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  1. Chalky. Birthday

    Happy birthday honey
  2. Soul Night in Memory of John Lewis (Louis)

    Just over a month to go until we remember Louis, going to be a great night for a top bloke! Had people asking about hotels so here's a few listed below x Charnock Farm Motel - 01772 622934. 1.4 miles from venue Hallmark Hotel - 0330 0283420. 1.5 miles from venue Smithy Lodge Guest House - 01772 457650. 1.6 miles from venue Farringdon Lodge Hotel - 01772 421321. 2.4 miles from venue Shaw Hill Hotel - 01257 269221. 3.1 miles from venue
  3. Soul Night in Memory of John Lewis (Louis)

    Thanks for posting Phil Really looking forward to what will be a great but no doubt emotional night, can't believe it's nearly a year. Here's to raising a glass in Louis' memory and a hopefully a good amount for Bolton Hospice who looked after him so well x
  4. Grumpy Soul

    That was alright wasn't it I'll try not to make this sound like an award speech but can't promise lol. For the first time we came away thinking that was great; sound was absolute perfection (nice one Pip), all the DJs were awesome (John had a ball and loved it) and the crowd second to none as always. You travelled from all corners including Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Wales, Yorkshire and London. Once again it was the perfect mix of never miss-ers and first timers, fab! You guys make Grumpy what it is so thank you We'll have a look for a date before Christmas but defo back with at least three next year so watch this space! xx
  5. Grumpy Soul

    All set up and sounding seriously awesome! Safe journey everyone
  6. Happy Birthday Len

    Happy birthday Len x
  7. Grumpy Soul

    Cheers Bob and Steve, great that you can make it. You'll love the venue, proper old school, perfect for Grumpy. We always welcome record dealers but as there's no longer an orangery, if you could please let us know if you'll be bringing anything more than a small box we'll get you set up A little over two weeks to go then, can't wait
  8. Grumpy Soul

    Thanks for all your help Bob You went above and beyond sorting the club for the sound check, forgot all about our strictly debut
  9. Grumpy Soul

    Yep, four weeks until our next installment The new gear sounded absolutely amazing when we tested it last week, seriously can't wait. Here's details for a few hotels for anyone wanting to stay over. We're a stones throw from Chester so why not make a lovely day / weekend of it! Gateway to Wales Hotel 0.9 miles from venue The Coach House 1.4 miles from venue Village Hotel, Chester St Davids 1.8 miles from venue Holiday Inn, A55 Chester West 2.9 miles from venue Northop Hall Country House Hotel 3 miles from venue
  10. Name That Tune

    Tyrone Ashley - I Want My Baby Back - Phil la of Soul
  11. Grumpy Soul is back!

    What Dale, Andy and Phil said! As you can imagine it's a nightmare having to move venue; will it work, will it have that 'feeling'? Well, I can say (after seriously interrogating everyone I spoke to) the answer to both appears to be yes. People turned up before we even opened the doors, were straight on the floor and stayed there for the duration, brilliant! Thanks to all who danced or just listened, the team who were awesome as always and Andy who was there early doors, much appreciated love. Everything will be tip top for September, see you there Joan and Pip x
  12. sam_0072.jpg

    Love this Brilliant photos, thanks Sue! xx
  13. Grumpy Soul is back!

    There's a thought ... I'm expecting a video from Cleethorpes
  14. Grumpy Soul is back!

    Here are the times for tomorrow, really can't wait
  15. Grumpy Soul is back!

    Few days to go, will post times for those that do tomorrow. Carl's well up for it, he's preparing that silky voice of his with honey and lemon as I type Carl will be playing Gwen Owens 'Wanted and Needed' in memory of Mick. As we all know it was one of his very favourite records so it will be everyone on the dance floor! Anyone still seated will be encouraged to their feet in true Mick Howard fashion (that cheeky point of a finger) Going to be a great night x