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  1. Yeah that's the one... Anybody got a valuation for one of these ?
  2. There was a 12" edit that Dave Thorley use to play at Stafford, not the LP track..
  3. Does anybody know how much Marlena Shaw Just want this feeling to last 12" Hot Track sells for ? The version that was played at Stafford Top of the World all nighters.... Thanks!
  4. centuryp

    The Sunday Soulbox

    Neil Shoey Clarke's R'n'B spots are legendary....
  5. centuryp

    The Sunday Soulbox

    No R'n'B spot from Neil Clarke this time...
  6. the Manchester United propaganda show with a bit of Northern Soul thrown in:lol:
  7. Clifton Hall Rotherham March 26th 1982 part 2
  8. Clifton Hall Rotherham March 26th 1982 -

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