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Broken Wheel Retford

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🙂 Hi,Soulsters I am one of the Sheffield Mods ranging from 1966 onwards.Just picking up on a post that I read on Soul Source about The Broken Wheel Retford,i used to attend this Venue in 69/70 with my mates,we first went on my mates Lambretta,tried the Bus,then one of us got a van,very handy ! Anyway the memorable acts I saw was Edwin Starr.Oscar Tony Junior,and finally Inez Fox who was like a black goddess so good looking,i was lucky enough to talk to her for 5 minutes ,I asked her why Charlie was not present,think she said he was not well.Back then we used to have a scrap for fun,and we were pretty good at it,there was a pub really close we often called in for a pint at Sunday lunch session before the All dayer started,often whent back about six for a top up,anyway on the way back to the club,this girl who I had never met started punching and kicking me ,she would not stop cursing and swearing,i never hit her but I threw her away and she fell down,we went back in the Pub.On returning to the club she had arranged for us to get our heads kicked in,we were hoplessly out numbered two lads versus what seemed like the contents of the whole club,this was taking place outside in the carpark ,we were just about to leg it when 3 or 4 cars pulled in the carpark,the occupants of the first car jumped out and in strong Liverpool accents said whats up boys,so we told them what had happened,straightaway the occupants of all the cars opened there boots  to get there pick axe handles,well talk about turn the tables these guys could all scrap,an almighty battle ensued,me and my mate ended up just watching what a result the local boys got there asses whipped,and we were treat like sticks of dynamite after that, no body wanted to mess with us on subsequent visits,Thanks to you Liverpool Soulmen on that day,if anybody remembers it let me know !

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There was a thread here 


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