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  1. Penalty Points .

    taking it that you mean the warning system an explanation can be found here https://www.soul-source.co.uk/forums/topic/358130-warning-system-on-soul-source-sept-2016/?tab=comments#comment-2291332 it's from 2016 and in near future will be updat...
  2. The 'upfront scene' ?

    This topic was closed by the original poster @tomangoes As said many times on here, if you are going to use this the 'close' topic feature then post up that you have done so along with a reason if possible! Doing such helps avoid misunderstan...
  3. That time of the week all you got to do is just throw up a tune that for you has that #fridayfeeling 100% from me a easy one from the lp Chuck Bridges and the LA Happening and Head Over Heels how wide is my smile
  4. so no views on the just gone year then here are heres 3 of the top flyers
  5. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    ok rather than take this topic any further down the offtopic road ask please use the support/feedback forum for any further site related points/feedback/talk back to the actual topic ... keywords being acetate, frank wilson, rarest soul 45 etc....
  6. R.I.P's

    Thanks for passing on feedback The boxes are the 3 latest featured news items and only show on the desktop version of site, one item text only shows on the mobile version. Regarding the 'showing on every page' memory says that they only show on th...
  7. Sales Feedback - how to

    just a highlight as its a feature that often get asked about https://www.soul-source.co.uk/source-help/soul-source-sales-feature-help/how-to-leave-feedback-sales-feature-r30/ part of the work in progress soul source help guide
  8. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    nah keep posting soul source is an open forum with a very wide range of members - you always gonna get opposing views no matter what you say or post that's the beauty of it all
  9. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    offtopic post removed as I said....
  10. The 'Freebasing' forum is a place for general talk such as topics that may not fit into the other soul source forums. We do have a 'no political/religious posts' policy for this forum Please use the 'current affairs' members club for all current affai...
  11. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    ok have caught up on this just split some of the posts of this topic off onto their own topics as the discussion has moved away from the orig topic the advert talk now has its own topic also the meaning of northern soul has its own both ca...
  12. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    topic temp locked while splitting offtopic posts
  13. with downloading latest us series, pvr recordings, iplayer type sites the choice of what to watch should be huge, but.... still pushed at times to find something that be a "must watch" maybe a case for spoilt for choice? so own "must watches" is low...
  14. How to insert/display VIDEO on an Event page ?

    Hi Les not by direct upload best way for videos is to use youtube and then paste the link it should then auto embedd the video cheers mike
  15. sure the end product be of interest to many .... planned publication date anyone?
  16. Upgrade at midnight tonight Uk Time

    done any problems shout up asp thanks mike
  17. Site will be offline for approx 30 mins at midnight tonight for essential upgrade Just so aware mike
  18. How do I delete a topic?

    best way is to flag it as per below and then one of the team will sort once seen
  19. audio track list topics

    Currently have a fair few song list type topics running while sure that some do enjoy reading and contributing to these topics, the amount is a concern as feel if too many they may have a negative effect on other topics in the main aats forum ...
  20. Looks like Ben Sherman is still pushing a 'northern soul' connection, from this years London Fashion show Presented in a 100 metre-long gallery inside Somerset House, this season’s Ben Sherman offering looked to its roots and the glories of Northern Soul...
  21. WEDNESDAY 10TH JANUARY 7.00PM £22.50 ADVANCE / £25 FULL ADD TO CALENDAR Unfortunately this show has been postponed due to illness. A revised date will be announced as soon as possible. Original tickets will remain valid, or refunds available fr...
  22. link updated and so back working
  23. Soul Source music video feature announcement - Just added to our video feature .... Name: 1989 - derek jameson's people - northern soul feature Category: TV/Films Date Added: 2018-01-10 Submitter: mike Video Description: Phil Dick who i...
  24. Vonda Maria - I Feel Complete / mp3

    do have a long running policy of no mp3 requests this policy is due to copyright issues again ask all to follow and respect this policy thanks mike