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Apologies if this has been discussed previously but noticed a comment on Discogs Inspirations listing:


from Bill Miller who states that hew wrote and sang lead on the track.  I also checked on Popsike and one sold in Dec 2016 for $850/£656 which I thought was cheap given the previous one in 2015 sold for $1400/£1046 


Upon checking why it sold 'cheaply' it was because there was writing on label and vinyl was scuffed  ... however (this is the interesting bit) the writing is 'To John From Bill Miller' (if it's genuine).  However the writing credits on label is V. Rice which is pseudonym for George Leaner (One-derful) (his wife's maiden name Verlie Rice).  Now I know there were a lot of shenanigans over writing credits so it may be plausible that Bill Miller did write the track but didn't get writing credits.  There's an email address on the comment so may well contact him to find out the story - unless someone has already done so.

Any thoughts?

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