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Midas Touch Records Sales List 36

Chris Anderton

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Hi Guys,

Well I`m back from my honeymoon, must say Australia was absolutely fantastic, I`m sorry i never got to hook up with anyone while i was there, time just seemed to get the better of us. The Wedding went very well, it was an awesome day and Helen and I would like to thank you for all of your best wishes. List 36 is a special one as it is now three years since i started dealing in records, well officially anyway! I`d like to thank all of my customers for their custom and as i have said before many of you have become more like friends than customers. I always welcome feedback on the list, sales Cds, gradings etc etc...Please dont be afraid to let me know your feelings on any subject. I always try to grade records accurately although its impossible to play every record, that's why I offer a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied for any reason. Gradings are as follows; M-Faultless, probably unplayed, E- Very clean and a nice copy. VG - Used but plays through ok with some light noise, great for DJing with.

Please order ALL RECORDS by email, first come, first served.P&P is £1.80 for up to 2 x 45 and £2.80 per LP, obviously cheaper if you buy more than one item. Please pay by cheque, cash, IMO or by using your credit card through www.paypal.com. PLEASE PAY WITHIN 7 DAYS or risk losing your reservation.IMPORTANT;WITH EVERY ORDER PLEASE INCLUDE A NOTE STATING EXACTLY WHICH RECORD YOU ARE ORDERING,THE RECORD NUMBER AND YOUR ADDRESS, FAILURE TO DO SO WILL DELAY YOUR ORDER .Please make all cheques out to C.Anderton and send to; C.Anderton, 1 Jackson Av, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6LL. I`ll be heading out to the States again later this month, so if there is anything you are really after thats a little bit different, doesnt have to be rare, please dont hesitate to contact me, mainly major label lesser known stuff is what I`m talking about. Event wise....September 8th sees the relaunch of the excellent crossover sessions at the Three Greyhounds in Middlewich, this night promises a great selection of tunes and the venue is perfect for a quality music night, I`m also pleased to say I`ll be co-resident there as from the September event. Hope to see you there. On with the list; 1.Cecil Washington-I dont like to lose-Prophonics M 1200 (Dont worry, this is the same copy from a few months ago... Lots of interest but no done deal...here it is again with a firm price)2.Dorothy Morrison-I cant go without you-Brown door M- 80 (One of my fave 70s dancers...so soulful)3.Gene Mcdaniels- The Forgotten man-Liberty WD E+ 804.The Avons-Just as long as i live-Sound stage 7 M 100 (Stunning midtempo 60s)5.Chet Davenport-Cant get over you-Toeholt M 806.Johnny Burton-Slave girl-Broardway WD M 1757.Lada Edmund Jnr-The Larue-Decca demo VG+ 125 (Looks rough but plays like a dream, great for DJing)8.Barbara McNair-You`re gonna love my baby-Motown VG+ 80 (a bit of wol, a few scratches but lots of sheen, plays brilliantly)9.Pep Brown-This good thing that i`ve got-Walden M- 175 (Great and indemand crossover soul)10.Tony Birchett-Dont put out the fire-LBJ M- 80 (Also have a E copy at 60)11.Enchantment- Call on me-Polydor M 10012.Elvin Spencer-Lift this hurt-Winner M- 7013.The Dynamics-You can make it if you try-Columbia M 12014.Shep Grant-You found my lonely heart a home-Musicor WD E- 8015.Derek and Ray-Interplay-RCA WD E+ 30 (Every home must have one...well maybe not!)16.Johnny Thompson-Given up on love-Jaytee E+ 100 (Great crossover...needs more spins)17.The Brothers of Soul-Come on back-M- 50 (Nice orange first issue copy)18.The Minits-Last mile of the way/ Take a look...