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  1. Soulful Two, Fi-Yi Dance

    I need this in my life. Anyone have a nice clean one for me? Cash waiting. Thanks.
  2. Piano "C" Red

    Looking for a M- copy of Hundred and Two/Slow Down and Cool It Checker. Cash waiting. Anyone?

    With many of the collectors, yes.

    From a U.S. perspective...there are at least 20 times as many people over here chasing the same records as there were 20 years ago. How could prices not skyrocket?
  5. Is it, time to sell up.?

    You sellers-up out there: Please consider repatriating the records to the U.S....Send me a list.
  6. Parts 1 & 2, Musicor, white promo. M- except for black magic marker on side 1 and a moderate storage warp that doesn't affect play. Asking $250. Free standard shipping anywhere; if you want tracked, I'll have to charge you...
  7. Eddy Hughes on Bard

    Soul Searcher. Clean copy. Cash waiting. Thanks, MW
  8. Joni Wilson, Loser's Seat (Volt)

    Clean copy. Cash waiting, thanks.
  9. Chi-Lites, She's Mine

    b/w Never No More, Blue Rock promo or stock Cash waiting. Thanks, Matt
  10. Betty O'Brien and Dorothy Berry

    Betty O'Brien, She'll Be Gone Dorothy Berry, You Better Watch Out Interested in M- originals, please. Anyone?
  11. Mixed bag of R&B, gospel, etc.

    Mixed bag of 16 records. Keep reading, as they're not in price order. Prices in U.S. dollars. Grading: M-/VG+/VG/VG–. Shipping $4 in U.S., $13 overseas. Clips aren’t from my copies. Paypal gift. JASPER WOODS Hully Gully Papa/I’m C...
  12. Mamie Perry, I'm Hurted

    Anyone? Cash waiting, thanks.
  13. Is anyone having trouble with musicstack website

    Oh yeah, it's back up. But now I've forgotten what I was looking for.
  14. Is anyone having trouble with musicstack website

    Down for me all day Sunday in U.S.

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