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Deep, Sweet & Mellow 70's Groovers...

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We Wish You A Mellow Christmas…


This time out it’s a top drawer selection of Sweet, Deep, XO ‘n Lowrider Soul, and the occasional, mellow 70’s groover

All are in Excellent condition unless otherwise stated. The YouTube clips are not my records, I've included them to remind you how good these sound, or to treat your ears for the first time. The records I'm selling here are in the pics.

Do please read the T’s & C’s at the bottom if you want to buy something, important shizzle you will need to know be there.



1.      Archie Bell & Drells  - Love Will Rain On You – Atlantic £12 as someone who only Archie’s pop hits, I didn’t think he had such deep balladeering in him. Shame on me!



2.      Bean Brothers – Spinning Around – DI £25 sturdy mid tempo fist pumper,



3.      Black and Blue – Of All The Hearts To Break – Game £60 a gorgeous, delicate, well written sweet ballad, awash with strings and harmonies. A tuff find, it even looks fantastic, too!



4.      The Chi-Lites – May Baby Loves Me / That’s My Baby For You – Revue  £20 that irresistible late 60’s Chicago sweet soul sound, with a raucous, rowdy-assed funky northern thing on the flip





5.      Debbie Taylor – Let’s Prove Them Wrong / Never Gonna Let Him Know – GWP £25 two wonderful sides of pure soul 




6.      Diane Jenkins – Towaway Zone – Creative Funk £22 irresistible Mecca groover                                                                        



*** SOLD *** 7.      Donald Jenkins – A New World Beautiful / Fighting For My Baby – Thomas £25 super sweet tune, with an odd-ball ‘Nam tune on flip that did the rounds on the Stafford tape Swappers Circuit




8.      Earl Duff – This Little Girl Of Mine / Forget About It – Cee Dee £25  two solid crossover floaters, keenly priced



9.      **** SOLD *** Freddy Scott – Got What I Need – Shout £20  found another one of these, great big voice ‘n horns XO dancer



10.   George E Smith – Don’t find Me Guilty – Conclave £40 fantastic, emotional pleading from what sounds like the I’ve Had It guy on Turntable. Sale fell through last time, so someone’s gonna get a pre-Christmas cracker!




*** SOLD *** Jimmy Jones – Ain’t Nothin Wrong Makin Love The First Night – Conchillo £15 Jimmy’s got the horn and getting’ jiggy be on his mind, the dirty dog! Super smooth 70’s, probably danceable these days




*** SOLD *** 12.   Jo Jo and the Outcast – Why Baby – Sound o Riffic £25 an awesome sweet ‘n deep wailer, another we used to reserve strictly for  Deep Soul tapes back in the day but could get played out in today’s climate           



13.   The Lintons – Lost Love – Erica £10  deep, sweet, splendid cheapie



1*** SOLD *** 4.   Mike and the Censations – Gonna Try To Get You Back – Revue demo £18 scuffs NAP superb, sweet lowrider goodie (if the youtube imagery tells it true)



15.   Natural Four – Love’s So Wonderful – Curtom £10  vg+ scratched, with audible clicks and crackles, but playable and perennially in demand                                                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep1UQ2vI1kM



     *** SOLD ***    Natural Four – You Can’t Keep Running Away / You Bring Out The Best In Me – Curtom £18 now then, here’s one that needs turntable action. ‘RA’ is a groover in the Love’s So Wonderful mould, with what sounds like Bobby Womack’s distinctive guitar discretely in the background. ‘YCKRA’ is pure Leroy Hutson - wrote and produced by the great man but has his groove all over it




17.   The Naturals – I Can’t Share You – Calla £15 my, oh my, a mellow lowrider killa, as they say in East LA (maybe).



18.   Sugar Pie DeSanto – My Illusion – Soul Clock £35 got some attention this year, at considerably higher prices too. Moody, atmospheric, soulful midtempo                           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKaH5TBrJf


T   *** SOLD *** The Attractions – New Girl In The Neighbourhood / That Girl Is Mine – Bell £35 brilliant double sider I bought for the Northern dancer ‘That Girl’ way back in the day, but now it’s the sweet, sweet mid tempo of ‘New Girl’ that’s floating my boat. A few seconds in and we know our old pal Morris Chestnut is on the mic. Note this has a tiny crack in the run out groove, just a wee crack that doesn’t get as far as the music grooves, so does not affect play, but it does shave a good whack off the price                          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LByxmkWNs             




Usual jive applies:

• PM your interest, but please add a comment that the PM’s on the way

• P&P is £8 for Special Delivery on Orders over £50; £3 for orders under, via 1st Class Signed For. You can opt out of Special Delivery at your own risk, meaning if a record is lost or knackered in the post, I’ll only refund you the £50 I can claim back from Royal Mail

• PayPal only, and as a gift. Add 4% to the total (inc P&P) if paying as a business transaction

• Wanna haggle on price? GTF, they’re cheap enough! Go ahead, does no harm to ask, but tread with caution: I'm selling my collection with a heavy heart, the only bargains you'll get will be by mistake, or if I'm acting the giddy goat

• Honest Al’s money back guarantee on safe return of a purchase where you disagree with my grading

 Ok, dats’ dat. Happy hunting, and let’s be ‘avin yer. Cheers! 😊




Archie Bell - Love Will.jpg

Bean Bros.jpg

Black & Blue.jpg

Chi Lites  Baby Loves Me.jpg

Chi Lites That's My baby For You.jpg

Dbbie Taylor Prove.jpg

Debbie Taylor - Never.jpg

Diane Jenkins.jpg


Earl Duff.jpg


George E Smith.jpg





Nat 4 - Wonderful.jpg




Sugar Pie DeSanto.jpg




Edited by Alan Walls
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We Wish You A Mellow Christmas…   This time out it’s a top drawer selection of Sweet, Deep, XO ‘n Lowrider Soul, and the occasional, mellow 70’s groover All are in Excellent condition u

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