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Andy Reynard

A Dozen Demos to go

Jordan Brothers

It’s You Girl

Jamie Demo Vg+paper scuffs hairlines plays great £25


Chuck Overton 

Is it possible /I’m so Thankful 

Kapp Demo Vg++ £40 SOLD!




Carolyn Crawford 

My smile is just a frown turned upside down

Motown demo Ex £150 Nice copy


The insiders

If You had a Heart

Rca Victor demo

Vg+ £20


Deon Jackson 

I can’t go on

Carla demo Vg++ £60


Bobby Womack 

Home is where the heart is

Columbia demo Vg++ £50 SOLD!


Sandy Wynns

How can Something

Be So Wrong

Canterbury demo Vg++ £20


Bernice Swanson

Lying awake Chess demo

Vg++ £30


The knight Brothers

Temptation Bout to get me

Checker demo Ex£20


Gail Wynters

Crawling back

Hickory demo Ex£15


Walter Jackson

After you there can be nothing

Okeh demo Ex £40


Jackie Wilson

It’s all over

Brunswick demo

Vg++ paper scuffs



Pm for details

Edited by Andy Reynard

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