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  1. About 45 and some in quantity, 25 + Toppers, 3 James Lately, 25 Cynthia on Big Hit, 2 Magnetics ill keep holding on, 5 Tomangoe's, 3 Sister Lees I'm a has been, i don't own hardly any of them now tough
  2. and so are you, and I can help matters by pointing you in the right direction to hear some soul music, black or blue eyed
  3. I was listening to some unreleased stuff today and a song came on called 'Better Place' that sounds very much like 'Hit and Run' just checked the BMI and hey presto its written by George McGregor, as is of course the song in question. Anyone know this song
  4. that's not quite what im trying to say Phil, I was trying to link her name with the CD that came out as Thelma Records with Martha Reeves rumoured version on Goldmines Thelma collective #69
  5. oh I didn't know that cheers
  6. She is also Thelma Lavern on Northern Da La label, Johnnie Mae Mathews Label.
  7. I will chuck another question in the mix, 'This Heart is Lonely' released by UK Pied Piper (ACE) ive never asked Ady about this, but its down as Rose Batiste as singer. If you go on BMI for this it gives Telma Hopkins as the singer? it just gets deeper and deeper me thinks
  8. Another thing is, it could have been the Debonairs singing Hit and Run, but don't forget Rose Batiste was a stunner, and a model, so if you wanted your song to do well, you will always go for the pretty girl
  9. Telma (Thelma) Hopkins is one half of Tony Orlando's group Dawn, the other girl being Joyce Vincent, I also wonder if Telma is being taken as a spelling mistake for Thelma as in Thelma Records ?
  10. I doubt Martha did this song, but I can tell the story behind the David Ruffin 'Still in my Heart' as told to me by Don Davis in 1985. Steve Mancha's release is late 65, or early 66. Don told me that David had been bugging him to do a take on Still in my heart, for a long time. Don gets a phone call at some unearthly time in the night/morning, the conversation went something like this, "Don its David" Don replies, "David, do you know what time it is?" "No" he says, adding "I want to do that song" Don says "I know you do, but when?" "Now" said David. So Don gets out of bed, makes a few phone calls to assemble someone to work the studio equipment, (they will be using the original backing for the song as used on Mancha's take) David begins to sing in an upright standing position, and as the song progresses, he drops down to crouch, then knees, and finally finishes the song, lay flat on his back, one take, nailed it in one. Don said he had never seen anyone prior or since do what David had just done. Now Don didn't own United Sound Systems until 71/2 so it must have been sung from then onwards, (5/6 years after Mancha's) I don't know if or who David was in contract with, but its fair to say, and his 'Wife' agrees, (spoke to her the other week) that David sure was a loose cannon. If he was under contract then that would have been a good reason why it never came out, until Tim at Anglo bought masters from Willie Davis (Dons brother) and it went onto CD. This and other trivia/facts will be included in my forthcoming book due Nov 2020
  11. A very kind person has sent me privately 10 different versions of this song, 3 vocals and 7 backings
  12. Yes, thankyou, I know where that tape is, and that's how I now know its Gwen Owens, I also know the other two songs, as one of them is something I got in 1994 from the engineer. I will contact the owner and see if he wants to join in on this conversation. Thank Nick
  13. there is also a backing track only knocking about some where, 2 infact I think I don't have the CDs im afraid

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