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    Been collecting soul since 1972/3 and was into NS til the end of 70s and like so many drifted away in 80/90s to build career and  bring up family. Got back into the scene in late 90s in east anglia. More into crossover and modern these days but still like quality NS ... can't stand the popcorn, raw r&b and what I would call rock-a-billy type sounds that seem to in favour in NS circles these days in the quest for rarity over quality!  Much rather have and listen to a £1.50 b side to a hit or an album track than a rarity that is utter shite.

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    Mark Turner
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    Bromham, Bedford
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    Garland Green - Girl I Love You

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  1. News/Article/Feature Highlight: New single (and follow up to the great Love Is Knocking) released digitally by Izipho Soul / Angel Dove on 14 Apr is a great version of Ronnie Mc Neir's Isn't She A Pretty Thing. Read and listen... View full article
  2. New single (and follow up to the great Love Is Knocking) released digitally by Izipho Soul / Angel Dove on 14 Apr is a great version of Ronnie Mc Neir's Isn't She A Pretty Thing. Recorded with the blessing of Ronnie McNer as they are both currently members of the Four Tops and the musicians are those used by the Four Tops and The Temptation on tour led by Earl Van Dyke Jr. The full version is available for download from BandCamp. Curious as to why they are not yet on his website I contacted Patrick Bickerstaff who informed me that it will be released on vinyl. along with ' Love is K
  3. It was available on most of the digital platforms from 3rd Apr ... but he was only 'considering' putting it out on vinyl .. until I put him in touch with Mark Anderson at MD. However, as Laura Rain's last 45 came out on LRK, they may have gone that route. For what it's worth ... it's currently at #6 on Starpoint's UK soul chart.
  4. Great track - Expansion issued Peabo Bryson on 45 last year https://www.discogs.com/Peabo-Bryson-Why-Dont-You-Make-Up-Your-Mind/release/14859650. LP is not rare - there are 80 for sale on Discogs all for under a tenner! I know what you mean about Atlantic Starr - it does sound similar to something else. - the lyrics 'right out of the door' spring to mind if that tips anyone off to what it is ... as I can't think of it at the moment either!
  5. UPDATE MD Records has just announced https://www.facebook.com/MDrecordreleases/ that they have done a deal with Al Lindsey to release the new single on vinyl. It should be due in about 8 weeks (current climate permitting!). It was just coincidence that I happened to be speaking to Mark & Al at the same time and put them together to work out a deal!
  6. Released digitally yesterday and due on 7" 3rd week of May - I expect this will sell out quickly so get your pre-order in if you want one! A brand new release with a vintage crossover/Northern feel: Carmy Love - Thinking About You on Big AC.
  7. Just outside the 5 year range (Dec 2105) but the flip of Mighty Typhoons (from Holland) (posted by amsterdam Russ) is a version of Margie Joseph's great crossover tune.
  8. A brand new cover of Drizabone (released yesterday) - There's 2 mixes but I feel the Dr Packer is the tighter of the two. It looks like digital only (at present at least as can't find it on vinyl anywhere)
  9. Had an enquiry about vinyl 'availability' so contaced Al and this is his reply: "I am seriously considering vinyl. I have never released in vinyl previously but the response to this work mandates it" ... so watch out for a 45 ... possibly on LRK?
  10. Sorry ... couldn't resist ... we've got plenty of NS mugs already
  11. Album track only 'It's Only Us' 2020 from Monophonics - Last One Standing
  12. Forthcoming release on 3rd Apr from Al Lindsey Feat. Laura Rain - Claim It. Laura Rain is currently a 'hot property' after her latest release 'Closer To The Win / If I Can't Have You' which sold out within 40 hours which resulted in an additional 100 being released and I believe that they are now gone too! I contacted Al for info on the new single and he has kindly sent me details and a soundfile and has granted permission to post on my blog/YT channel to promote it. As far as I am aware it's a world exclusive as it's not available on the web anywhere else (apart from radio show podcas
  13. Put your muscial snobbery to one side and get your ears around this tune released today by Silk Sonic. If this was by some unknown, independant artist we'd all be drooling over it ... but it isn't it's Bruno Mars but IMHO it's brilliant!
  14. Did this ever get played? I know that 'Don't Be Afraid (Take My Love)' did from their later album and was only released as 45 in UK on Polydor (due to demand?)). If not, do you think some 'imaginatve' jock would get away with it now? It's just been covered with several new mixes by Aliana & Gallo. P.S. Steve Flanagan (I've Arrived) was a member of the group, although to me he sounds like a pub singer on I've Arrived!!!! How did he go from that to this?
  15. You 'obviously' must be referring to this version : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUWkl_mojNk or maybe this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqaSCKTRQQQ I don't reall William Bell's getting spins ... I'd guess it was 'too slow' for those days, but someone with more knowledge may correct me?

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