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Recurring discussions and sleeves

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Whenever a thread for one of the classic recurring topics is  started - such as Overpriced evilBay items, OVO vs. reissues vs. bootlegs, Ian Levine, etc. - there seem to be two camps:

The first one is just happy to rehash the topic (maybe someone has a new opinion or a new perspective), and the other camp is truly annoyed.

This time I have a topic which has been discussed before. So, I you are in the second camp, and you are annoyed, just switch to another thread 😀😀😀


I am interested in sleeves, or the best way to preserve our precious vinyl

Florian Keller, long time German Funk and Soul DJ, posted a long article on his blog, claiming that paper sleeves will cause paper scuffs and “...while slowly decaying, sever wood fibre dust is piling up in the record grooves while slowly decaying, sever wood fibre dust is piling up in the record grooves”


Chapter: Perfect 45 inner sleeves!

He continues to discusses some different options but finally recommends Sleeve City’s Heavy Duty lined sleeves. The inner lining of the discussed sleeve is thick and sturdy, made of hi-density polyethylene (HDPE) ( https://tinyurl.com/y4amovvf) 


I have to admit that I am just a bit scared of plastic inner sleeves. I heard a lot of different options and two threads in the past  ( https://tinyurl.com/y4cpft9b , https://tinyurl.com/y592pqmg) reflect that.

To me, Paper Sleeves (maybe combines with cardboard sleeves) still seem like the safes option. Used since ages and no risk of any unwanted chemical reaction.


A lot of you have a lot of disc which a worth a lot of money. What’s your take? Still paper? Or have you switched to lined paper sleeves because of the paper fibres?


Take care 



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