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  1. Northern classic in it's rarest format JIMMY McFARLAND - LONELY LOVER (R.P.R.) RARE BLUE ISSUE Price is £425 please. Condition a very nice VG+ (most would grade Ex or Ex+ I think). Two red DJ crosses on "Lonely Lover". Label scans and digital p...
  2. Detroit Pied Piper classic double-sider - both sides absolutely brilliant. *** SOLD *** SOLD *** SOLD *** WILLIE KENDRICK - WHAT'S THAT ON YOUR FINGER / CHANGE YOUR WAYS (RCA VICTOR) DEMO Price is £475 please. Condition a very nice VG+. Small p...
  3. Pat Lewis.

    Here you go Carole
  4. Pat Lewis.

    The issued version is by the Holidays on Golden World #47 entitled "Watch Out Girl" One of the best - and cheapest - Detroit records ever made Cheers Richard
  5. BBC 4 tonight. "Living for the weekend"

    It will be available through BBC iplayer also Cheers Richard http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04bf1lf
  6. How rare are some of the 70' boots

    Do you mean the Monarch stamped George Blackwell Pete? Styrene with blue label and silver print? Cheers Richard

    Green-labelled vinyl press - moulded on label = bootleg = common Green-labelled styrene press - stick on label = original issue = rare
  8. Jean Banks - Detroit Soul Singer - Need Info

    Consider your leg well and truly pulled
  9. Jean Banks - Detroit Soul Singer - Need Info

    "so-called Detroit Soul experts"? - But you seem to know little if anything yourself Robb - and you're a self-proclaimed "Detroit Soul expert" - Lack of tact will get you nowhere my friend
  10. JM Auction results 10/05/2017

    I'm interested in all of them too However, John's auctions are open and transparent and the details are plainly there to see for a few days after (and on facebook for longer) Not all auctions are the same and often the finishing prices, bid incremen...
  11. Harry Lee Gates Seems to also be Louis Curry

    I googled "Harry Lee Gates" and got this picture (no really) - so it's definitely a different bloke
  12. Harry Lee Gates Seems to also be Louis Curry

    Robb - having listened to all of them I can't agree
  13. Northern soul collecting!! Is it a con?

    They aren't the same release though. The bottom one is EMI - first and more expensive. The top one is RCA - there were two RCA releases I think - should be much cheaper. So you're not comparing like with like.
  14. How to DJ

    That's bollocks regarding the topic title
  15. GasMaskHeadhunter?

    Who is GasMaskHeadhunter from YouTube?

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