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  1. PM enroute...
  2. Versatile Gents be gone
  3. Shirley Karol has joined her baby and gone away (ie, sold)!
  4. You certainly can, m'friend! PM on the way
  5. Linda Jones, El Anthony & Andre Scott all sold Versatile Gents on hold
  6. Mornin' all. I'm not one for mixing up the genres in my lists but they're all present and correct here - 60's Northern, Funky Grooves, Crossover & 70's Dancers. Let's just fire 'em up and see what the hell happens.. All at least ex condition unless otherwise stated. *** SOLD **** Andre Scott, with Otis, Jessie & Shotgun - Cry In The Arms Of Another Love - Sunflower £55 as if the sublime, soulful dancer wasn't enough, that's one hell of a name for a group... Bobbie Brown - I Gotta Have You - Jacklyn £100 shares the same, ballsy, fistpumping 60's mid/uptempo backing as label-mates The Lovemasters 'Pushing and Pulling', but this is the much tougher find Centre Stage - Someday, Someway / Hey Lady - Dispo £45 2 cracking sides of mid tempo 70's grooving *** SOLD *** El Anthony - We've Been In Love Too Long - La Cindy £200 aye, it's El Anthony. Always in demand, be fast or yo'last! Eula Cooper - Beggars Can't Be Choosy - Note £75 was thrilled to find this when digging through the collection yesterday, I feared it was long gone. This much loved, Sam Dees penned mid tempo that almost stomps along 60's style, while being a smooth 70's production. Lovely! Friends - No You No Me - Up £35 Yet another I first heard on that John Manship 60's Newies tape back in '81 I often refer to, and another from that tape that still seems to be under the radar. ***SOLD*** Linda Jones & Whatnauts - I'm So Glad I Found You - Stang £45 God, do I feel daft! Not only did I not know I had this until yesterday, I didn't know it existed! An amazing cover of The O'Jays Northern classic, really belts along but it's Linda's legendary impassioned vocals that seals the deal. Just magic! The Majorettes - Too Hot To Hold - Mercury demo £40 yep, it's the Major Lance favourite (hence the group's name) but this is no mere cover version, it's a compete reworking; funked-up early 70's style. Got legs, this one! Marsha & The Delwands - No Hope No Faith - Zudan £70 a much sprightlier song than the miserable title suggests! Early-mid 60's, obscure-label Northern from the Stafford tape swappers circuit. Condition dictates price here - it has scuffs and surface scratches that makes it look like a vg but which don't affect play, it sounds like an ex Royal Premiers - I Can Make It If I Try - MBS £75 and speaking of Stafford's tape swappers! Don't know if it ever got A List plays, but it did the tape rounds and enjoyed a good repute, turning up as it did about the same time as The Ascots release on MBS *** SOLD *** Shirley Karol - My Baby's Gone Away - Dakar demo £40 nearly half price for this quality early 70's mid tempo Sugar Pie Desanto - My Illusion - Soul Clock £60 a similar groove to Shirley Karol and getting attention Tommy Ray Tucker - Cry Cry Cry - Challenge demo £160 my old Little Ritchie c/u, as featured in Mark Windle's book Rhythm Message. Rip roaring, brassy 60's stomper that kinda reminded me of Just Another Heartache. Comes with authentic 1980's cover up residue in run out groove, at no extra charge! ***SOLD*** The Versatile Gents - You've Blown My Mind - Linco £65 rated track among the 'funky edged' fraternity. Git down, hoooooaah! Ok, dat's dat. Usual jive applies: • Pm your interest, but please add a comment letting me now there’s a pm on the way • P&P is £8 for Special Delivery on order over £50, under is £3 for 1st Class Signed For • PayPal only, as a gift or add 4% to the total if paying as a business transaction • Wanna haggle on price? GTF, they’re cheap enough! Ok, have a go, does no harm to ask, but don't be daft about it ;-) Cheers y’all, Alan
  7. Holy feckin cow, after all these years I never knew all this, always assumed the issues appeared in the usual sequence of events. Everyday a school day! The word "remake" was used earlier: is the pink issue a different recording?
