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    Been collecting soul since 1972/3 and was into NS til the end of 70s and like so many drifted away in 80/90s to build career and  bring up family. Got back into the scene in late 90s in east anglia. More into crossover and modern these days but still like quality NS ... can't stand the popcorn, raw r&b and what I would call rock-a-billy type sounds that seem to in favour in NS circles these days in the quest for rarity over quality!  Much rather have and listen to a £1.50 b side to a hit or an album track than a rarity that is utter shite.

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    Mark Turner
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    Bromham, Bedford
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    Garland Green - Girl I Love You

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  1. Nice track Westender ... didn't think I was going to like it on 'first sight' ... shows how wrong you can be by pre-judging!!!! Looked them up and this is from their 3rd album 'Carolina Confessions' from 2018 ...available Vinyl/CD (but no digital yet?) and checked a few of their other tracks but most (that I can find anyway) are very rock oriented.
  2. Along with I Feel Strange ... their other 'crackers' (for me at least) are these 2
  3. ... that completes his full output except the instrumental of Nothing Sweeter!
  4. Hi Gilly ... no not necessarily - someone (Robbie Vasquez) posted it up on YouTube and got a comment from his 'biological' grandson (who presumably was estranged) and was asking for any info and Robbie PM'd me to see if I knew anything (which I don't) ... so I thought I'd ask on here ... as you never know with all 'the brains' on here. P.S. re Midas Inspirations and Billy Miller - I emailed him and got a reply but not a lot of info so I've replied but still waiting for a response.
  5. Trying not to post 'too obvious' ones so here's a modern deep soul / stepper from 1983 'Age AIn't Nothin' But A Number' on MCA 45: ... a message getting more relevant to us all now
  6. Here's Little Milton's great version of Jesse James' - You Ought To Be Here With Me' from 1980 on Golden Ear (penned by James Blumberg - not to be confused with Annette Snell's (on Dial) which is a different song written by Paul Kelly)
  7. Here's a 45 somehow 'missed' in Dave's discog from 1980 on Golden Ear 2286 Catch That Plane / Believe In Me (reissue from Checker 1149 (1966))
  8. ... and nice (little know?) stepper from 1978 on the small Mier label:
  9. I'm with you on that one. I contacted Kimberlite last year to ask if they had plans to repress (and highlighted that their releases were selling for ridiculous amounts on the resale market). Understandably they are a small company and can only afford to press approx 250 of each release and have no plans to press more or repress ... as I guess they make more money from mp3s. It's not the company that's ripping off customers - they can't afford to press too many in case they don't sell. I can't see them making much profit from a 250 run 'even' at 50% profit on £12 record its only a £1,500 - I suspect they barely break even on the vinyl! It's the resellers making the profits. I know some who specifically buy 2 copies (or more if they can) of each new release specifically to make money on them. Surely this shouldn't be what it's about ... making money and preventing others buying at face value. ... this is fed by the sometimes ridiculous OVO policy (hard hat ready and waiting!) ensuring that many new and recent releases can never be played if not released on vinyl - the hypocrisy is that some buy CD/mp3 and then get carvers cut ... but somehow that's 'acceptable'? I've recently seen OFO what does that mean original File/Format only? P.S. I'm referring to brand new releases here not reissues.
  10. .... and t'other side of Bet You I Win .... which makes Charlie Rich sound like a choirboy!
  11. Anyone know anything about James Weeks of James Weeks & Fabulous Inspirations who appear to have cut only one 45 on Goodtime:
  12. Mentioned this one earlier so seeing that we seem to be in 'funk mode' Rimshots - Dance Girl - which sound very similar to Wicky Wacky to these ears (both came out the same year so who nicked it from who? ... actually if you check writing credits both written by Bill Curtis/ Johnny Flippin members of Fatback Band .. so could just be another take on same song?) - see what you think: (EDIT upon further checking it was released by Fatback Brother Bill Curtis (with Goin' To See My Baby on flip) in 1973 on Perception so it's a Rimshots cover)
  13. Got me checking out some of their earlier stuff and for me this is one of the best of the bunch: 'Goin' To See My Baby' B side to Street Dance on Perception 1973 and still a cheapie £5-£10
  14. Another cracker which came out before Bus Stop but didn't quite chart so you're probably 'safe' ... I think it may have been the 1st of theirs to get a UK release? A couple of others Keep On Stepping (between prev 2) and then the follow up to Bus Stop ... Yum Yum (Gimme Some). Would never have got spins back in the day but with a more funky outlook now who knows? I believe some of their earlier ones on Perception got spins e.g. Soul March

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