-MGM Memphis M- 2019.Benny Spellman-This is for you my love-Alon M 15020.Al Hudson-When you`re gone-Atco M- wol 70 (Love this...vinyl is great just a bit of biro on label)21.The Millionaires-Never for me-Phillips E 2522.The Millionaires-And the rains came-Speciality WD M 75 (Getting big spins)23.Five Special-The more i get to know you-Mercury E+ 2524.Will Hatcher-You havent seen nothing yet- Wheelsville M 7525.Wales Wallace-We`re not happy- Bashie M- 7026.Shep-Fool to Fool- TNT WD M- 6027.Fourth day-You turn me on-DT M- 50 (Same backing as Emanual laskey on same label)28.Jimmy Hart-Tea house in China town-Mercury WD M- 25029.Margie Alexander-It cant last forever-Atlantic M- 2030.Willie Tee-I`m only a man-Capitol M- 6031.Chuck Jackson-What am i gonna do without you-Motown M 20 (Lovely mid tempo, needs some spins)32.Just Bros-Things will be better-Empire E+ 20033.The Opals-You`re gonna be sorry-Okeh WD E+ 4034.Junior Walker-Brainwasher pt 2-Harvey E+ 4035.Storm-She comes up-Pi Kappa M 3036.We the people-Making my daydream real- Lion E+ 7037.Oliver Norman-Dont kame promises you cant keep-Deca demo M 2038.Phillip Mitchell-The world needs more people like you/ I`m gonna build...-Shout Demo M- 8039.Pat Lundy-The thrill is gone-Columbia WD M- 4040.The Startells-What more can i ask for-Lamarr M 20 (Perfect late 60s Chicago)41.Elsie Strong-Ask the lonely-Sounds international M- 8042.Theresa Lindsey- Its love- Correctone E- 8043.The Valentinos-Sweeter than the day before-Chess E- 60 (Looks rough, plays and sounds great on my 12-10)44.The Pageants-Are you ever coming home-RCA WD E+ M- 2545.Roy Hamilton-Aint it the truth-RCA M 3046.Reggie Garner-Hot line-Capitol M 2047.Margie Joseph-I`ll always love you-Volt M- 5048.Margie Joseph-Come on back to me lover-Atlantic E+ 2549.Tommy Hunt-I`ll make you happy-Capitol M 40 (Killer slowie...shivers down the spine time)50.Love devotion and hapiness-Joy sweet joy-PEU M- 35 (Nice on a red label)51.Ray Pettis- If i found love-Teacho M 2552.The Radients-Hold on-Chess M- 10 (The dont make em like this anymore!)53.S.O.U.L- This time around-Musicor M- 1054.Garland Green-Dont let love walk out on us-RCA M- 60 (Brilliant 70s dancer)55.Aretha Franklin-Intergraty-Arista M- 1056.Ronnie McNeir-Different kind of love-Tortoise M 5057.Krystal generation-i`ve got to leave him-Buddah M- 3058.Jean Carter-I bet you-Sunflower E- slt warp 50 (Absolute bargain..plays fine)59.Innervision-Gotta find a way to get you back-Ariola WD 60 (So indemand...cool on a demo)60.The Volumes-My kind of girl-Inferno M 25 (Two great Detroit sides..great value)61.Bunny Sigler-Comparatively speaking-Decca M 4062.Big Maybelle-Quittin time-Rojac WD M 25 (Storming oldie, stunning demo)63.Bobby Womack-Home is where the heart is0Columbia M 3064.Azie Mortimer-Telling a lie-Bloomie M- 5065.The Festivals-You got the makings of a lover-Smash M- 2566.Marv Johnson-How i miss you-Gordy E+ 20 (Storming motown...great)67.The Spinners-I just want to fall in love-Atlantic M- 3068.Ace Spectrum-Keep holding on-Atlantic E+ 20 (As good as their biggie)69.Barbara Acklin-Am i the same girl-Brunswick M- 2070.Bobby Patterson-I`m in love with you-Jetstar M 80 (Original gold vinyl copy)71.Bobby Joy-You sweet devil you-TRC E+ 4072.Lee Williams-A Girl from a country town-Rapda E+ 50 (Love this to bits...needs more spins)73.TY Hunter-I dont see mee in your eyes anymore-Invictus M 60 (Indemand 2 stepper..lovely tune)74.Josephine Taylor-Good lovin-Marvlus M 2575.Tavares-Never had a love like this before-Capitol E+ 1076.The Freeman bros-My baby-Soul WD M- 20 (Great looking demo...distributers stamp on label)77.Joe Hinton-Got you on my mind-Backbeat E+ wol 35 (2 Xs on label in marker pen)78.Little Herman-One out of a hundred-Arlen E+ 2079.Booker T Jones-The best of you-A&M M 1080.The Saphires-I found out too late-Swan E+ 2081.Aesops fables-Girl I`ve got news for you-Atco E+ 25 (some marks on label but still a nice copy)82.Jackie Lee-Would you believe-Mirwood M- 15 (Storming "proper" oldie!)83.The Younghearts-Sweet soul shakin-Minit-M- 3084.The Ojays-I`ll never let you go-Imperial M- 2085.Joe Simon-Long hot summer-SS7 E+ 1086.June Conquest-All i need-Curtom E 20 (Voice like an angel..lovely midtempo dancer)87.George Wilson-Here stands the man who needs you-Black circle M- 2588.Judy Clay-You busted my mind-Scepter M 2589.The Artistics-Girl i need you-Brunswick YD E 10 (NIce on a demo, plays fine)90.The Hesitations-Is that the way to