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  1. My favourite voice of all time and there was pressings of it if I remember its a pink label and nothing made to look like the one shown here.
  2. yes remember those nights, fuel for going forward, you cant beet it
  3. Gilly


    Happy birthday to one of Souls finest, from Gilly and Nicola
  4. Great photo from the older days, does look like Dave Price, anyone know the guys name in the top left corner, (check shirt and denim jacket)
  5. Records like the Falcons + the other #s from that label were very much "tape swappers fraternity" type of sound. There was so much to be had back then at the right kind of affordable price, Millionaires, And the rains came, the Bobby Williams on Sure-Shot, all of the Carnival stuff, so much of the stuff. My claim to fame if I had one wouldn't be for DJing but like me and so many more these things would get played at warm up events by lesser known guys who just was filling in time at a pre allnighter event. Well that's my take on it for what its worth
  6. Happy birthday Baz from Gilly and Nicola. Top man and a shed full of respect. Have a great day
  7. Ollie had an office within the United Sound building, Cool Jerk was one of the last things cut at Golden World
  8. I have just looked at Facebook Detroit Soul (Kevin Spittle) there is an article on his page, my information is the same but it came from another source, someone who wrote music, i didnt pinch it
  9. I know a little more but sometimes you have to be careful, there is always someone ready to pounce on the information and use it to their gain, next you know facts get written as if they are the bringer of the news
  10. No its not in my book mate, I guess it could be
  11. Not a dead end at all, try this Lawrence (Larry) Thomas, Derek (Draw) Ali, Samuel Harris and Lloyd Harris.
  12. Yes those two clips are destined to be used in my forthcoming book
  13. Still have the poster for the Drill Hall all nighter
  14. He was doing things in Burton on Trent in the earlier to mid 70s

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