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  1. Some good dancers here. Payment by bank transfer preferred but if you pay the fees paypal is OK. Post £2.80 singed for or £1.80 first. E G Taylor. You Made Me Mad. VAL G+ £10 NOW £8 (Lots of scuffs but it plays fine for DJing, few clicks) Clyde McPhatter. A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues. UK PAMA Ex £20 (This is brilliant for soul nights) Jimmy Hughes. Chains Of Love. VOLT Ex £10 (Classic) Ricky Andrews. The Next Time. RWA Records. Ex £25 NOW £20 (Seen this go for a lot more!) Gee Gee Shin. Come On Over. La Louisianne. Ex £15 NOW £10 (Great dancer) The Montclaires. Unwanted Love. Paula Records. VG++ £10 ON HOLD (Late Torch sound and it's great) Syl Johnson. Same Kinda Thing. Twinight. Ex £10 NOW £8 (Gotta love his stuff) Bill Coday. Get Your Lie Straight. Crjon. VG+ £5 (Recommended!!) Marvin Gaye. Your Unchanging Love. Tamla Promo. VG £5 (Now this is classic Marvin. Same both sides WOL One side cleaner than the other, Bargain!) Thanks for looking Pat
  2. Soul Packs £20 each pack. 10 Records in each with £3.00 postage. Bank transfer preferred but paypal OK if fees are added. 60s Soul Pack SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Juggy. Thock It To Me Honi. Sue Muliti Colour VG++ The Boogie Man Orchestra. Lady, Lady, Lady. UK Contempo. Ex J J Barnes. Hold ON To It. Revilot. Ex The Raelettes. All I Need Is His Love. Tangerine Records Ex Luther Ingram. I Can't Stop. Koko Records. Ex Roger Collins. You Sexy Sugar Plum. Fantasy. VG+ Etta James. Almost Persuaded. Cadet. Ex Chubby Checker. You Better Believe It Baby. Parkway. VG Eddie Holman. Stay Mine For Heavens Sake. Parkway. Ex Barbara & The Uniques. Ther It Goes Again/What's The Use. Arden. VG+ 70s Soul Pack Roy Ayres. Fever. Polydor. VG+ Taj Mahal. Crystal Grass. UK Phillips. Ex General Johnson. Can't Nobody Love Me Like You Do. Arista. Ex Fantastic Four. Hideaway. Westbound. VG+ New York City Band, Ft Luther Vandross. Got To Have Your Body. American International. Ex Ronnie Lamar. Love Came. BRC Ex O C Smith. Just Couldn't Help Myself. Caribou. VG+ Nolan Porter I Like What You Give. Lizard. Ex Eloise Laws. 1,000 Laughs. ABC. Ex Ernie Bush. Breakaway. French Soul Posters. Ex (Mecca Record) Works out at £2.00 per record! Thanks for Looking. Sorry can't split.
  3. Some real nice sounds here with lots of potential. Payment by bank transfer preferred or paypal if fees are covered. Post is £2.70 recorded or £2.00 first class (at your own risk) Rick Andrews The Next Time. RWA Records. Ex £25 (I see this has gone at £150 thru main dealer) Rocki Lane. Santa Soul. Epic Demo Ex £20 (Ignore the title a real stomping instrumental) Little Oscar. I Tried. Supreme Blues. Ex £20 (This man can do no wrong. R&B belter) The Montclaires. Unwanted Love. Paula. VG++ £15 (Had plays at the Torch mid-tempo magic) Carter Brothers. So Glad She's MIne. Jewel. Ex £20 (So many are trashed this one is Ex and cheap) SOLD SOLD SOLD Josephine Taylor. Ordinary Guy/Aint Gonna Cry No More. MarVlus. VG++ £22 (Back in the play box if it don't sell) The Temptations. Don't Look Back. Canadian Tamla. VG++ £22 (has bm written both sides nice vinyl) Clyde McPhater. A Shot of Rhythm & Blues. PAMA Ex £20 (Soul Night revival spin?????) The Rubies. A Spanish Boy. VJ Records. VG £10 (Label ware plays great. Latin soul, another that needs playing out more) Gee Gee Shin. Come On Over. La Louisianne Demo. Ex £10 (Real potential on this one) Jimmy Hughes. Chains of Love. Volt. Ex £15 (Can't go wrong with this) Hope you see something you like Pat
