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  1. sharlow45

    Margaret Little On Ebay

    The 3D printer concept opens up a whole new world, e.g. 92% original press 8% 3D printed.
  2. Hi Everybody, Big lot of solid 45s up on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/sch/sharlow45/m.html Some highlights include: * Alice Clark - You Hit Me * Ricky Allen - Cut You Lose * Young Jessie - I Smell A Rat * Ebonees - Dancin' Freak * Clausel - Let Me Love You * Tarantula Ghoul - King Kong * Soul Superiors - Faith * Dynamics - I Need Your Love * Nedra - Get Up And Dance * Sugarpie Desanto - I Cry Alone * Formula Group - Gotta Get Away * O.J. Smith on Soul West * Eddie Holman - I Surrender * Ringleaders - Baby What Has Happened * Don Gardener - Is This Really Love * Bloodstone - Just Wanna Get The Feel Of It * Neptunes - Girl That's An Awful Thing To Say * Artistics - This Heart Of Mine .....many more. Thanks for checking them out! Scott
  3. Hi Everybody, I have the following 45 for sale. Excellent modern soul cut for the dancefloor with gorgeous harmony. Clausel - Let Me Love You/(same) - Up Right U-100001 Condition is VG++ to M-. Price is 70 GBP If interested, please PM. Check feedback for my ebay ID sharlow45 for confidence. Thanks, Scott
  4. sharlow45

    The Emeralds - Beware - Vick

    The YouTube clip takes the minute and a half clip I had on ebay and copies the first minute of the clip and appends it onto the end, making it a 2 and a half minute clip. There has been so much misinformation put out there about this record, it's mind boggling. Eventually, I or boba through his radio show will be providing full mp3s to the world. I want to give the auction winner some time to have exclusive access to the record in its fullness. What a treat in this day and age to have an amazing soul record that is not available on YouTube. And Boba was correct in an earlier thread saying that there are actually two versions of this record. They have identical labels but different deadwax markings. The versions are similar but clearly different mixes with slightly different instrumentations as well. This should only serve to make the mystique of this record that much greater. There are only three copies of this 45 out there in the world in the hands of credible sources, and two different versions accounted for in those three. Amazing. I have passed the deadwax information on to Manship for inclusion into his next guide.
  5. sharlow45

    Tarnatula Ghoul

    It's a novelty record that has a sound that appeals to the R&B side of me, sort of odd but charming. On a recent Keb Darge comp. Pretty sure this thing is a boot because it feels flimsy, but it looks identical to the Craig Moerer auction on popsike and not identical to the represses on ebay. I
  6. sharlow45

    Tarnatula Ghoul

    Picked up a copy of Tarantual Ghoul - Graveyard Rock and trying to see if it is the repress or not. I was wondering if anybody has an original and could tell me the deadwax numbers?
  7. Hi Everybody, I've got a nice size auction of Northern Soul, Modern Soul, and R&B up on ebay. http://shop.ebay.com/sharlow45/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562 Some rare highlights include: Maurice Jackson on Soulville Ernest Mosley on La-Cindy Johnny McCall on Al-Teen Ringleaders on M-Pac Jo Jo Petite on Boss Lo End on New World Sheppards on Mirwood David Martin on Rekord Attractions on June Bug Fabulous Verbs on Camaro Thanks, Scott
  8. sharlow45

    Solid Auction Of Clean 60S Northern Soul

    Few hours left on these. Lots of good stuff!
  9. Hi Everybody, I have a nice solid auction of 250+ soul, R&B, modern soul, and boogie 45s on ebay. A lot of clean stuff in this lot too that came out of a massive local Chicago 60s collection that was all in sleeves. http://shop.ebay.com/sharlow45/m.html Clean copies of: * Conquistadores on Signett * Accents on One-Derful * Paul Smith on Jacklyn * Jack Montgomery on Scepter * Geraldine Hunt on Bombay * The Tears on Smash * The Entertainers on Symbol * The Fiestas on Old Town * Jimmy Hudson on Cle An Thair * Harvey And Seven Sounds on Cuca * Holly Maxwell on Constellation * Dan Penn on Fame * Jo Ann Garret on Chess * Ideals - Go Get A Wig * Vontastics - I'll Never Say Goodbye * Theresa Lindsey - It's Love * Velvelettes - Lonely Lonely Girl and much much more... Thanks for looking! Scott
  10. A few hours left on these. Please take a look. Thanks! Scott
  11. Hi guys, I have a nice large lot of rare northern and modern soul 45s up on ebay right now. Please check them out: http://shop.ebay.com/sharlow45/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p4340 Jimmy Burns on Erica The Summits on United International Wade Flemons - Jeanette Gloria & The T-aira's Ralph Johnson on Master Key and many many more Scott
  12. DC thought it was a Wichita, KS group, saying its the Smart Bros with a group in front. It's certainly a Chicago pressing. I found this copy on the South Side, so maybe that helps the south side group argument?
  13. sharlow45

    Otis Brown On Ole

    Too far gone to sell. And a record I would keep anyway. Ultimate Chicago anthem.
  14. sharlow45

    Creations Unlimited On Soul Kitchen

    I need this record in my life. Please, anybody.
  15. sharlow45

    Otis Brown On Ole

    I've got a cracked copy. : (


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