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  1. Thanks so much everyone, you are all very lovely x
  2. I couldn't be bothered doing it online so went to the Post Office, took ten minutes max. Passport arrived less than a week later
  3. Jumpinjoan


    Happy birthday Kev x
  4. Really looking forward to a nice, sedate evening in quiet, conservative company See you tomorrow
  5. All set up and sounding awesome (nice one Pip). What the pic can't tell you is Yvonne Vernee is blasting out. Ooooooh errrr!!! See you all later
  6. What Pip said! Just the work week to get through then it's full-on Grumpy time. Can't wait Hotels are listed a few posts up and if you're wanting to bring sales you're more than welcome. Anything more than a 50 box please do let us know though so we can sort you a table x
  7. Been asked for hotel info so here's a few for anyone thinking about staying over and making a weekend of it. We're only a stones throw from beautiful Chester so why not! Gateway to Wales Hotel 0.9 miles from venue The Coach House 1.4 miles from venue Village Hotel, Chester St Davids 1.8 miles from venue Holiday Inn, A55 Chester West 2.9 miles from venue Northop Hall Country House Hotel 3 miles from venue
  8. So very sad. Still recall racing round Marsh Farm mid-week trying to find a working phone box after receiving his lists, rereading while running just in case I missed something. Rest in peace John x
  9. Really looking forward to our last Grumpy soul of the year, looks like a cracker! The good news is Dave and Steve have found luuurrrrve ❤ and their happiness will hopefully make up for the fact we have no hair or anyone called Grace, and that there's a black and white weather warning in place for the 19th (something about a category five hurricane headed from the North East). Just as well the music will be top notch and we have the level headedness of Mr Fortnum to manage the fall out from all of the above. Roll on
  10. Jumpinjoan


    A last reminder that tonight's Grumpy is CANCELLED Please pass on if you think anyone may travel. Apologies again and see you 19th October x

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