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    Collector of soul, R&B, funk, gospel, blues, sweet soul, deep soul, instrumentals, popcorn, Latin, and jazz 45s since the mid-'80s. Host and programmer of Downtown Soulville radio show on WFMU (New Jersey, USA).

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Community Answers

  1. Tony Middleton, To the Ends of the Earth/Don't Ever Leave Me (M-G-M stock) Condition: M-. Looks like it's never been played. Only flaw is the messy bb hole shown in photo. You won't find a cleaner copy. $500 U.S. (the rough equivalent is £400 as of today) plus shipping from New York.
  2. WOW WOW WOW! I had no idea about the Henry Hines connection to Tri-Sound!! Thanks! https://greenvilleandbeyond.wordpress.com/
  3. Hollywood label. Anyone? Cash waiting. Thanks, Matt
  4. The ones that stand out in my memory, though not necessarily the rarest or best, are all of the Mutts (except Dusty Wilson), most in quantity...and just tons of oddball Detroit things.
  5. Wow!! Stock copy, as I recall. I ended up trading that to Greg Tormo. Wish I still had it.
  6. I was there and at his house nearby hundreds of times and bought thousands of records from him. Really miss him.
  7. Superclean M- copy of Billy Prophet, What Can I Do/Sad Sam (Sue) up for grabs. Basically looks as new as when it left the pressing plant. I will cover shipping anywhere from the U.S. via USPS Priority Express (which now costs around $75, ouch!). Asking $1,200 all in, payment via paypal in U.S. dollars. (Last I looked, that was equal to about 940 pounds sterling, but of course the exchange rate fluctuates.) I prefer Friends and Family; if you'd rather do it as Goods and Services, I ask that you add $48 (4 percent) to cover fees. I'm based in NYC, and though I haven't sold much on this forum, many members can vouch for my honesty. Matt Weingarden IMG_7218.pdf IMG_7217.pdf
  8. Thanks, Tim, for the fascinating history and opinions. Anyone need a copy of this? Message me.
  9. This guy has a long history of complaints against him. Check out the Vinyl Vigilante group on Facebook for many, many examples. He ripped off a good friend of mine for a multi-thousand-dollar record recently that he probably never had a copy of. His MO seems to be to pump up his positive feedback with cheapish sales, then lower the boom on the occasional unsuspecting victim by selling a big-ticket item that doesn't exist.
  10. Same seller, same record, two and a half years ago: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1484989138379594/permalink/2911793879032439/
  11. I think it's fantastic, but maybe that's because I acquired one fairly recently after having it on my wants lists for many years.
  12. My two cents, as someone who has had and enjoyed most of the records in question for years: Elbie Parker's voice sounds nothing like Bobby Parker's. If not for the coincidence of the name similarity, no one hearing their records could ever be talked into thinking they're the same person.

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