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  1. Wow...... they produced some American Football stars, good list
  2. All venues need one of these near the decks
  3. I hope that's not Dave Raistrick !!!!, it's very near The Grosvenor Hotel in Skeggy
  4. That is brilliant...... do you please have info on the Ervin Little Band as I found a band from Mississippi but they don't seem likely (but you never know) Mack Major Jr ? and Nero ?
  5. I never did know anything about this group and apologise if it has been covered before (please direct em if I missed it) I looked at who and where and "think" I have found 2 of the members (or at least writers) Elder Edward M. Nesbitt Jr. of St. Jude Great Commission Church in St Petersburg, Florida, is married to Jo Ann Nesbitt (Oct 1972) Here is the info, I have asked them on facebook but to no avail (some people as we know don't wish to discuss)
  6. This thread is completely fascinating, as it almost could imply that DJ's need to take re-issues out with them (for the fear of pilfering) and just play cheap copies, so no one would even consider pinching ironic with the OVO venues. Glad I am out of it to be honest and I only see it getting worse as prices increase. It's also very sad knowing the passion of collecting, for those who have experienced it, it must be the similar to a house break in, utterly devastating
  7. I do wonder if "bodycams" will become an essential DJ need (or a bodyguard)
  8. Of course these makes me think of the almost impossible task of trying to find out who he was ? What we know is that he was probably New York based at the time. I did wonder at one stage if he was Tom Dent the Author/ Civli Rights from New Orleans, but he left New York in 1965 and there is no mention of him singing
  9. These ones ?
  10. Some hardware played there
  11. Worth the Lupine scan ? Love the Production name The "Lively Ones" and BMI different to the MM release
  12. The Marmite tune just sold on Ebay for £3208 Australian seller
  13. I thought would mention that the connection may just be the Clark Tutt, Tutt Media Group ( who was from Kinston North Carolina and passed away 2018), sadly that means we may never find out

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