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    Been collecting soul since 1972/3 and was into NS til the end of 70s and like so many drifted away in 80/90s to build career and  bring up family. Got back into the scene in late 90s in east anglia. More into crossover and modern these days but still like quality NS ... can't stand the popcorn, raw r&b and what I would call rock-a-billy type sounds that seem to in favour in NS circles these days in the quest for rarity over quality!  Much rather have and listen to a £1.50 b side to a hit or an album track than a rarity that is utter shite.

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    Mark Turner
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    Bromham, Bedford
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    Garland Green - Girl I Love You

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  1. Here's a recent release (Oct 2020) - One of those off-the-wall 'marmite' tunes you'll either love or hate. Maybe it's just me, but I hear a cross between Heard It Through The Grapevine & You + Me = Love (Undiputed Truth). It's definately a 'stomper'!
  2. Ed ... It's been played in modern rooms for decades. She's predominantly a session singer, often perfroming on same sessions as Mortonette Jenkins (Jodi Mathis) but she did also release a 'passable' version of Billy Ocean's - Love Really Hurts Without You on Roxbury.
  3. What about the one in the 'middle' from 76 from Trieste on IX Chains (who also released Raymond Smith's version of Seven Day Lover), much better than the writer's version and a bit 'punchier' than Anderson Bros.
  4. I've been researching Sharon McMahan and looking at songs she's written that have been recorded by others and one of these is a track on Benny Golson's 1978 album 'I'm Always Dancin' To The Music' - 'Love Is The Key'. I liked the female vocal so looked further into it and discovered it was a singer called Mortonette Jenkins who it turns out is none other than Jodi Mathis of You Don't Care Anymore / Mama fame. It also turns out that she was also on backing and lead vocals on his previous album in 1977 'Killer Joe' which includes 'New Killer Joe' track which was played back in the day. It tra
  5. That's the seller not buyer hiding identities - it's an option you have as a seller so others can't see who's bidding! ... but it's also convenient for him when someone wants to inspect feedback ... as also can't see what he was selling!
  6. As a few others have mentioned .... alarms bells rang immediately I saw Tiblisi, Georgia!!! Why would they be there? .. and what's the chances of any comeback if you did buy and they were 'wrong uns'! I may be wrong but wouldn't take the risk!
  7. How well know is this? Reissued last year (August) on Melodies (remixed by Floating Points). Originally a self-release in 1984 and seems to be the only 'known' recording by her. It's a new one to me. Sleeve notes state that the legendary 'Wrecking' Crew' guitartist Carol Kaye was on bass. https://www.melodiesinternational.com/releases/la-verne-washington-the-promise-i-found-what-i-ve-been-searching-for-7-inch-digital
  8. The song was written by Joy Byers who also wrote many tunes, a few played on the scene such as Betty O'Brien's - 'She'll Be Gone', Timi Yuro / L.J. Reynolds etc. 'What's A Matter Baby', Jimmy Church / Freddie North - 'The Hurt'. ... Phil Lowman 'borrowed' the backing track to What's A Matter Baby for Rock Me
  9. For those disposed to garage ... there's a version by a German garage band The What...For! (you may well ask?) released on a 1989 album. Makes you wonder how they came across it?
  10. Exactly what I said a few days ago ... talk about navel gazing! It's rare because it's sh*te! ... no one wanted it or bought it - apparently a vanity project ... so probably not many pressed and those that were probably 'gifted'to friends and family. There's one for sale on Discogs for £2k from US ... I bet the seller is rubbing his hands at the thought of some mug (in UK?) paying £2k for it! I think Robbk said he turned down the chance of buying it for 25 cents! That just about sums it up!
  11. How poignant is this ... this year? This is the spoken version - she did another version on the flip.
  12. Thanks for that ... doesn't Zulema look like Martha Reeves on album cover - had to double take! Interestingly on her 1975 version it's credited to Leroy Hutson & Donny Hathaway! https://www.discogs.com/Zulema-RSVP/release/6689245 Lydia Pense (Cold Blood) does a great job on it! P.S. I meant Kirk Whalum above NOT Franklin! .. changed it now
  13. ... perhaps after a yard of ale played in the right setting? Rare, odd, weird .. definitely! Soul ... definitely not to my ears! 'Northern' well the scope of that seems to widen .... I'm all for pushing the boundaries .... within reason otherwise how long before Rock n Roll / Rockabilly will be 'accepted' under the auspices of rarity ... where do you draw the line? (Will an unreleased Cliff Richard record get discovered and covered up?) ... whatever floats your boat I guess ... 'Line & Track' and 'Stanky' get 'slagged' ... and this....? He makes George Lemons (on Uphill Climb) soun
  14. Here's an unreleased deep soul track from Donny Hathaway I stumbled across the other day ... only been on YT for just over a week - I think it was originally on Soundcloud but was taken down so grab a listen before it gets removed from YT. Apparently this was a demo recording for the track he wrote for Cold Blood's 1972 album 'First Taste Of Sin' which he produced. It was also recorded on a tribute album by Kirk Whalum Feat. Lalah Hathaway in 2014.

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