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West Coast Nicety


Just the one today, and what a one, the track is a classic and the format delicious!

Happy to provide additional pictures or sound files if requested.

PM any questions or to reserve.


Bobby Paris – Night owl – Cameo 396 M- £300

I’ve looked around a bit and Bobby’s releases of this iconic track are on the whole vinyl pressings, but here with have the incredibly impressive west coast styrene stock copy, that looks imperious in its rampant red with delicate Cameo brooch logo.  A joy to behold and play.

Just the feintest hint of feedback on the clear run in and ring wear on the label, otherwise it would be a NM copy.


PayPal as friends or add 4% please, or I can send bank details.


£7.50 – Special Delivery full insurance for 45’s up to £500

Overseas on request


Cheers, Lee

Cam2.JPG.fa43bc34f65e17cda8c41eadd2290a2a.JPG Cam1.JPG.9734a84901bef66ef1799f1e14dc3373.JPG Cam3.JPG.baf600474a07cf1d0d551a6da5b3ca4f.JPG

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