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Demo Acetate for Ray Pollard “It’s A sad Thing” +on Ebay


I am selling a few more Northern Soul / and Soul singles on Ebay.

Including this Demo Only Acetate for the Ray Pollard “It’s A Sad Thing”, The Wanderers (with Ray Pollard), Samantha Jones Demos + Unreleased Acetate, Long John Baldry, Unknown US Northern Soul / Girl Group Acetate + many more.

Demo Acetate: “It’s A Sad Thing” original Demo only Acetate version.

Full listings: Full listings.

soul D743AE1E 23D2 4E6F BF7E B0DC26B66A2F_1_201_a

soul ECB8F425 04A3 42C3 B7ED 3EF2E0C0940F

soul 21A4302C B410 46B2 9DCF C04B591D1D78_1_201_a

soul 269B0307 9180 4313 8732 E360628DD8D3_1_201_a

soul EB9BD3C6 D79A 4D1B BBBF 3F17CEC8121A

soul A42873DE AD88 404E AAA3 8BDF5294EC7E_1_201_a

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Posted (edited)

This just came in through Youtube:

"Donna is Les Reed's daughter and the Donna of Donna Music. BTW this track was written specifically for Ray Pollard, so his should be considered the first and original version. I know this because I asked him!"

You can hear a clip from this Acetate on my Youtube channel Demo Ray Pollard Acetate.


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