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  1. 60’s Northern Bangers: Proper, Fast Dancing Tackle, plus The Odd Mid Tempo Baw Tickler. Exactly as it says on the tin, and all quality - nae pish! All are in Excellent condition unless otherwise stated. The YouTube clips are not my records, I've included...
  2. 70’s Dancers and Mid Tempos; Sweet, Deep ‘n Funky All are in Excellent condition unless otherwise stated. The YouTube clips are not my records, I've included them to remind you how good these sound, or to treat your ears for the first time. The records I...
  3. freddie scott

    Pm'd ya
  4. FUNKY AL’s PIMPED UP FUNKY NORTHERN SUPERFREAK 70’S HO’ TRAIN – CAN YOU DIG IT, Y’ALL? AAAAOOOWWW! (take 2) Right, enough of that guff * removes pimp suit and 40” afro wig* : 70’s tackle here, from cheapies to the not so; mid tempo floaters, barnstormin...
  5. wrong forum!

    Cheers Buddy, this is what happens when you try to knock a list out at work with the boss hovering about...
  6. Selling my collection help wanted.

    Hi Dick I took the plunge to actually start selling last year, with a mission to ensure I raised as much as possible, so that meant selling in little lists of 10 or so every week/2weeks, via the Sales page here on Soul Source or the Rare Soul Sales group...
  7. 2 x rare 70's: Charisma Band & Starfire

    Sorry Steve, it's away and there's a queue of interested parties. Thanks for asking Buddy, keep looking, I've a wee list of 70's of similar good calibre to put up by Friday...
  8. Couple of tasty 70's for ya: Starfire - Make The Most Of It / Out Of The Ghetto - Dynamic Artists £250 vg++ both sides have surface scratches and scuffs but play crisp and clear. I totally forgot I had this gem until seeing a fella had sold a ...
  9. Wally & The Knight - dey be gone!
  10. Howdy y’all, been a couple of weeks since my last list, time to get ma hustle on again! A couple of relistings I just can’t figure out why they haven’t yet sold, but damn-near all have been plucked from the collection last night. Mostly 60’s, mostly Stafford-...
  11. Tommy Ray Tucker / Challenge

    *Old Banger Alert* No, not me after my birthday on Monday, this: 2 mins 23 secs of rollicking, roistering, full on Northern knees up action! My old Little Ritchie c/u from Glenrothes & Allanton niters, as described by my good man Mark Windle in his e...