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  1. ive got a tape of Soul Sam that slightly pre dates the one on here, 1976 Cleo's Derby, Nate Evans, Gwen Owens, Jobell Orch, Little Joe Cooke, Must get it uploaded one of the days
  2. I'm not saying your right or wrong as I don't know the answer to your post but to give some balance but on visiting Gino Washington's house in 85 I got a "Rat Race" (different vocal to "Like my Baby") on Mala. Hand written 45 and only 5 ever made (he has since re-issued it on his Washpan label) Dave Thorley first played at Stafford, I got the second copy, a band member had one. Don't have mine anymore but I know Butch has a copy. Your right it doesn't make sense to only have 5 or 50 pressed up, I was always told 300-500 would give you a break price.
  3. Andy's book is a compilation of stories about record digging from numerous people around the globe and mine is about the 5 trips I made to Detroit 85/87/90/92/94 who I spent quality time with and amongst the very first to achieve it, finding Little Ann, stopping at Popcorns house for a week, visiting Duke Browner, befriending Dave Hamilton, fainting in Pat Lewis's house, being at a party with George Clinton and that's just the start of it. Also the fun times I had here in the UK with some of these people
  4. Sure Andy wont mind me speaking about this, as far as I know he is working frantically to finish his. As for my book, I too have been working on my project and it has to be out this year. Anyone who has taken on a project like this will know just how time consuming these things can be. One thing I can say just as Andy would "Its a nightmare"
  5. Jane Nichols from Halton Lancaster either won or 2nd 3rd prize very early years cant remember the exact details and maybe the prettiest girl that ever went there
  6. I have the record but know nothing about the main artist, can I ask are you trying to link the backing group (Inspirations) with one of your earlier questions being the Midas Group
  7. As far as I know Claude Williams (Dusty) was the lead singer of the Tomangoe's. Dusty Wilson is a different person altogether, with songs on Mutt and Zebra
  8. I used to have a UK Queen of Fools issue that had a rubber stamp "Return to BBC library" in purple ink
  9. Indeed, so sad. Thanks for the music my curry eating friend
  10. Nicola bought me the Holland Brothers book, just started to read, coming on rather good
  11. Seen the top video on Facebook a while ago, really is something else, they come and getcha one day. x
  12. I think that Milton Wright The Gallop sounds similar to Little Ann, Who are you trying to fool in parts.
  13. My favourite voice of all time and there was pressings of it if I remember its a pink label and nothing made to look like the one shown here.
  14. yes remember those nights, fuel for going forward, you cant beet it
  15. Gilly


    Happy birthday to one of Souls finest, from Gilly and Nicola

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