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    Been collecting soul since 1972/3 and was into NS til the end of 70s and like so many drifted away in 80/90s to build career and  bring up family. Got back into the scene in late 90s in east anglia. More into crossover and modern these days but still like quality NS ... can't stand the popcorn, raw r&b and what I would call rock-a-billy type sounds that seem to in favour in NS circles these days in the quest for rarity over quality!  Much rather have and listen to a £1.50 b side to a hit or an album track than a rarity that is utter shite.

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    Mark Turner
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    Bromham, Bedford
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    Garland Green - Girl I Love You

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  1. Mine's fine too - may be a bit of dirt in the grooves?
  2. Great tune that you don't hear often. Was the backing track used on something else as sounds familiar?
  3. Various Soul Magazines/Fanzines for sale or trade - if trading PM me for my Wants List Blues & Soul various issues between 65-1000 Black Echoes various issues between 1976- 1998 Echoes various issues between 2000-2003 Manifesto Various between 27-100 Too many to list above - PM with wants (please quote issue no and /or date) Black Music 1974 Jun, Sep, Oct, Nov 1975 Mar, May, Jun, Jul, Sep Black Wax 3,6 NB I Have a photocopy of 2 which I'll include for free to first buyer (of Black Wax) Big Daddy 10 Chatbusters 8,9,10,11,27,28,29 Hot Buttered Soul 12 Nov 1972 36 Dec 1974 In The Basement 18,28,29,42,48,51,52,55,56,57, 60 to 65 Shout 64 - Mar 1971 65 - Apr 1971 67 - Jun 1971 74 - Feb 1972 82 - Dec 1972 91 - Dec 1973 94 - Apr 1974 Soul Express 3 (1993) Soul Survivor (Richard Parks & Martin Koppell) 1,2,3,5,8,9,10 Soul Underground 14 (1997) Soul Up North 51,54,72,81,82,83,84,88 Soul View 13 Soul View II 1 (Feb 2006) Soulin' 1 (1999) Soulful Kinda Music 30,40,50,57 Togetherness ALL 1-14 N.Soul (Followed on from Togetherness) 15 to 23 Voices From The Shadows 7 to 14, 16,17 Whispers Gettin' Louder 9 (1997) Event Programmes 6Ts Cleethorpes 2002 6Ts Cleethorpes 2003 6Ts Cleethorpes 2004 Prestatyn Mar 2004 Blackpool weekender Nov 2004 LA Soul Festival Mar 2007 Soul In The Sun Nov 2007
  4. Thanks for looking! In these time of lockdown I guess many are having a clear out so perhaps it's the best time to ask if anyone wants to sell any of the following issues of Black Echoes/Echoes magazine: 1976 Jan 30 Feb 7,14 Apr 10 1977 May 28 Dec 31 1978 Sep 9,16 1979 Oct 6 Nov 10,24 1980 Apr 19 May 3,10 1982 Oct 30 Nov 27 1983 Jan 8,15 Mar 19 1984 Nov 3 1989 Jul 1 Sep 23 Dec 16
  5. You're right and I recommend using this site to get the 'official' figures. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ Total Cases (1,372) less deaths (35) less recoveries (20) = Active Cases (1,317) of which currently less than 2% (20) are critical
  6. ... unfortunately the reason is probably because currently more have died (35) than recovered (20)! https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/uk/ .. and that's more scary! .. but obviously it has to run it's course (7-14 days before all clear) and then recoveries will outnumber deaths. But there are probably thousands more cases that haven't been reported because the symptoms have been so mild.
  7. I agree and there is a risk that we just switch off as it is all about CV whenever we turn on the news. But ... to be brutally honest ... I think the govt. is more concerned about the effects on the economy if they 'shut down' the country ... and to fair it will affect far more people than CV. Norwegian air (https://www.lifeinnorway.net/norwegian-on-the-brink/) and BA (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51875271) have already announced job cuts. Most travel companies will be affected and the hospitality sector in particular (pubs, clubs, restaurants hotels etc.) will be hammered and FTSE is already down 30% (you'll see that drop further and quicker if/when govt announces any lockdown! It's not an easy decision and no doubt whatever they do it will be criticised. Pressure is building on govt. to follow what other countries are doing ... hence the panic buying going on ... as I would guess it's only matter of time unless the figures drastically reduce. If you believe the figures coming out of China, (https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/china/) they peaked after about 3/4 weeks and cases have been reducing (only 25 yesterday) ... but it's a different story in Europe and Italy (https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/italy/) after 4 weeks is still increasing (3,500) reported yesterday! I suspect that the Chinese tried to cover it up early doors so if we add a coupe of weeks to what's happening there then hopefully in a couple of weeks we will start to see numbers decline? Perhaps that's why the govt. is havering ... but 'arguably' they only declined in China because of lockdown and will only reduce in Italy/Spain because of lockdown?
  8. It brings out the worst in human emotions i.e. FEAR & GREED ... but do the people who are buying up all the hand wash/wipes/disinfectant etc. realise that by hoarding it for themselves it prevents others buying some ... hence the disease WILL spread ... totally counterproductive!
