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  1. jumpinjoan

    Happy Birthday Way Out Girl

    Happy birthday
  2. jumpinjoan

    Happy Birthday Len

    Happy birthday Len
  3. jumpinjoan

    Poll: Version Battle - The Chase Is On

    That's the thing right there. If I didn't hear JH ever again I would be a happy gal. The Artistics however, different kettle of fish. Always been in JH's shadow so never got the recognition it rightly deserved. I also think the cheaper vs more expensive stigma plays a part, as it does so often. Take One Thousand Wonders by TSU Tornadoes / Archie Bell for example - AB is a thousand times better and cheaper. Rarity and value never trumps quality for me. But that's for a future battle to decide ... Like Mal and others have said, these are great threads and what it's all about. Preferences shared and not a hissy fit in sight. Old school soulsource. Great stuff!
  4. jumpinjoan

    Poll: Version Battle - The Chase Is On

    Despite hearing JH first, it's Artistics all day long for me. The awesome vocal, arrangement, depth and all-round soulfulness puts it leagues ahead. One of the best groups ever to hit a recording studio
  5. jumpinjoan


    Just wanted to give this a little nudge in case anyone is not aware it's cancelled. We're gutted of course and thank everyone for the great support and loyalty shown for our little shindig. Next one 20th October which, like Phil says, will go ahead no matter what!
  6. jumpinjoan

    Would it be morally wrong?

    I feel sick. Seriously wtf? She needs hunting down and shooting. Why this kind of barbaric activity is allowed to continue is beyond me. I second what Karen and everyone has said, makes me ashamed to be human.
  7. jumpinjoan


    So looking forward to seeing you Chalky and everyone else of course! Counting down now, it's going to be hot and sweaty and the music will be awesome. You won't hear better that's for sure. Roll on
  8. jumpinjoan

    Reject calls to ban Staffordshire Bull Terriers

    Good thank you Peter, hope you are too x
  9. jumpinjoan

    Reject calls to ban Staffordshire Bull Terriers

    More than silently fuming today. Popped out at of work at 12pm to do some shopping and found a poor little dog tied to railings, with no shade whatsoever, in 30° heat. The owner had popped into the arcade to do some shopping. God knows how long she had been there before I saw her. I had a bottle of water with me but nothing to put it in so used my glasses case. Poor little thing was shaking she was so dehydrated. Moved her into the shade and stayed with her for 45 minutes, by this time a crowd of arcade security and other council staff were there too. Still no sign of the owner. By 12.55 we'd all had enough of waiting and my colleagues took the gorgeous wee thing to the Town Hall. Half an hour later the irresponsible tw*t of an owner turned up. Seriously, wtf????
  10. jumpinjoan

    Reject calls to ban Staffordshire Bull Terriers

    Phoebe is gorgeous. Here's Bettsy, as you can tell she's a truly dangerous beast that needs banning. The second one is her in her favourite place next to her favourite thing x
  11. jumpinjoan

    Reject calls to ban Staffordshire Bull Terriers

    Signed and quietly fuming. I too own a staffie and she's the sweetest, most loving dog you could ever hope for. Thinking about starting a 'ban dangerous owners of dogs' petition as that's where the problem [usually] lies x
  12. jumpinjoan

    Happy Birthday Swifty

    Happy birthday
  13. jumpinjoan


    Here's hotel info for anyone thinking about staying over and making a weekend of it. Do it, we're only a stones throw from Chester! Gateway to Wales Hotel 0.9 miles from venue The Coach House 1.4 miles from venue Village Hotel, Chester St Davids 1.8 miles from venue Holiday Inn, A55 Chester West 2.9 miles from venue Northop Hall Country House Hotel 3 miles from venue
  14. jumpinjoan


    Really looking forward to seeing you Steve, Dave and Lou, been bloody ages! Seriously can't wait
  15. jumpinjoan

    So sad news-Mark Ellis-Rotherham

    This is so sad, I can't believe it x


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