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session 312 november 12th

rich man--domonic kicks

September rain--george howard

the moment I saw you--rick braun

yesterdays girl--artistics

until you're mine--wanda felicia

spinnin' and spinnin'--syreeta

can't get you off my mind--assorted phlavors

I believe you--dorothy moore

still tryin'--jazzmeia horn

no matter what--cool million / yolanda lavender

I come running back--sandra wright

its not the same--manhattans

stone cold soul sister--mathew white

let me know--angie stone

family--lamont dozier

you're gonna wake up wiser--betty lavette

got to be with you tonight--bobby womack

ive got sand in my shoes--drifters

breaking it down--petal pushers

get on the right side--bnh / angela ricci

I'm so glad I'm a woman--love unlimited

woman you make me--cold diamond / mink

future--soul 2 soul

you're wondeful sweet love--supremes

don't go so long--chris clark

i'll turn to stone--supremes

good lovin'--s/r/miricles

just say a four letter word--california playboys

you're gone--celeste harding

my kinda girl--mandrill

hold on just a little bit longer--pursuaders

new to you--sharon paige

you're a lifesaver--gayle adams

ain't leaving without you--jaheim

ebony affair--timmy thomas

ska a la parisienne--skatalites


we are steady rockin'--al muntzie / embracables

girl I love everything about you--philidelphia ambassadors

a love reputation--denise laselle

nothing but heartaches--artistics

call me tomorrow--major harris

you got me running--lenny williams

bustop--fatback band

we funk the best--bhy

dance it out--bnh / angela ricci

you sure look good to me--phylis hyman

expansions--lonnie liston smith

long way from brooklyn--down to the bone

how do you see me now--dihaan brooks

i'll take you there frankie knuckles

happy feeling--aurra

you are my melody--change

carte blanche--teena marie

life to me--pendletons

last night--stephanie mills

way out--steve arrington

time flies--smokey robinson

gonna have to be you--angie stone / jaheim

nobodys supposed to be here--debra cox

my love for you--s/r/miricles

so can I--loleatta holloway

lonely color blue--teddy pendergrass

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