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  1. Van Dellos on Card, I Need You

  2. Of Hopes, Dreams and Tombstones

    Yeah, that's what jogged my memory about needing to find a copy. It was already sold when I saw the post, though.
  3. Of Hopes, Dreams and Tombstones

    Still looking
  4. Bob and Fred

    Original only, clean copy. Cash waiting. (I realize it's a long shot, but perhaps there's one gathering dust in someone's collection, and that someone needs a new roof or something....)
  5. Of Hopes, Dreams and Tombstones

    Either one, clean copy, please. Cash waiting.
  6. Garnet Mimms, As Long as I Have You

    See? You learn something new every day. I never knew about this at all, as a collector of U.S. 45s and not LPs....Thanks, everybody! Now I know I would like to find a copy of the French release! Anyone?
  7. Cash waiting.
  8. Garnet Mimms, As Long as I Have You

    I guess I don't care. Should I? I mean, once there's no U.S. release, they're all kind of the same to me. Educate me!
  9. Oh, it does seem to be some kind of instrumental version, with added instruments, of J.J. Jackson's "Sho Nuff," which itself is a...well, "rip-off" might be too strong a word...which itself contains a nod to the Contours' "Just a Little Misunderstanding." ...
  10. Mixed bag of R&B, gospel, soul, instrumentals. Prices in U.S. dollars. Shipping is $14 outside U.S., $4 within. Paypal gift. Grading: M-/VG++/VG+/VG. Most can be found on Youtube; if you're having trouble finding a sound file, let me know. PM to reserve. ...
  11. NIIIIICE. Thanks, gents!
  12. One hour of soul 45s weekly since 1994! Archives and playlists dating back more than 15 years! New weekly shows available as a podcast, too. wfmu.org/playlists/sv
  13. Tony Clarke on M-S

    Cash REALLY waiting, bundles of it!
  14. Tony Clarke on M-S

    Cash waiting.