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  1. weingarden

    Barry White, Tracy

    Clean copy. Cash waiting. Thanks.
  2. weingarden

    Lester Tipton, Al Williams

    Thanks. That was 35 years ago.
  3. weingarden

    Lester Tipton, Al Williams

    I know, but it's worth a try. Either label on Al.... Cash waiting.
  4. weingarden


  5. weingarden


    Looking for a M- copy of Baby What Has Happened...because I'm f---ing clumsy and just dropped and cracked my copy. Cash waiting.
  6. weingarden

    Dusty Wilson Boot Discussion.

    Multiple other font inconsistencies too. Not even a good job with the type IMO.
  7. weingarden

    Dusty Wilson Boot Discussion.

    Black label pictured at top of page is definitely a boot. Kerning is off in songwriter credits. Compare legit black label issue later in thread.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'd never seen that till now.
  9. Who reissued this? Was there ever that much demand for it?
  10. weingarden

    Updated wants list

    Martha Star, Love Is the Only Solution Sidney Barnes, I Hurt on the Other Side Precisions, My Lover Come Back Miss Johni Naylor, Red Wine for My Blues Connie Austin, She Made a Mistake Lee Parker, Boy Meets Girl Joe Matthews, Ain't Nothing You Can Do Joni Wilson, The Loser's Seat
  11. weingarden

    Wants list

  12. weingarden

    Wants list

  13. weingarden

    Virgil Henry, Cold Blood

    Two for sale. Both are in very clean, full-gloss VG+ (on a scale without E grades) condition, with just light unfeelable marks, and play nearly flawlessly. Standard shipping from U.S.: $4 domestic, $10 Canada, $14 elsewhere. Paypal gift. VIRGIL HENRY, I Can't Believe You're Really Leaving/You Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New (Tamla; small ballpoint check mark on label) $120 COLD BLOOD, I'm a Good Woman +3 more titles on a 7-inch 33-rpm EP (San Francisco) $70 (cheaper way to get "I'm a Good Woman" than on the 45)
  14. Both of those are the short version. Did Paul Riser arrange the long version? Also, the Spanish one is 22 seconds longer than the "long version" white promo, or so says the label.
  15. Interesting that the original long version (white label, red vinyl) credits Paul Riser as arranger and this Spanish release credits David van de Pitte.


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