In Circulation. Adanti (first label) M- £25

4. David Morris - Snap Crackle Pop. Plush EX+ £35

5. Junior Jackson - Love You Forever..awesome tune. Rajac EX+ £60

6. Paul Sindab - I Can't Wait No Longer. Kasika EX £125

7. Del-Cords - Your Mommy Lied To Your Daddy. Impala (1st press b4 Mr Genius label) EX+ £140

8. Harry Deal & Galaxies - What Am I Going To Do. Eclipse M- £25

9. Frankie Newsome - Last Bus From Tupelo. Sagport EX £12

10. Elliot Baron - Man To Man. Golden World. M £65

11. Reflections - I Need Your Love. Went M- £65 (£150 @ JMs)

12. P.H.D's - The Way It Use To Be. Rare Xover £200 on JMs. Lamp EX+ £140

13. Tommy Mosley - You Lied, I Cried, Love Died. Uptown EX+ £100

14. Eddie Ray - Glad I Found You. Prix M- £60

15. Dorothy Beery - Don't Give Me Love. Big 3 EX (light scratches plays brilliantly), same label both sides flip one is off centre (plays right tracks just wrong label on flip). £100

16. Otis Jackson & Compromisers - Turn Out The Lights. C&F. M- £120

17. Chris Petterson - I'll Get Even With You. Hi Lite. EX+ £50

Also see my website for 1,000+ 45s at set sale www.soulsupermarket.co.uk



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TOP TOP TUNE whistling.gif

If i didn't already have it i'd snap this up.... just brill!!

Cheers jumpinjoan, that sold very quickly!

I've added a few more to the list as well.


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Guest kid mohair

sent you a pm.

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