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  1. Could it be that the youtube version came from a compilation (New Orleans Soul and Funk Gumbo?) and is unreleased on 45? Wouldn't be the first time one of these New Orleans comps put forth an alternate version that confused people....
  2. Slightly different phenomenon, but: The bridge from Hit and Run resurfaces in another George McGregor composition, Little Rena Scott's I Just Can't Forget That Boy. It's at 1:11 in Rose, 1:53 in Rena.
  3. That Ray Hines posted above is actually just a cover of a different Tyrone Davis song, Is It Something You've Got. Which, yes, sounds like his bigger hit.
  4. weingarden

    Soul Night

    New York City's best sixties soul dance party, with DJs Mikey Post, Classy Chris, One Mint Julep, Fancy Cat, Jon Sweaterfunk, and Mr. Fine Wine. Kingsland, 269 Norman Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, USA 9 p.m. till 4 a.m. $5 https://www.facebook.com/events/2411111555874847/
  5. Carbo Brothers are Hank and Claude. Chick and Chuck were their older brothers and were in the Spiders. What a family!
  6. Cenco recording artist Hank Carbo is around and very approachable on Facebook if you want to ask him anything.
  7. Jesse Butler, It's My Business/Weekend Star Senator Jones, Do You Love Me Lester Tipton, This Won't Change Al Williams, either label Johnny Hampton on Dotty's Volumes on Karen Two Plus Two on Velgo Precisions, My Lover Come Back Del Victors, Acting Up Lee Parker, Boy Meets Girl Ravins on Demo Ristic Joe Matthews, Ain't Nothing You Can Do Clarence Hill, A Lot of Lovin' Goin' Round Joni Wilson, The Loser's Seat Honey Bees, Let's Get Back Together The Singers, You Gotta Go Randolph Walker, 40 Love Street Thanks. Will get you cash quickly for any of these.
  8. I've Got to Live While I Can/Heart Can You Hear Me Anyone have a clean copy to sell me? Cash waiting.
  9. The tough one: My Lover Come Back/I Wanna Tell My Baby. Anyone?
  10. Wasn't the point of this not just male vs. female versions of songs but male-point-of-view vs. female-point-of-view variations on the same song? Mal C. got it right in his contributions IMO....Like this:
  11. Lester Tipton Al Williams, either label Two Plus Two on Velgo Kavetts, I've Got a Story to Tell You Sidney Barnes, I Hurt on the Other Side Precisions, My Lover Come Back Miss Johni Naylor, Red Wine for My Blues Lee Parker, Boy Meets Girl Joe Matthews, Ain't Nothing You Can Do Joni Wilson, The Loser's Seat Thanks. Will get you cash quickly for any of these.
  12. As mentioned above, check out my bar night if you're there on a Wednesday....Botanica, 47 E. Houston St., Manhattan, 9:45 p.m. till 2:30 a.m. or so. If you email me and give me some idea of what kind of stuff you're looking for, I can put together a sales box for you too. Matt

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