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  1. until

    Skegsnest, here we come
  2. It was done after Steve Mancha's release as they used the same backing and in no way is that a 62 production. No matter who David was contracted to these guys hung in each others pockets they all knew one another, it was never intended to be released just a song David wanted to do. David had a very impulsive nature due to his lifestyle. Don't forget Don Davis told us this, it couldn't have come from a better source. Anglo American bought the masters from Willie Davis (Dons brother) as his prices were more favourable than Dons, I know because me and Guy tried to purchase them but the prices were like telephone numbers and don't forget this is pre CD explosion so we could never of made a penny out of them
  3. Yes I can tell you about this, its featured in my forthcoming book. The story told to me and Guy Hennigan in 1985 Whilst at United Sound Systems by Don Davis. By all accounts David had been bugging Don for a while in wanting to do this song, so one night or should I say early morning Don gets a call from David saying I want to do this song now so Don gets out of bed and meets up with David at the studio. Also a few tech people as they were using the same backing as the release. David started to sing in a conventional upright stance and as the song progressed David dropped gradually down to lying on his back on finishing the song off. Dons words were he had never seen anyone prior or since do that, one perfect take David nailed it
  4. OK well that's one of my theory's out the window, so now we know, wonder about the Rhythm label connection
  5. Since the email for John Ellison has kindly been put up I hope someone has made an attempt to contact him, guess its just a case of waiting for a reply.
  6. I gather John has two places, one in Florida and the other I cant remember
  7. I remember Tim Ashebende has a great photo of the Servicemen (Colouredman) on here
  8. Here is a bit of bollox slightly related trivia that some of you might find funny, when I spoke to Hadley Murrell many years ago I told him we had named our pet cat Hadley in honour of this man (I had recently bought the Wind Hit 45 from Dave Thorley) that cat was a real tough one, he actually got run over on the Repton rd, Willington where im from originally, a passing Ambulance stopped, put him in the back and round to the village vets, the cat made a full recovery and lived to a ripe old age. Well that should of lightened things up a bit and on my Mothers life is all true
  9. There is a record that I have by the Soul Brothers Six called "I Don't Want To Cry" on Fine Records that came out of Rochester NY 1966 to me if you compare the voice on that song and with the one in question. The label is/was owned by the Osban family who ive tried to make contact with for a number of years. If the old man is still alive he is getting on for sure. The family still live in the same house to my knowledge and I have tried some of the extended family in touching base with but Americans are not noted for their replies. You may think I'm waffling here but there is a record by the Brothers of Soul on Rhythm (red label) there has been one for sale recently on Rare soul site out of Leicester £500 which is half the price ive seen it go for, I would love to own it but its against my principles to spend that kind of money on a record. One side is funk (that's actually been put out on another label) but the slow soul side I would dearly like to have. If readers on here can get a sound file of this well again the voice seems to compare. None of this has any link with the Detroit group before anyone wastes there time. OK these are my TWO theory's laugh all you like but its TWO more than anyone else has come up with
  10. Yes I meant to say Johnny Ellison, I will give you more details tomorrow as to why I think its the soul brothers six.
  11. Researched the whole dam lot of it, the family, including where all the original material went. Did everything I could but as usual no luck

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