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  1. weingarden

    Virgil Henry, Cold Blood

    Two for sale. Both are in very clean, full-gloss VG+ (on a scale without E grades) condition, with just light unfeelable marks, and play nearly flawlessly. Standard shipping from U.S.: $4 domestic, $10 Canada, $14 elsewhere. Paypal gift. VIRGIL HENRY, I Can't Believe You're Really Leaving/You Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New (Tamla; small ballpoint check mark on label) $120 COLD BLOOD, I'm a Good Woman +3 more titles on a 7-inch 33-rpm EP (San Francisco) $70 (cheaper way to get "I'm a Good Woman" than on the 45)
  2. Both of those are the short version. Did Paul Riser arrange the long version? Also, the Spanish one is 22 seconds longer than the "long version" white promo, or so says the label.
  3. Interesting that the original long version (white label, red vinyl) credits Paul Riser as arranger and this Spanish release credits David van de Pitte.
  4. weingarden

    Songs That Use Same Arrangement /backing Track

    Does the Limitations' "I'm Lonely, I'm Troubled" on Bacone share a backing track with something? It sounds deeply familiar....
  5. weingarden

    Composers on Era

    You and Yours/I Had a Dream clean only thanks!
  6. weingarden

    Wants list

    A few random ones I'm craving at various price points. Thanks for looking. Ike and Tina Turner, Flee Flee Fla Martha Star, Love Is the Only Solution Sidney Barnes, I Hurt on the Other Side Precisions, My Lover Come Back Volcanos, It's Gotta Be a False Alarm Miss Johni Naylor, Red Wine for My Blues Connie Austin, She Made a Mistake Lee Parker, Boy Meets Girl Joe Matthews, Ain't Nothing You Can Do Carl Hall, Mean It Baby Ruby Johnson, I'm Hooked Roddie Joy, He's So Easy to Love Crescents, Come Back Baby Joni Wilson, The Loser's Seat Servicemen, I Need a Helping Hand Cash waiting! (Though probably not for all of them simultaneously.)
  7. weingarden

    Raphael Saadiq

    Thanks, Yank.
  8. weingarden

    Raphael Saadiq

    Love That Girl Cash waiting.
  9. weingarden

    Dumb question about Servicemen

    Thanks, Chalky!
  10. "I Need a Helping Hand," Wind Hit vs. Patheway: same recording? All the youtube vids I see seem to be Patheway.
  11. weingarden

    News: Botanica Rare Soul at The New York Times

    Thanks, John. That was a great night! And yeah, any visitors to New York who are around on a Wednesday should check it out!
  12. weingarden

    A few northern wants

    Servicemen on Patheway, Wind Hit, and Chartmaker Patti & the Emblems, I'm Gonna Love You a Long Long Time
  13. weingarden

    Cappy's Record Store Detroit

    Aw, man, seeing that storefront brings back memories. I grew up about a mile from there.
  14. weingarden

    Louis Paul Change Will Do You Good 'Reissue'

    Got it. I got my copy from a very reputable source this year, I trust him, but something seems slightly off about the record. Runout has 101 and not 1001, yes, but the vinyl seems very flimsy, and the sonics aren't as full-sounding as I'd expect. I guess it's just the way the record is.
  15. weingarden

    Louis Paul Change Will Do You Good 'Reissue'

    I was confused. Thought he was talking about the original. Could someone explain "no circular pattern on the label"?


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