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  1. weingarden

    News: Botanica Rare Soul at The New York Times

    Thanks, John. That was a great night! And yeah, any visitors to New York who are around on a Wednesday should check it out!
  2. weingarden

    A few northern wants

    Servicemen on Patheway, Wind Hit, and Chartmaker Patti & the Emblems, I'm Gonna Love You a Long Long Time
  3. weingarden

    Cappy's Record Store Detroit

    Aw, man, seeing that storefront brings back memories. I grew up about a mile from there.
  4. weingarden

    Louis Paul Change Will Do You Good 'Reissue'

    Got it. I got my copy from a very reputable source this year, I trust him, but something seems slightly off about the record. Runout has 101 and not 1001, yes, but the vinyl seems very flimsy, and the sonics aren't as full-sounding as I'd expect. I guess it's just the way the record is.
  5. weingarden

    Louis Paul Change Will Do You Good 'Reissue'

    I was confused. Thought he was talking about the original. Could someone explain "no circular pattern on the label"?
  6. weingarden

    Songs That Use Same Arrangement /backing Track

    Did the backing from Bert Keyes "Do-Do Do Bah-Ah" on Clock have a proper vocal release?
  7. weingarden

    Louis Paul Change Will Do You Good 'Reissue'

    So what does the counterfeit have in the runout?
  8. weingarden


    JUST Brothers (as in, they're members of a family with surname Just—or "just" the adjective, for a play on Righteous Brothers) -OR- Just BROTHERS (as in "just" meaning "only")?
  9. weingarden


    Steve Man-chuh or Mahn-chuh? Harold BUR-ridge or Buh-RAZH?
  10. weingarden


    Believe the Chalfontes are named after a street in Detroit. Chalfonte Street, not surprisingly. Another Detroit girl group with a tough-to-pronounce name is the Perigents. I would naturally say "Pair-uh-jints," but there's a live intro on one of their 45s where the emcee calls them what sounds like "Parisians."
  11. weingarden

    Songs That Use Same Arrangement /backing Track

    Van McCoy Strings, Sweet and Easy /// Brenda & the Tabulations, A Love You Can Depend On George Young and the Youngsters, Sayin' Somethin' /// Rufus Thomas, Funky Mississippi (this one's a real head-scratcher) Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band, Brown Sugar /// Zu Zu Blues Band, Zu Zu Man The Stokes, Young Man Old Man /// Benny Spellman, The Word Game 100 Proof Aged in Soul, Somebody's Been Sleeping /// Syl Johnson, That's Why Junior Wells, You Oughta Quit That /// Junior Wells, That Will Hold Me Jackie & Tut, 10-2 Double Plus /// Gabriel, The Buzzard Lope The Sounds of Lane, Tracks to Your Mind /// Mickey Lee Lane, Hey Sah-No-Ley Chuck Cornish, A Tribute to Muhammad Ali /// Senator Jones, Do You Love Me
  12. weingarden

    A few wants, including Wade Flemons

    It's Jeanette that I'm after. Sorry for the confusion.
  13. weingarden

    A few wants, including Wade Flemons

  14. Jackey Beavers on Revilot, clean copy (I have a cracked copy I found in an antique store many years ago; it plays through the crack and I'd happily trade it to you to offset the cost of a cleaner copy) Wade Flemons on Ramsel People's Choice on Palmer Theron and Darrell on Solo Martha Star, Love Is the Only Solution Sidney Barnes, I Hurt on the Other Side
  15. weingarden

    why in the hell would you buy this?

    B-side first half not playable! A-side first third not playable!!!


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