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  1. Mint, please. Anyone? Cash waiting.
  2. All copies, stock and promo, as far as I know, are the recording you describe. The one on Youtube you refer to is from a compilation LP that used an unfinished version and tricked a lot of people into thinking promos and stock copies were different recordings. That's my understanding, at any rate.
  3. Just out of curiosity, are you asking because you think that at an OVO night, only the one that came first would be okay to play?
  4. Bump.
  5. Zanetti's right: Original, please.
  6. Still looking for Barry White and Frankie Beverly...
  7. M- copy. Anyone have one for me? Thanks.
  8. It's certainly soul. To suggest otherwise is strange. (Of course, there are dozens of "northern" records that aren't soul music.) At any rate, though the voice sounds familiar to me, I can't come up with anything. I hope you find out!
  9. I was addressing the Louis Curry identity question. They're friends. Get up on the wrong side of bed this morning, Robb?
  10. McKinley Jackson would know the answer.
  11. Clean-playing original copies, please. Not as concerned about label condition. Cash waiting. Debbie Taylor, Don't Let It End Frankie Beverly and the Butlers, She Kissed Me Barry White and the Atlantics, Tracy
  12. Bumpity.
  13. Still looking for all except "No Part Time Love" and Perigents....
  14. Well, the least rare Martha Star and the Perigents....
  15. Well, knocked off the easiest one. Bump.