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  1. jumpinjoan

    Sad News Grant Rankin

    So sad x
  2. jumpinjoan

    events - comments/reviews

    Okee dokee, but didn't it already do that? I feel you shouldn't have to search for after event reviews. Just seems unnecessarily complicated to me but I'm a simple gal
  3. jumpinjoan

    events - comments/reviews

    Hi Mike Just had a look and it's a little confusing to me lol. Shouldn't reviews automatically show post-event (if there are any) rather than the pre-event comments? Would it be a lot of work to scrap the two separate sections and make it one complete single thread like it used to be, removing the star rating?
  4. jumpinjoan

    Young soul rebels

    I remember him at Stafford; well, Stafford train station in the morning a couple of times. What I will say though is he cut and pasted my comments about Pete Lawson etc from here without the courtesy of asking. More than a bit cheeky at best, lazy and unprofessional journalism at worst. Bought the book after being made aware of the above, haven't read it though lol
  5. jumpinjoan

    promoters - event reviews?

    I've done this too Chalky. People often post a review in the pre-event comment section instead of the review part without realising. Maybe revert back to the old system where it just follows on in one long thread?
  6. jumpinjoan


    I don't care, it's the biggest five stars ever! What an amazing night that was, thank you to each and everyone one of you who made it so. The room was packed out with new faces and our never miss-ers. I would go so far as to say our busiest night yet with travellers from Scotland, Yorkshire, London, North East and everywhere in-between. DJs were more than on point (thanks all of you) as was the sound system (awesome work Pip)! No future dates as yet but there will be three next year and we will post as soon as we get chance to have a look at the calendar. Thanks again guys!
  7. jumpinjoan

    promoters - event reviews?

    I reckon people can post what they want, promoters or otherwise. None of us are idiots, it's as plain as a bootleg when the people posting five stars and raving or waxing lyrical are completely deluded. To say people who promote or DJ at an event can't comment is going a little too far. Scrap the star system if you feel that would help. Like Phil said, we like to thank people who turn up and make our night what it is and we have 'awarded' ourselves fewer stars in the past when we had a one off sound issue and would do again in a heartbeat if it was pants. All it takes is to turn up at an event to see if the reviews are justified x
  8. jumpinjoan


    All set up and sounding great!!! Safe journey everyone and see you later
  9. jumpinjoan

    Chalky. Birthday

    Happy birthday honey, see you later
  10. jumpinjoan


    Looks like you're all descended from Celtic stock then; Who Do You Think You Are would have a blooming field day! One thing I'm happy to share is the usual stresses of running the night have been eclipsed somewhat by the thought of you balmpots turning up wearing the above attire
  11. jumpinjoan


    Just catching up; oh my what a learned bunch you are with your knowledge of Ancient Greece and, ahem, other stuff Spoke to the club over the weekend and all is good their end and more than ready our (and Triode's and Steve's) end. Roll on
  12. jumpinjoan


    Loving your excitement Calvin and Sarah, see you a week today! Sad we won't see you Simon but I'm sure Andrew will tell you all about it Been asked again for hotel details so here you go for those who missed them Gateway to Wales Hotel 0.9 miles from venue The Coach House 1.4 miles from venue Village Hotel, Chester St Davids 1.8 miles from venue Holiday Inn, A55 Chester West 2.9 miles from venue Northop Hall Country House Hotel 3 miles from venue
  13. jumpinjoan

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    What Steve said, he's absolutely gorgeous Peter x
  14. jumpinjoan

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

  15. jumpinjoan


    Looking forward to it too Andrew Record peddlers are very welcome, actively encouraged in fact, but if you're bringing anything larger than a fifty box please do let us know so we can reserve a table for you. Can't wait!!!


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