trat a girl-GWP E+ 30 (Slight warp plays fine)91.Walter Jackson-Its an uphill climb to the bottow-Okeh WD M 25 (Great tune, stunning demo)92.Don and Juan-What i really meant to say-Bigtop E+ 2593.Kendra Spotswood-Jive guy Tuff M- 3094.The Fantasians-Unnecessary tears-St Lawrence M 3095.Oliver Bush-I`ll make it up to you-Gamble M 80 (Stunning crossover soul)96.Betty Lavette-Let me down easy-Calla M- 3097.Barbara Lewis-I remember the feeling-Atlantic E+ 2098.Buddy Lamp-You`ve got the loving touch/ I wanna go home-Wheelsville E+ 2599. Carolyn Crawford-Forget about me-Motown E+ 50100.Bobby Bland-Getting used to the blues-Duke E+ 10101.Chuck Bernard-Indian giver-Maverick E+ 10102.Chuck Jackson-I only get this feeling-ABC E 15103.Fantastic four-Live up to what she thinks Rictic M- 35 (One of the best on the label104.Chuck Jackson-Good things come to those who wait-Wand M- 10105.The Cheers-Never again-Nation E 50106.Freddie Scott-You got what i need-Shout M- 30107.The Esquires-Listen to me- Capitol M- 20108.Four Wonders-Just looking for my love-Solid foundation E 25 (Not mint but plays well)109.Irma Thomas-Its starting to get to me now-Imperial WD M- 25110.C.C Neal-All i want from you is your love-Soulcraft M- 50 (Indemand 70s soul..great tune) I have just bought a great Lp collection so expect to see some nice titles in the next few months starting with these......... 111.The Tempests- Same-Smash VG+ 50 (Inc. Someday.....Great sould lp) 112.Luther-This close to you-Cotillion E+ 40 (Inc.Dont wanna be a fool) 113.Broomfield-Same-Vision M- 15 (Inc. Dont cover up your feelings) 114.Bobby Womack-Home is where the heart is- CBS E+ 25 (Inc. Something for my head) 115.Supremes and 4 tops-Double dynamite-Motown E+ 15 (Inc. Dont you miss me a little bit honey) 116.Jean Terrell-I had to fall in love-A&M E+ 20 (Inc. No limit) 117.Ronnie Dyson-Love in all flavours-CBS E+ 20 (Inc.I want to be where you are) 118.Gladys Knight-A little Knight music-Soul E+ 15 (Inc. No one could love you more) 119.Bobby Taylor-Taylor Made Soul-Gordy E+ 40 (Inc. Don't be afraid,) 120.Spinners-Love trippin-Atlantic E+ 10 (Inc. I just want to fall in love) 121.Clay Hammond-Streets will love you-Evejim M- 20 (Inc. The dont makeum no more) 122.Peabo Bryson-Turn the hands of time-Capitol E+ 15 (Inc.Why dont you make up your mind) 123.Garland Green-Love is what we came here for-RCA E+ 40 (Inc. I quit running the streets) 124.Barbara Lewis-The many grooves of-Enterprise E+ 40 (Inc. The Stars) 125.Various-Motown from the vaults-Tamla E+ 20 (Spinners-What more can a boy ask for...Original issue) 126. Chuck Bridges-L.A Happening-Vault M- 50 (Inc. Head over heels) 127. Marcia Hines-Marcia Shines-Wizzard E+ 20 (Inc. Gotta let go...OK i admit looking for tunes on my honeymoon!) 128.The Younghearts-A taste of-20th cent E+ 20 (Inc. You`re not here with me) 129.Ron Matlock-Love city-Cotillion E+ 30 (Inc. I cant forget about you, you got the best of me) 130.Solid Solution-Loving you-Silverspoon- E+ 50 (Inc. Think about it girl...going massive) 131.John Gary Williams-Same-Stax M- 40 (Inc. The whole damn worl is going crazy) 132.Jae Mason-Tender man-Buddah E+ 30 (Inc. Woman, Cloud of sunshine) 133.Jackie Wilson-Beautiful day-Brunswick E+ 40 (Inc. Because of you/This love is mine...awesome LP) 134.Delegation-Same-Mercury E+ 25 (Inc. One more step to take) 135.Jerry Butler-You and me-Mercury E+ 20 (Inc. Ordanary Joe) 136.Willie Hutch-Havin a house party-Motown E+ 15 (Inc. Soul Strutt, I can sho give you love) 137.Dionne Warwick-Then came you-WB E+ 15 (Inc. Move me no mountain) 138.Carla Thomas-Memphis queen-Stax E+ 20 (Inc. I play for keeps) 139.Charles Mann-Say you love me too-ABC E+ 25 (Inc. Its all over, you came out of nowhere) 140.Bobby Hutton-Piece of the action-ABC demo E+ 50 (Inc. Lend a hand) 141.David Ruffin-Gentleman Ruffin-WB E+ 20 (Inc. I wanna be with you, slow dance) 142.The Originals-Portrait of-Soul E+ 20 (Inc. Dont stop now) 143.Gloria Gaynor-Park Av sound-Polydor E+ 15 (Inc. This love affair) 144.Barbara Blake-Same-20th Cent E+ 25 (inc.Superman)

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