  8. What it says on the tin: proper old skool sound but titles with taste! All ex unless otherwise stated Bobby Bell - Don’t Come Back To Me / Drop Me A Line - RCA demo £80 two top quality sides of tough, knees-up Northern The Entertainers - Love In My Heart / My Pad - Symbol vg++ £90 big, brass-driven 4/4 dancer, flp is a mid tempo reworking of On Broadway with loads of Mod appeal ***ON HOLD*** The Herbs - Never Never (Will I Fall In Love) / Question - Smoke £80 another cracking double sider, each with that irresistible fast, string-laden group vibe as the Exsaveyons Jimmy Norman - Family Tree - Mercury demo £150 started many a set with this no-nonsense, fist pumping, teeth gnashing stomperoonie. A Messhead’s call to arms! Pat Thompson & Archie Powell - Darling Darling - Mir A Don £95 maybe doesn’t get the love it’s more illustrious label mates enjoy but it’s still a treasure! Prices have been all over the shop for this over the last 12 months, from £200+ but - dare I say it – not this low. Usual jive applies: • Pm your interest, but please add a comment letting me now there’s a pm on the way • P&P is £8 for Special Delivery on order over £50, under is £3 for 1st Class Signed For • PayPal only, as a gift or add 4% to the total if paying as a business transaction • Wanna haggle on price? Bugger off, they’re cheap enough! ;-) Cheers y’all
  9. Hell yeah! A wee list 60’s Northern bangers with just the right dose of R&B hot sauce. And I’m talkin’ proper bangers here - full steam ahead! All ex condition unless otherwise stated… Jimmy Dobbins - Little Miss Perfect - Crash £45 aptly named label for this belting, crash- bang- walloper. A no nonsense belter! Bobby Harris - Ain’t That Love - Turntable £30 looks like a shagged out vg+ with scuffs and surface marks, but plays nearer ex. Pretty sure a George Sharp spin up in the Soul Attic at Top of The World; real good, uptempo, swingin’ dancer. ‘Lonely Intruder’ on the flip sees Bobby deliver a fine, Sam Cooke-style deep ballad. Don Gardner - My Baby Likes To Boogaloo - Tru Glo Town £115 The Don’s feelin’ mean: his ol’ lady ‘s out partying all the time and he’s well pissed off with it. He let’s rip, and 2 mins 59 seconds later she know the score! Jimmy Burns - Powerful Love - Tip Top £115 cooling things down a wee bit, Jimmy’s swinging along in this fine, mid/uptempo handclapper. A wee spin of mine at Allanton in ye olde days, but don’t let that – or the wonkily pressed label (NAP) – put you off. Flip is another, easy on the ear Sam Cooke-a-like King Ernest - I Feel Alright - Barry demo £55 right, back to the bangers. Ernie’s one of those raucous, R&B shouters who always manage to sound really irritated, even when they’re singing about how good they feel! He calms down a bit on the flip, ‘Hold It Baby’ having that strolling, good time vibe about like the Jimmy Burn side. I’ve listed this a couple of times, get loads of ‘likes’ and nice comments but it’s still here… Koko Taylor - Fire - Checker £35 wooooah Lordy, somebody call the po-lice! Koko has the wildest, rowdiest, downright scariest sounding voice; you wouldn’t want to be coming home to her with a torn paypacket on a Friday night! Think of a female Jimmy Robbins whose been up for 5 nights on crystal meth and you’re getting the picture! But seriously, I’m not doing this pounding brassy thumper justice, it’s got buckets of all niter appeal. Tell there’s still some hardy folks out and about who still have the fire in their bellies and haven’t been pussified by weedy, feeble-assed featherweight pish like Papa Bear and all that foppery (topical joke – see Rare Soul Talk page on Facebook) Usual jive applies: Pm your interest, but please add a comment letting me now there’s a pm on the wa · P&P is £8 for Special Delivery on order over £50, under is £3 for 1st Class Signed For · PayPal only, as a gift or add 4% to the total if paying as a business transaction · Wanna haggle on price? Let’s hear ya, but don’t be daft And beware - I've been listening to seriously mean music! Cheers y’all!
  10. The kind of topic that's always gonna generate highly objective interpretations. For my money, 'Blue Eyed Soul' was made by white boys and girls who had the ability to sing and who loved soul/R&B, so it was natural to them to make the music they loved. They made soul music. That's a million miles away from the various strains of white pop music that got played on the scene simply because of it being fast, danceable and us being off our heads on proper good gear. 'Northern', but not 'Northern Soul! Righteous Brothers, Dusty Springfield, Magnificent Men etc knew exactly what they were doing, it wasn't soul by accident. Same with the southern boys m'good man Mark Windle covered in his books. The likes of The Seeds were bugger all to do with soul and not intended to be.
  11. Tony now sold, that's them all now. Thanks guys! 👍🏽
  12. Whispers and Bob Relf gone, Tony T pending payment...
  13. Flairs have flown!
  14. Another 4 groovy mid/uptempo 60's Northern Soul rekids pulled at random from the sales box, this time they're all proper double siders - every track fit for disc jockeying to the nation's dancers, and at reduced, Lidl prices - a sheeyit lotta bang fo'yo bucks, Laydeez an' Gennelmin... ***SOLD***The Flairs - You Got To Steal It / Where You Live - RAP £95 ex cond. What was 'Steal' covered up as? Dave Thorley spin as I recall, a great dancer. 'Live' is gorgeous downtempo that sounds Detroit-y. Both sides come with authentic 1980's c/u residue in run out, at no extra charge! ***SOLD***The Whispers - You Got AMan On Your Hands / You Can't Fight What's Right - Dore £125 quality mid tempo chugging handclapping stompers! Both sides vg++ but play ex; the label is pressed slightly wonky on 'Fight' side but centre circle is true. ***SOLD***Bob Relf - no titles required, you know the score: maybe the bestest NS double sider ever. Immaculate condition, £135 ***SOLD***Tony Talent - Gotta Tell Somebody / Hooked on You - Vando vg+/+ £45 big bold brassy string laden Van McCoy creations. Tony might be a young'un but he swaggers through these with the old skool style his brilliant name suggests! Usual jive applies: - pm your interest but comment a pm's on the way - £8 for Special Delivery (£3 if buying Tony Talent) - PayPal only, as a gift or add 4% to total if paying as a business transaction Cheers m'dears!