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  1. Hi Nick, would you contact me either privately on here, or email me richard.gilbert9@btinternet.com Thanks Gilly
  2. Hi everyone, release date for my book is the 1st Feb. Just looking for full payment and your address's If you have PayPal then send £24.95 for the book adding £4.70 for PP that's first class signed for to gillybook@btinternet.com If you don't have a PayPal facility then email me personally; richard.gilbert9@btinternet.com and I will give you the relevant details on how to pay Can I ask you not to clog up this forum with comments please. Thank-you for your continued loyalty. Gilly and Nicola
  3. The label is KE KE just saying
  4. If you do send a deposit, put your address within, it will save a lot of time
  5. Early New Year will hopefully bring a delivery of my forthcoming book 'I Searched for Soul and Found the Stars' this year has been traumatic for everyone, and no less for this pre-planned Christmas stocking filler in the form of a book that made it impossible to deliver on time. Of all the 100s of orders, not one person has faltered from their original interest in buying a copy. (I thank you) I've started to take a small deposit. (this will not affect the original list of orders sent to the dedicated email address should it go over the 1000 mark (its getting close) and qualify you for a
  6. I used to have UK copy of Queen of Fools issue mint, wonder what that would fetch theses days
  7. For those people who are on Facebook as well as here will know things have gone tits up No I haven't got covid . But my poor book has. Apparently the entire publishing world is struggling, juggling book launch backlogs. Even the big boys so little old me (and lovely young you) will have to wait a bit I'm afraid. But you know what they say "A book's not just for Christmas" So looks like a early 2021 launch. But we ain't gonna let that spoil the party, see you on the 5th December(Boris permitting) Its always been in the back of my mind that this pandemic may affect things, one of the r
  8. I Searched for Soul and Found the Stars. Please, if you wish to order a book make sure you have sent an email to gillybook@btinternet.com thats all you have to do for now. When I receive the books from the printers I will reply to your email in seeking address details and payment details. Please respect I do not know peoples 'Soul Source' names. If you have already made contact via the email gillybook@btinternet.com please don't repeat the email (unless you want to increase your purchase) With these currant cov 19 problems, things have not progressed as quick as I hoped but we are still o
  9. KEV CANE, Happy birthday, simple as that x Gilly and Nicola
  10. Written, credited, and BMI to George, maybe another case of the dodgy world of music

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