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  1. The Esquires track is beyond amazing, thanks to Mr Carr
  2. Beuatiful People. Mr Wood 45
  3. Kev Orton Funeral Friday 24/05/2024 3pm Bretby Crematorium Burton on Trent (DE 15 0QE)
  4. Sadly we lost Kevin Orton last weeh-end, see ya in the next life.Spent a lot of tine with hin uin the older day, lived with him and KIM for about 7 months, went away on holiday and best man at my wedding R.I.P
  5. Thank-you Ref...watch us make my glasses in half an hour. x
  6. Corvettes. Your Blue. Moon. Delacardos. Dance Gypsy Dance. Dimension
  7. Not my biggest want, wouldn't dare put those up....I'd never get them then.
  8. Now sorted...many thanks
  9. Cozy Corley. It's All Over. Malaco Records.
  10. You the man, I knew there was something about you that was good, those cassettes you did for me were great...any chance of another one ?
  11. One I used to own..now with Ted Massey
  12. Brilliant article mate, I was lucky enough to obtain the 3rd (I think) copy to turn up, bought from Arthur Fenn and Dave Raistrick for £80...sold years later to Tim Brown for £800.
  13. I speak with his daughter. Duke was cousin to Richard ''Popcorn'' Wylie's wife Gloria (both RIP)

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