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    Leroy Hutson
  1. Hi, I love this song! I waited for the release for 6 months, but could not get one yet. Please sell your spare copy to me!
  2. soulsan

    9th Creation - Mellow Music WANTED

    Hi Micky, thank you!
  3. I am looking for an original copy.
  4. This is great news! The original copy of "Mellow Music" is on the top of many wants lists, including mine. Would anybody part with it now? If yes, please send me a PM.
  5. soulsan

    9th Creation - Mellow Music

    At the end of November the reissue will be released. Is there anybody who would sell the original to me and get herself/himself the reissue? Please let me know. I will pay a good price.
  6. soulsan

    9th Creation - Mellow Music

    Please help me to find a copy.
  7. soulsan

    Charle Williams Finnish-only LP £275

    Great price for this superb LP!
  8. It`s my want, not a sale. I posted it under "Record Wants", but the forum`s headline says "Soul Music Sales - Record Wants". This may be the reason why you are asking.
  9. US Balance Records 2030 1977 EX, close to NM- 175 £
  10. Please send me a PM if you can help.
  11. soulsan

    9th Creation - Mellow Music - TR1001

    Good money is waiting for the person who wants to let go of it!
  12. I would appreciate any help to find this.


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