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Midas Touch Website Update- 120 Soul 45s Added!


Website Update Now LIVE!

Willie Tee-First Taste Of Hurt

Committee-Give In To The Power Of Love

James Wayne-I Found Someone

Billy Davis-Stanky (Get Funky)

Buddy Conner-When You're Alone

Nolan Porter-If I Could Only Be Sure

Denise LaSalle-Love Reputation

Carstairs-It Really Hurts Me Girl

Major Harris-Call Me Tomorrow

Jimmey Soul Clark-Sweet Darlin'

Gents-Love's Such A Beautiful Thing

Fred Parris-I'll Be Hanging On

Mike McDonald-God Knows

Commands-Hey It's Love

Oscar Perry-Main String

Ernie Johnson-Big Man Cry

Al Hudson-When You're Alone

Click HERE To See The Full Website Update!

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