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  1. YouYou

    Greatest Soul Albums (70s)

    Pete, I think "The Persuaders" recorded the album. Take care YouYou
  2. YouYou

    Greatest Soul Albums (70s)

    Hello, D.J. Rogers On The Road Again And it does not hurt that the record is cheap as chips! Take care YouYou
  3. YouYou

    Disco Sleeves (Covers)

    Hello Epic, Thanks a lot - i will definitely have a look! Best regards Jurgen
  4. Hello, I have got a question, which is not really a 100% related to Northern Soul – but as I know how broad the knowledge of the forum is, it I try my luck. A lot of companies used special covers (sleeves) for their disco 12", e.g. Epic with their Red Lips Cover. Do you know a website, or maybe even an existing thread, which gives an overview of these covers? Take care Jurgen
  5. YouYou

    Track ID - Where is that rainbow ???

    Kev John, Great - thanks a lot for your help. Best thing: the 7" is not event that expensive. Take care Jurgen
  6. Hi all, I am almost feeling cheap. Two years after my last post, the only thing I have to contribute is searching for a track ID :-( But the song the Eddie Piller was playing (and please, let's not turn this into a big discussion about the merits or non merits of him) is just sooo good. It starts at 1:52:17 I have tried to write down the lyrics (below). Please bear with me - as you might have already guessed, Engl..
  7. Chris, Great cause and great project. Looking forward to the CD. Take care Jurgen
  8. YouYou

    Canadian Northern - Definitive List?

    Hello, Not sure if it is considered as a Northern record (never heard it myself), but the Norris Vines "Give In" was release in Canada. And it seems that it is quite rare: Take care Jurgen
  9. YouYou

    Is There A Better £5 Original

    Hello, Current cheap fav is DON GARDNER - YOU BABE (Verve) Best thing is: I bought it in a real record shop, not in the internet. C$15,- Take care Jurgen
  10. YouYou

    Hamburg Vinyl?

    Hello, Another vote for Thorsten's shop! You might wanna check out his Facebook page, too. Been a while that I have been to Hamburg. Then, there were quite some shops in the area called "Schanzenviertel". Not sure though, what they have in terms of 7". Back in the days, I was buying all kind of stuff. Take care and enjoy your stay Jurgen
  11. YouYou

    Jay Boy Records - Us Releases?

    Wow, I did not know that. I like her LP (I think it's called Woman) a lot! Take care Jurgen
  12. YouYou

    Jay Boy Records - Us Releases?

    Hello, Thanks a lot for all your help! Take care Jurgen
  13. YouYou

    Jay Boy Records - Us Releases?

    Benji, Hat Jay Boy die Singles in Deutschland selber vertrieben, oder ist das ueber eine der grossen Plattenfirmen gehandelt worden! Viele Gruesse Jurgen And for the ones who don't know German (I was just too happy to write something in German, have left my country seven years ago): I asked Benji whether JayBoy releaesed the singles in Germany on their own, or if they were distributed via another company.
  14. Hello all, I have got a question about Jay Boy records. I have always thought that Jay Boy issued only in the UK. But when I look at Discogs, it seems that they released as well singles in the US: So, is me being wrong about Jay Boy only releasing in the UK, or are the Discogs entries wrong? Might be a beginner ..
  15. YouYou

    Boss Sounds 2

    Pete, Wow, cool, will do! And as always, I will buy the book, look at the nice pictures and then buy the "Tojan Ska Classics 3 CD Box Set", as I am a lazy bum :-) Take care Jurgen