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White Demos! 4 Pros, Shane Martin, Kell Osborne + More!


Kell Osborne-Quicksand
Shane Martin-I Need You
Four Pros-Just Another Girl
Roy Hamilton-Earthquake
Larry Williams-This Old Heart 
Stoppers-Come Back Baby
Bessie Banks-Don't You Worry Baby
Little Richard-I Don't Want To Discuss
Holly Maxwell-Only When You're Lonely
Arthur Alexander-I Need You Baby
Dee Dee Sharp-What Kind Of Lady
Irma Thomas-What Are You Trying To Do
Ben Aiken-Satisfied
Jimmy Radcliffe-Long After Tonight 
Lonnie Lester-Ain't That A Shame
Florida Spiritualaires-I Remember When
Willie Tee-Walking Up A One Way Street
Julian Covey-A Little Bit Hurt
Robin Rice-I've Had It
Lou Ragland-Since You Said You'll
Marvels-Mr Soft Touch
Jimmy James-Time's Running Out
Pep Brown-I'm The One Who Loves You
Performers-I Can't Stop You
Chris Towns-Turn To Me
Robert Parker-I Caught You In A Lie
Cavaliers-I Really Love You
Performers-I Can't Stop You
Plus Lots More!    

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