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  1. Ive got an acetate of this and had it at least 25 yrs I have it down as JJ Barnes also the a Capello of it. I know that Tony Hester and Steve Mancha also sang it (unreleased) The Golden World group were made up of members who were available on the day of which Tony Hester was one of them. The song was released by Edwin on Ed Wingates insistence maybe a little extra thankyou for Edwin bringing some food to the table in the form of Back Street, Agent oo soul, S O S and Headline News
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  2. Not aware of a radio show, nor dismissing it either but later 85 or more likely 86 is correct as Eric & Vikings was pulled out of Popcorns basement by Chris, Guy and myself in 85
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  3. We are not getting George Fowler mixed up with T J Fowler are we ?
  4. If there is I'm not aware of them, something ive written in my forever forthcoming book is that in those days they payed someone to log everything down that was played on the show (don't know if they still have to do that now) in its full details but they had a shock when Guy went on the show as he was playing acetates that he and we had picked up in Detroit with little to no information written upon. The poor girls head was in bits.
  5. Yes, Terry Christian before he became famous did radio Derby, he was one of the few that bought awards to the Derby based station. Guy did it and later Dave Evison. I, Tim Finch, Guy and Chris King took Richard Popcorn Wylie on the show onetime and all of us including Terry went over Normanton for a curry afterwards.
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  6. Where is the bit about finding Tony Colton under my bed
  7. Hi, anyone got two spare places in their caravan for this coming Cleethorpes week-ender Friday and Saturday night only. Will share costs and be rest assured of our honesty and everything that goes with that, please private message me on here. Regards Gilly. Richard James Gilbert.
  8. Got mine from a collector friend in Detroit 1994 when I was there with John Kingham. it was less than $10 from memory
  9. Don't get confused with the DJ his name was Spike, the smallest DJ in the UK. Having said that I think Spiv who was from Repton also DJ and of course Kev Orton DJ at a very early age, money raised for his vinyl doing a paper round whilst still at school
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  10. Hi, since this is about Midlands clubs I would like to include a very famous one from my nearest Town of Burton-on Trent. The famed 76 Club. Not entirely devoted to Soul music by any means but people on hear will have fond memory's of that venue. The list of live acts appearing there over the years is quite outstanding. As I remember it Friday was "Freaky" night. Saturday was maybe more commercial but included a lot of Soul music. Sunday was the dedicated Soul night with the likes of Carl Dene being the regular DJ. A book written and published by Rob Cox entitled "Rock This Town" is/was available that covers the clubs history and of course there is a large section dedicated to its coverage of Soul music, I do hope the older members on here can recall some story's regarding this iconic club. As most will know there was a club every night of the week and weekend where you could have your fill of Soul music These are some of the places of those times I talk about and remember as a 13yr old in 1970 Rugby Club, Sharpes and Knights Club, Leander Club, Pirelli Club, Henhurst Hill Club and more that I don't remember. What a great start in life for me, I continue to this day (without tea breaks) still doing this Soul thing and I'm currently writing a book about my trips to Detroit in meeting and spending quality time with the people who created the music of what this Soul Source Forum is all about Richard "Gilly" Gilbert X of Willington, Derbyshire.
  11. Yes, what an artist, had almost everything by him inc UK demos, EP, blue, white and yellow US Unsatisfied, Big Top and Big Hill, Canadian Quality Unsatisfied and Magic Potion. LP +a copy of "The Panic is On" long before it got released courtesy of Ady C. Weaned on Unsatisfied and Magic Potion. As you can see I was rather obsessive about him. Only had the extended version of Unsatisfied on CD not acetate. Thankyou Lou, oh how would have loved to see you sing live. R.I. P. you legend
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  12. Used to know Alan quite well back at Wigan, a very nice guy and always approachable. Remember him for playing (yes I know a poppy type song) Eskew Affair. Salt and Pepper. Also Drake and the Ensolids and New York in the dark
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  13. Sent you a message Janie
  14. Forgot to mention (no its not a sales ploy) when this book does come out I intend for every book sold to donate £2 to go towards the stroke unit at Kettering General Hospital, as some will know I spent Xmas in there and those people work so hard its the right thing to do
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  15. Yes still working on my book (alongside my two helpers) its been quite a challenge but it has to be right, of course once its printed then it is too late to change. I get asked by someone every week have I finished the book yet, its all very encouraging and I thank you for that. Please stay with me on this project I wont let you down. Most will know the general outline of this project but for those who don't here is a basic run down. I tell the story of the 5 trips I made to Detroit with various fellows from the UK 85-94 Its not about just records more about the interaction and the quality time I spent with those super stars that not only formed our lives but through their music gave us our lives, its their legacy going forward. Its not meant to be about me but its a story that in most cases only I can tell. How proud in being responsible for (through ACE/KENT) bringing the likes of Little Ann Bridgforth, OC Tolbert, Dave Hamilton for every ones pleasure, living at Richard "Popcorn" Wylie's house for several days and going over to Duke Browner's house for a couple of hours, and even fainting in Pat Lewis's bathroom one time. Tony Johnson of Tony and Tyrone fame pissing on Andy "Tats" Taylor's shoes when in a Detroit bar. With the book I hope will be a DVD of footage taken of those stars at that time and some photos never seen before. Book forwarded by Sharon McMahan, its my book and even I cant wait, but I do hope you will.
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