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Pat Wallace

Another 4 from the playbox

Four great dance tracks for today. Bank transfer preferred but paypal OK if you pay the fees. Signed for £3 First class £2

The Precisions. What Would You Do. WILD Ex £50
( Not the Precisions we know & Love but guys from Maine I think. Just a great track that will have its day)

The Paramounts.. I Won't Share Your Love. Mercury VG £40 SOLD
(Vinyl is a good VG+ Label has wear hence price. Fine for the DJ)

The Bleu Lights. The End Of My Dream. Bay Sound Ex £20 ON HOLD
(Another from this great group and one to watch out for)

The Butlers. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh. Phila Ex £40
(Sounds like a £500 track to me. On the up!)

Thanks for looking


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