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  1. Brothers of Soul “ Dream” /“Candy” Shock Ex £100. SOLD! Barbara Cooper “What’s one more tear” Rca demo £200. Carolyn Crawford “Forget about Me” Motown white demo Ex £75 Vernon Greene “Look at me Look at me” Minit demo wol Ex plays clean £120 Sissie Houston “Don’t come running to me” Kapp demo Ex £80 ON HOLD Dan Folger”The way of the crowd” Elf demo Ex £100 ON HOLD Frances Nero “Keep on lovin’ Me” Soul Ex drill hole £125 pm for details
  2. 1 Ray pollard “It’s a sad thing” U/A VG++ wol £200 2 The Fantastics “Me and You” Sound stage 7 demo Ex £200 SOLD! 3 Teddy Randazzo “You don’t need a heart” dcp promo nr Ex £150 SOLD! 4, Pioneers”My good friend James”Vg++ British Mercury £160 5,Danny Woods “You Had me Fooled” EX Correc-Tone £600 6,The Pinkertones “It’s not the way you walk” Queen-G Ex £150 7,Betty Turner”Be Careful Girl” Liberty Demo Ex £100 8,The Four Larks “Groovin at the Go-Go/I Still love you” Tower promo Ex £175 SOLD! 9,Jesse Fisher “Your not loving a beginner” Multi coloured Way Out Vg++ £120 SOLD! 10 Walter Jackson “Let me come back” Brunswick Ex £100 11,Tony Drake “Suddenly” Brunswick Demo Ex £200 SOLD! 12,Gia Mateo “If you can’t say anything nice” Rca Demo Ex £120 SOLD! 13,Roy Hamilton “Crackin up over you” Rca demo Ex £150 14,Ann Hodge “Nothing but the Truth” XL Ex £100 15 Ernie Marbray “ Ain’t nobody’s business” WEE Ex £100 16,Gambrell’s “Jive Talk”” Pioneer Ex £100 ON HOLD! 17 The Jive five “You’re a puzzle” U/A Demo Ex£100 SOLD! 18,Paul Anka “When we get there”Rca demo Ex £150 19,Lorraine Chandler “I Can’t Change” Rca demo Ex £300 20,H.B Barnum “It Hurts too much to cry”Rca issue Ex £100 Pm for picture and details Atb Andy
  3. Patrice Holloway “Love and Desire”both in Ex condition Capitol Demo £450 Capitol Promo £200
  4. 7 Mixed Soul 45s Tony Clarke “Wrong Man”M-S Vg+ marks plays great £500 SOLD! Masquaders REDUCED! “That’s the same thing” Soultown Ex £1200 Rod Jordan “I live in a castle” Karen Ex £200 Ty Karim “I ain’t Lying” Roach Ex £200 Jackie Beavers Show “We’re not too young to fall in love”Jaber Ex £350 High Keys “Living a lie”Verve dj Ex £350SOLD! Epitome of sound “You don’t love me “ Sandbag demo Ex numbers under label £400 Pm for details Atb Andy
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  5. 6 nice records for sale Duke Browner “Crying over you”Ex drill hole Impact ZTSC stamp £1000 SOLD! The Masquaders “That’s the same thing”Soultown Ex £1300 The Charades “Key to my happiness”MGM demo Ex £600 SOLD! The Natural Four”I thought you were mine” ABC Vg++£350 Sam Fletcher “I’d Think it over” Tollie demo Vg++ £350 SOLD! Dave Charles “Ain’t Gonna cry no more” Donnie Ex £950 SOLD! Pm for details Andy
  6. 1,Jackie Wilson “It only happens when I look at you” Brunswick Demo Ex £160 SOLD! 2,The Tempos “Countdown Here I come” Canterbury demo Ex £250 3,Two People “Stop leave my heart alone” Review demo VG+ Paper scuffs £250 4,The Sweet Three “That’s the way it is” Decca demo Vg++ £160 5,The sweet Things “I’m in a world of trouble”Date Vg+ marks and paper scuffs nap £120 SOLD! 6,The Showmen “A little bit”(of your love) Jokers 3 Ex £120 SOLD! 7,Kris Peterson “Just as much” Top Dog M- £175 SOLD! 8,Bobby Sheen “Something new to do”Warner Bros Vg+ £90 9,Rose Valentine “I’ve Gotta know right now”Rca promo M- £100 10,The Star-Treks “Gonna need magic” Veep promo Vg+£125 Pm if interested
