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  1. Don’t buy their album with it on ! It’s a different version altogether !
  2. Buy the album , it’s cheaper than the 45
  3. YES ! I did , got the Mike Vickers Lp off them with On The Brink on it - it has BFBS Radio Stamp on the back - only cost me a couple of quid at the time
  4. The Italian seller on discogs selling the picture sleeve Italian issue - funnily enough ! Has found a stash of these in mint condition - I know because my mate bought one and asked him if he had any more .....
  5. I used a guy on eBay - cost me a tenner - worked a treat ! If I can find the link I’ll put it up - am sure he was in Lincs somewhere
  6. First time I heard this there and loved it , still do , oh and not forgetting red stripe at 50p a can !!
  7. Does anybody remember the above article - had a few pictures in it The article had the headline - Shrine Closure or words to that effect What month - Sept 81 ?
  8. Georgie Woods a philly DJ used it to describe The Righteous Brothers after seeing them in concert .... It stuck , they liked it and so they went on to name their 1964 Lp - Blue Eyed Soul , the rest as they say is history !
  9. That’s the original 1970 issue also came out on the yellow promo , the other Spark Northern Soul releases were mid 70’s
  10. Caledonia Soul Mixcloud post on 33lp Whats the first track ! Scouting my album collection as sure I have it !!
  11. It’s also on his album - just in case you have trouble picking up the 45 - you can pick the album up fairly cheaply
  12. Withdrawn over a licensing issue after a couple of weeks
  13. Casino 6th Anniversary.pdf
  14. Casino 5th Anniversary.pdf
  15. 1st Anniversary.pdf
  16. Casino 2nd Anniversary.pdf
  17. Casino 4th Anniversary.pdf
  18. Casino 3rd Anniversary.pdf
  19. Did Blues and soul magazine ever do a feature on the casino’s 7th anniversary ? I know they did for all the others in the various anniversary issues between 74 and 79 but can’t find any mention of the 7th in 1980 Or was it deemed as all over and they didn’t bother ! Any ideas

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