  9. Ha ... I don't think even HE is THAT stupid!. I did say in my reply to you yesterday that it would only be a matter of time before we were added to the list! (but didn't think it would be that quick ... I 'wonder' if he didn't announce it as Irish PM was with him at the time!!!!) I'm sure your kids are upset and perhaps don't fully understand ... but I'm with you ... I wouldn't take the chance as you could get stuck out there .. or have to be quarantined when you get back ... far more hassle than it's worth. Hope your insurance or travel company pays out and then you can go again another time.
  10. I've just checked my travel policy and there is no mention of foreign govt. restrictions ... only UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice (a possible get-out for insurers ... but I seen no 'tangible' difference whether UK says don't travel 'there' or US says don't travel 'here'... surely if a country's not going to let you in then the UK advice should be not to travel there??? but what has common sense a law got in common?) Just checked F&CO site and it hasn't been updated yet for US ... but I would hope that by Monday it's advising against travel to US. (It already is for China, Iran, Italy & Spain). Anyway the point is that if govt. advice is not to travel then your insurance 'should' cover you as long as you took out travel insurance before this all 'kicked off' i.e. a least a few weeks ago. If you are buying travel insurance now forget it - you WON'T be covered (unless you can pay extra for that specific insurance which I suspect will be very expensive). My advice is don't book anything if you're not prepared to risk losing it all! ... as govt. is coming under pressure to take more drastic action. Also, just heard something on BBC news channel that if it is a package holiday and you are restricted to travel to a certain country, then the travel company should refund you ... but don't take my word for it check first.
  11. From the 19 seconds you've uploaded it's difficult to tell but it does sound a little like him .. also sounds like the same backing as Danny Monday. What's the story begin this acetate?
  12. I'm the author of https://soulstrutter.blogspot.com/2011/01/ns525-danny-monday-1966-baby-without_08.html. The blog has been sadly neglected for the last 10 years but I'm in the process of updating and adding to it (which is how I found this thread). Unfortunately the person that left the comment about Danny Monday left it anonymously so I was unable to reply or follow-up on it. I have put a note on the post requesting he leaves another comment ... but as it was 6 years ago it's a long shot. I've not been able to track anything more down about Danny Monday & 2nd Revolution. Until I get any more info I'll leave the conjecture and speculation Garethx makes a good point and I did go down the Jim Ford route - he was a prolific writer (183 credits on Discogs) and he did record himself - around 10 45s and an album. He died in 2007 and there have been 3 posthumous LPs and 3 compilations released since then ... bizzare! His material is what I would class a mix of country soul rock. Could it be him? ... I'm not sure as only listened briefly to a couple of his tracks and voice sounds a bit country to me. Around the same time as Danny Monday Ford & Lolly & Pat Vegas wrote Nikki Hokey for P.J. Proby (another candidate???) Aretha also did it on Lady Soul. They wrote a couple more together up to 68 then of course Pat & Lolly formed Redbone. P.S. Anyone know anything about the Gene & Gary version of Baby Without You released on the 100 Club 31st anniversary Kent 45? It says on the label it's a Modern recording ... one left in the can?
  13. Hi Len. As long as you took out travel insurance before all this broke out you should be refunded if govt. advice is to NOT travel (which I strongly suspect it will be in 2 weeks time! as I think UK is only excluded at present because we have comparatively lower rates than (IT,DE,ES & FR)). I heard today that some insurance companies are not covering for this from now on (e.g. Aviva https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51826295 ) It's called something like 'travel disruption' - so check your insurance. Just thought though ... I know this is the case if it's UK govt advice but need to check if you're covered if it's a foreign govt. that's restricting travel.
  14. Julian ... I'm not sure that is 'strictly' correct as you do have to disclose any pre-existing conditions. This may not mean cover is refused but you would probably have to pay extra ... but still 'possibly' cheaper than the alternative..
  15. Sensible to cancel 'just in case' as we are now almost exactly where Italy was 2 weeks ago on 25th Feb ... they had 323 cases, as of today we have 373. Cases in Europe have escalated rapidly in the last week since 4th Mar - Germany (then 265 now 1224), France (then 283 now 1412) & Spain (then 281 now 1231). this is where Italy was on 29th Feb (1228) (just 10 days ago) Let's hope we have learned from what has happened in Italy and can contain the spread otherwise in 2 weeks time we could well see the same drastic action i.e. total lockdown! I know there has been some banter on here since the outbreak started but this is getting serious (not just for those vulnerable i.e males, over 60, smokers, pre-existing conditions - I wonder how many of us on here can tick many or most of those boxes?) but our normal way of life for the short term and the economy - The FTSE & Dow Jones are both down approx 20% how much further will they fall if we are in lockdown? Think about it if you ran a small business e.g. pub or cafe how long could you survive paying staff with no money coming in?

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