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  1. Thanks Kev So what's the one shown in my pic please? Pretty sure it was from Soul Bowl Cheers R
  2. Just looked at a copy here ... red/white label with the lowercase title text Audio Labs on the a-side matrix only Don't know if this what people are describing as the "stamp" though Sorry, not the best pic - but tricky one to photograph Anyone confirm please? Cheers Richard
  3. Looking for Smith Brothers - There Can Be A Better Way (Soul Dimension) M/M- condition please Thank you Richard
  4. Looking for Debonairs - Loving You Takes All My Time (Solid Hit). Please PM if you can help. Cheers Richard
  5. Looking for this one please: Vee Vee - I'm Your Fool PM only please if you can help me out Cheers Richard
  6. Why don't you just get in touch with John and let him know? Cheers Richard
  7. No worries - thanks for sorting it out Yes, my messages go back about 10 years Cheers Richard
  8. Thanks Mike Been having this problem for a few weeks I have been seeing pretty much the same as your screenshots with the exception of the page number option on the left of the blue bar on the second screen with the page numbers on, "next" and "page x of y" This has been a problem on both Chrome and Firefox (which I installed this morning) I have just looked again, and now I can see the page number information that was missing this evening - so thanks very much for whatever you did to make it reappear Cheers Richard
  9. Hi Mike That's what I have been doing, but I can't see any navigation bar to enable me to get past the first page of messages in "table view" I just tried clicking on "default" view which opens a vertical list of messages on the left of the screen which does allow me to scroll down through the pages, but it's very slow to load each small batch of a messages I've tried this using Chrome and Firefox and still can't see any way to navigate to later pages on the table view Have also done a clean-up of cookies, browsing data etc. Can you suggest anything else please? T
  10. Hi Mike Decided to go through all my PMs and delete old ones I don't need to keep (there are around 580 messages). I can't see how to view messages other then the most recent ones. The pop up box accessed by clicking on the envelope symbol at the top right of the screen only shows the 25 most recent messages The full page inbox only shows the 22 most recent messages and I can't see anywhere how I can move onto the next pages of older messages Can you help please? Thanks Richard
  11. Hi everyone Looking for a copy of this one please - ideally in M/M- condition: Brooks Bros - Looking For A Woman (Tay) Please PM me if you can help. Cheers Richard
  12. Here's one: Earl Jackson - Soul Self Satisfaction (ABC) Cheers Richard
  13. Quick bump for the weekend - still looking folks Please PM me if you can help me out on this one Thanks Richard
  14. Still looking folks Long time no see Rob - hope all's well Cheers Richard

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