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I realize that most (not all!) of these are near impossible, but I'm still trying to shake some loose. Cash waiting for clean original copies of the following (not for all of them at once, of course!):

Lil Bob & the Lollipops, Peaches

Originals, Young Train

Benny Spellman, Spirit of Loneliness

Gambrells, You Better Move

Lynn Williams, It Takes Two

Don Hart, Turn Back

Donna King, Take Me Home

Betty Turner, The Winds Kept Laughing

Norma Jenkins, Airplane Song

Jesse Butler, It's My Business

Senator Jones, Do You Love Me

JT Parker, If You Want to Hold On

Lester Tipton, This Won't Change

Lee Parker, Boy Meets Girl

Ravins, Your Love Is What I Want

Joni Wilson, The Loser's Seat

The Singers, You Gotta Go

Randolph Walker, 40 Love Street

Jackie Harris, Peace

Chuck Collins, Your Heart Wasn't in It

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