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  1. So we come to session 324 and the finale. The last one before the pub shuts for six weeks. As usual it will be 6.30 - close with some classic stuff played out in this soul starved area of the country. Thanks to all and maybe we'll be back
  2. Last but one session before the pub shuts on the 24th of this month for a six week refurb and new people to run it. As usual its 6.30 until close with the usual good mix of tunes to brighten the winter nights.
  3. Lets do it all again at the "Burrator" The Tuesday night sessions between 6.30 - close. Free entry and across the board tunes.
  4. The sessions continue a while longer and we do it again from around 6.30 until close where old and new sounds will be played out at the "Burrator"
  5. See them in the flesh if you can before they are gone. Saw Tops / Temps quite a few years ago in Plymouth and they were class. Pretty sure Jack Ashford was in the backing band with the tambourine and Ron Tysons got plenty of history too. I know some of the older acts cannot kick it like they used to but age catches up with their voices so it is understandable (Candi Staton last year). But like I say when they have gone there will be no second chance of seeing the likes of Roy Ayers, Isley Bros etc (just two at the mo I think but saw them over here in the 90's and they were so pro). Also check
  6. Tuesday night at the "Burrator" Inn continues for a while more from around 6.30 - close. Some great tracks lined up and the new Portrait LP will be getting a bashing as it is a great return for the group
  7. From around 6.30 until close at the "Burrator" Inn where some great across the board vibes will brighten up the winter gloom. Warm welcome and no charge as usual.
  8. Still here.....just! Into the new year we go from around 6.30 - close at the "Burrator" Inn playing across the board tunes as usual old and new.
  9. And so we come to session 317 the last one this year and possibly the last at the "Burrator" Inn subject to the takeover on January 7th (if they don't like soul music were gone). Thanks to everyone who came randomly and regular, Phil and Sara for letting us play what "we and the punters" wanted. Its been a blast and again we go from around 6.30 - close. The Funkateer
  10. As we get nearer to Christmas we get a few parties in so its well trod tunes this week from around 6.30 until close
  11. session 315 Tuesday 3rd December my melody--george duke are you using me--innershade try it again--whispers happy place--carmichael music lover all this love--patti labelle human kindness--renee geyer yes my dear--bridgette mcwilliams at times--razzberry your'e whats needed in my life--lee fields that's enough--onyx stop to start--blue magic is this the end--al wilson you ain't livin' until you're lovin'--smith connection slippin'--mikelyn roderick hello stranger--barbra lewis not a word--barbera carr reconcil
  12. ok probably only three more sessions including this one before Christmas and the news that the pub will be changing hands on January 7th next month so where we go from there is not yet known...……..right the usual gq tunes spun out between 6 30 and close
  13. Every week at the "Burrator" inn with soulful vibes between 6.30 - close
  14. good tunes as usual at the "Burrator" Inn from around 6.30 until close
  15. rich man--domonic kicks September rain--george howard the moment I saw you--rick braun yesterdays girl--artistics until you're mine--wanda felicia spinnin' and spinnin'--syreeta can't get you off my mind--assorted phlavors I believe you--dorothy moore still tryin'--jazzmeia horn no matter what--cool million / yolanda lavender I come running back--sandra wright its not the same--manhattans stone cold soul sister--mathew white let me know--angie stone family--lamont dozier you're gonna wake up wiser--betty lavette go
  16. It is another session of good tunes at the "Burrator" from around 6.30 +
  17. The midweek sessions continue with across the board tunes being played from around 6.30 - close
  18. Another dose of the soulful stuff at The "Burrator" eases in around 6.30 till close and always free
  19. session 308 Tuesday 15th october toms song--trammps images of peace--pieces of a dream that's the way I feel about cha--bobby womack toes--norah jones brown grass--gregory porter love thang--michelle williams / dawkins & dawkins by myself--bb king green eyes--jazzmeia horn camourflage--eloise laws tell me i'll never be alone--m/r/vandellas blazz--rick braun like my lady love--chocolate milk that man--adina howard don't break my heart--shanice find me-attraction our anniversary--lou rawls gonna give my love
  20. From around 6.30 until close the good grooves continue at the Burrator Inn
  21. Only just read the reply. Sorry you are right, my cock up. Thanks for checking.
  22. Mixing it up at the "Burrator" Inn midweek. Starts around 6.30 until close
  23. Midweek fix of good tunes at the "Burrator" Inn from around 6.30 until close.
  24. Hi Mike talking of not being on the member / event map just noticed we are not on there again. Can you fix. thanks
  25. The mid week good grooves continue at the "Burrator" Inn from around 6.30 until close with across the board tracks as usual.

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