  7. Yes sent you a pm
  8. 8 Nice tunes for Sale LittleTommy “Baby can’t you see” Sound of Soul Ex vinyl label wear £1200 SOLD!! Fluffy Falana “My little cottage” Alpha EX £500 ON HOLD! Mamie P. Galore “No right to cry”SACK Ex drill hole £600 SOLD! Rufus Lumley “I’m Standing” Holton Ex £220 SOLD! The Hytones “Bigger and Better” A-Bet promo Ex £500 SOLD! Jimmy McFarland “Lonely Lover” RPR promo Vg++ has a few paper scuffs Nap £300 SOLD! Charles Johnson “Never had a love so Good”Ex £300 SOLD! Detroit Soul “All of my life” Music Town Ex £250 SOLD! pm for details
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  9. Celeste hardie Your gone in Ex £1200 pm for details Also reduced Paul Thomson to £650 in earlier post
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  10. Gail Nevels for sale Plays Ex £1300 Ono Pm for details Atb Andy
  11. Paul Thompson ”Special kind of woman “ /What I don’t know won’t hurt me” Volt EX one mark shy of M- Reduced &revised £650 SOLD! paypal F&F and add£7.50 postage in Uk pm for details atb Andy
  12. Demo or issue please Anyone
  13. Elois Scott ” Broadway love “ G Carol please !! & Jazzie Cazzie & The Eight Sounds Young Girl knap town need these two
  14. 1 Brenda Lee Eager “There Ain’t No Way” Mercury promo Vg+ £60 2 The Lovelles “Pretending Dear” Atco promo Vg+ £100 3Bobby Rush “I’m still waiting”London promo Vg++£40 4 Garland Green “Just my way of loving you” Cotillion promo M- £20 5 WJ Moore & Dynamic upsetters “Everything Good to You”gutter promo Vg+ £20 6The Intruders “A love that’s real” Gamble Dj copy paper scuffs Vg+ £20 7J B Bingham “She’s Gone” UA promo Vg+ £40 8 Carol Jones “Don’t destroy me”Mutt Vg++ super copy £100 9Bobby Sheen “Something new to do”Vg+ Few marks plays great label bubble £90 10 Gene Chandler “Without you Here”Curtom Vg+odd paper scuff plays great £70 11 Charlie Hodges “Loving You is beautiful” Calla M-£70 PayPal F&F preffered Pm for details
  15. 1,Tyrone Harris “Nothing seems to go right Vg+ pink Barclay wol plays great £115 2,The Masterkeys “If you haven’t got love” Vg++ Sport dj Copy £70 SOLD! 3,Honey&the Bees “Please have mercy baby”Vg++ Josie Demo £35 4,Magnetics “Wasting time” wol Vg+ J-V £60 5,Sonny Holly “Cheating Ain’t no good” Vg++ Cash money £75 6,Maurice Jackson “Lucky Fellow”Vg++ Candle lite great copy £100 SOLD! 7, Stan Devereaux “Sad Tomorrows”Vg++ Sujay £150 8,Lucifer “Don’t you( think the times A coming) Invictus Vg++ £70 9,Margie Joseph “What you Gonna do”Vg+Volt demo £50 10,Fabulous four “If I Knew” Vg++Saintmo £40 11,Houston Outlaws “It’s no fun being alone Vg++ Westbound promo £70 12,Renaldo Domino “Not too cool to cry” Vg++Twinight £125 13,M’Taboo”Losing your love”M- Peach £60 PayPal F&F preferred Pm for postage details please Thanks for looking!

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