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Warren’s Rare Sales List


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Hiya Folks

I'm back and I'm offering up some real juicy tunes for sale. All from my own collection and all play great unless noted. All records are graded VG+ unless stated and look good and play great for djing. I'LL NOT BE HOLDING ANY TUNES so the first to get payment to me gets the record but don’t send the dosh until I’ve confirmed.

Don’t mind offers on any of the tunes but be prepared for a No.

I'll try to get back to people as quickly as I can but it might be as long as 48 hours due to work but will come back to you. Postage is set at £4.50 recorded or £7.50 Special Delivery. International postage will depend on the location.

Paypal is fine as a gift or friend sale but normal paypal is 4% on top. It’s up to you.

Any questions on the sales conditions, record gradings etc are not only welcome they're actively encouraged. PM me if you need more info.

As stated all records are VG+ and play great for DJing unless stated


Little Hank - Mr Bang Bang Man - London Black issue- £200

Carl Hall – Ain’t you lying – Merging issue- £1750

French Coffey - Nothing From Nothing / I Just Can't Get Enough - Pick a hit records issue- £275

Pookie Hudson - This gets to me - Jamie - £450

Kenny Wells - Isn't it a just a shame - New Voice issue - £400

Bernard Williams - It’s needless to say - Harthon issue VG+ £350

Moses Smith - Come on let me love you/Keep on striving - Cotillion Demo - £400

Minnie Jones - Shadow of a memory - Sugar issue VG+ £950

Vikki Styles - The tears won’t stop falling - Odex issue VG+ £900

Thee Midnighters - It'll never be over for me - Whittier issue - £100

The Natural Four - I thought you were mine - ABC Demo - £450

Midnight - Keep on walking my - Ariola (picture sleeve) - £190

125th Street Candy Store - Hey Girl/Silent heart - Fania Demo £100

Brown Sugar - The game is over - Capitol issue - £60

Darlene Love - Too late to say you're sorry - Reprise demo - £100

The Strides - I can get along - MS demo - £275

Raj — Something inside — Oak Tree — VG+ issue - £300

Sandra Philips - I wish I had known — Okeh (white Demo) - VG+ - £350

Betty Lavette - You made a believer out of me — Epic — VG+ (few light pops — great for djing) - £125

Thelma Lindsay – Prepared to love you / Why weren’t you there – Magic City issue - £450

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