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  1. Not sure most will understand your superb choice in vibe I Doooooooooooo The ones from me to you my old friend
  2. Senior moments happening every day M8
  3. I stopped buying anything from Ebay (abroad) as from December as it was bound to happen. Brexit is now meaning a potential on-line war which I predicted.
  4. Could not agree more Mick (stolen from other scenes) Some of them are soon to be in Kev Roberts Top 500 "Northern Soul Records", except of course there are very few "Northern Soul" actual records (some where made for the Northern Soul Scene) but most should Never Ever be called "Northern Soul" records. It's like calling your Dyson a "Hoover"
  5. Great thread and the misery continues for me as I have no idea who John Parker is/was ?
  6. Just copy (You Tube) and paste the web link (in to the thread) of the you tube video Rob (I was joking as well by the way all versions are yuk IMO)
  7. If you had heard it Rob you wouldn't have bought it
  8. Try this link and there is lots may help you https://community.ebay.com
  9. This I assume is someone US Ebay so best thing is to go on the Ebay forum in the US
  10. It appears that Tammi picked 2 proper bad boys to be in a relationship with and they came across as controlling personalties and sadly it seems they had the triggers that can lead to violence and heartache. Fame and success can be hard to handle for some, we only have to look at the catalogue of artists and there life disasters and the pain they inflict on others and their families. Madness can be a great thing for talent in music and other aspects of life , but it is sometimes never ever going to end well in the relationships for those with that trait. Tammi was just one on a h

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