  4. Hi Paul I will take James Taylor.
  5. Hope you see something you like. Bank transfer preferred, cheque or paypal if you pay the fee. Post is £2.50 recorded add 25p per record for two or more. Overseas just ask for postage charge. £10 Section The Rubies. A Spanish Boy. Vee Jay Records. VG (Vinyl is VG+ label a little worn. Brilliant Latino Dancer) Gee Gee Shin. Come On Over. La Louisianne Records Demo. EX (Just Great and will get more plays) Jimmy Hughes. Chains Of Love Volt. EX (A Bargain!) The Escorts. Sing A Happy Song. Knockout. M- (Modern 70s anthem, big plays over the years) Homer Strickland. I'LL Get Over You. Jaden. EX ON HOLD (What a record and a classic.) Paul Kelly & The Rocketeers. Can't Help It/Since I Found You. Dial. VG+ (A good Northern track) £5 Section Freddie Hughes. I Gotta Keep My Bluff In. Wand VG (Now this is highly recommended. Vinyl Ex, Label a little wear) Chuck Jackson. I've Got To Be Strong. Wand VG (Vinyl VG+ Label had cellotape removed shows residue) Jimmy Ruffin. Don't Let Him Take Your Love. Soul Demo. VG+ ON HOLD (Just a great Motown track from this man) £200 & Under The Ditalians. I Gotta Go. Trip Records. Ex £200 ON HOLD (The real deal, black & silver label, proper Northern.) D Graham & The Crackers. The Big Al Walk. M- £30 (R&B Bomb! also a good Mod sound) Hazel Martin. Out Of My Life. Marco. M- £20 ON HOLD (Perfect xover and sells for lots more) The Montclairs. Unwanted Love. Paula Ex £20 (Don't want to let it go, but incoming & needs must) Thanks for looking. Pat
  6. Some nice records here with potential. Bank transfer preferred or cheque. Paypal if you pay the fee at 4% Post and packing is £2.80 recorded. Bobby Dee. Sweet Thing Part 1. Demo Ristic Ex £75 (Hard to get and great) Ricky Andrews. The Next Time. R.W.A. Records. Ex £25 (One main dealer regularly asks £150) Hazel Martin. Out of My Life. Marco. Ex £20 (So good, great Xover) Gee Gee Shin. Come On Over. La Louisianne Demo. Ex £15 (Great mover spans Northern and Xover) Josephine Taylor. Ordinary Guy/Ain't Gonna Cry No More. MarVlus VG++ £30 (A double sider and both brilliant) Thanks for looking Pat
  7. Soul & R&B for a Sunday. Bank transfer, cheque or concealed cash preferred but paypal OK if you can pay the fees 4% Post & Packing is £2.00 or £2.50 recorded and recommended. D. Graham & The Crackers. The Big Al Walk. Dymo Ex £35 (This is a great R&B mod sound that will get them dancing.) Little Oscar. I Tried. Supreme Blues. EX £23 (Another great R&B track from this man!.) James Duncan. Money Can't Buy True Love. Federal. VG+ £15 (This has it all to fill a floor) Jimmy Hughes. Chains Of Love. Volt. Ex £15 (Brilliant!) Thanks for looking Pat
  8. Three great dancers here. Bank transfer preferred but paypal + 4% OK. Post £3.00 Singed for or £7.50 Special Delivery, your choice. Overseas please contact. Ditalians. I Gotta Go. Trip Records. Ex £200 (Top, top record. Minor hairline scuff minor dimple None affect play. Looks & Plays Brilliant.) D. Graham & The Crackers. The Big Al Walk. Dymo Ex £35 (Great R&B Instrumental, definitely needs more DJ exposure.) Eddie Puurell The Spoiler. Volt Ex £30 (Big all nighter play, seems cheap for such a class record.) Thanks for looking Pat
  9. Some very nice tunes here. Paypal +4% or bank transfer. £2.50 recorded or £2.00 at your own risk UK. Overseas at cost. Bill Jacocks. "Your The One" Maggio £10 Ex (Good price for a great record) The Notations. "Judy Blue Eyes" Mercury. £5 VG+ (Couple ticks but nothing really for this classic stepper) The Rance Allen Group. "Aint No Need of Crying" Truth. Ex £5 (Rance Allen a legend) The Rhinestones. "Party Music" 20th Century. Ex £5 SOLD SOLD (This is growing and not that well known) Herb Reed & Sweet River. "Hung Up Over You". UK PVK Ex £10 SOLD SOLD (NO NOT £50 for this pearl.) Joy Fleming. "Are You Ready For Love" Private Stock. VG £3 (Plays fine with minimal noise. Great track) The Intruders. "Hang On In There" Gamble Ex £5 SOLD SOLD ( 70s cool ) Thanks for looking
  10. Pat Wallace


    Well, what can I say. Just brilliant! We stayed to late and missed the No 57 bus back to Kendal ha ha. The music was excellent, played by knowledgeable DJs. We felt like we had known people for years by the time we left, real Liverpool friendliness. Venue, atmospheric and perfect for this type of event. Spent all morning looking for a couple of tracks that were played and yes got them! We will definitely be back for another Sink experience.
  11. Payment, bank transfer preferred paypal +5% cheque (post when cleared) Postage and packaging £3.00 recorded. Clyde McPhater. A Shot Of Rhythm and Blues. UK PAMA Ex £23 (Will get dance floor action for sure) D. Graham & The Crackers. The Big AL Walk. Dymo. Ex £45 (A sure dance floor winner, great inst in great shape) Both are on Youtube Thanks for looking Pat
  12. Nice copy of Vessie Simmons, Better To Bend Than Break, on SIMCO. Ex condition plays great. £85 Postage £2.50 Recorded. Great Xover and often seen at £150 Bank transfer preferred or paypal if you cover fees.
  13. Cheers mate. Unfortunately I'm not on Facebook.
  14. Looking for a playable copy of Chevrons, Love, I Love You. MMC or Independence Label. PM with price and condition. Thanks Pat
  15. Hi Cant see any prices but let me know of the cost for Montclaires "Hey You" and Willie Tee £ Im having so much fun.

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