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  1. There was a thread a couple of years ago and I bet a few more
  2. Brilliant, I would love to know why the 2 different originals with 2 different credits, but history will probably defeat us.
  3. I missed this thread There was a theory I heard many moons ago that the Superlatives here were Jimmie G. Edwards, Elees Lanton, George Jones & Jesse Henry What do we think and why are the label credits different ? Group photo on Discogs
  4. "newcomer" perhaps implies my theory is incorrect, me thinks
  5. Carl Feaster and his brother, baritone Claude Feaster, both of whom were members of the local Tune Toppers. Wonder if they were related ? Also check the spelling on this
  6. Discogs has not implemented anything yet (EU) (UK in) as far as I know after July 2021. When it happens Discogs will do it so Customs forms won't make any difference. This is why they changed the shipping policies (automatic) I believe and the Paypal thing to facilitate future changes They started charging VAT on the fees some years ago (that messed up at first) and have already implemented Australia (In) and USA (In) (depending on States) taxes up front (or not depending on rules,)
  7. To be fair I think anyway anyone can avoid tax is why the powers that be are using Paypal on OMPs to collect the tax up front. As for small businesses I don't honestly know the answer, but I do know that filling in the value is a waste of time if anyone wants compensation for claims as Royal Mail and other shipping companies only pay out the "original" cost of the item, so it's all a complete mess anyway. If you paid a £1 and sell it for £50 you might as well put £1 as that's all they have to pay
  8. This from a blog http://lonestarstomp.blogspot.com/2009/11/cavaliers-mesilla-park.html "In the early 1960s 'dance' songs were all the rage. Everyone needed a dance song to stay up with the times. Las Cruces's Cavaliers, led by Lloyd Nash, joined in with their greasy "The Quiver" on this fall of 1962 release on Mesilla Park's Gum label. While Gum publishing can be found on a number of discs from El Paso, Mesilla Park, and Las Cruces, the Gum label itself was short lived with only 4 known releases, and two of those coming from the Cavaliers. And while we're at it... Gum was the publ
  9. I can answer question about gift. If anyone sells a record it can NEVER be a gift (that's fraud)
  10. http://doo-wop.blogg.org/cheerios-1-c26503296 This will help
  11. And here is an example of letting them win. It's surely no good complaining if you are going to then pay it. If everyone cancelled the orders then they would reverse the policy.

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