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  1. Yes, I saw this but I was more interested in finding out who is actually creating the record and distributing it. Mind you I've just spotted the sneaky link to SOUL FLIP so I should look a little harder. Thanks all for your help
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows who is behind Soul Flip Records and can provide this info Jeff
  3. Does anyone have any contact details for this 'label' Many thanks in advance Jeff Tel 0121 373 0394 or 07479 969635
  4. There is a copy floating around with a dealer in the UK and he has listed it on EBAY with an interesting price . I didn't think it was that rare to warrant a 4 figure price tag but if I've learned nothing else it is that I have a lot to learn. So what is a realistic price for this or is it really a case of what the BUYER demands ! Jeff
  5. I'm afraid it was released in the UK and if you need a copy look on DISCOGS under catalogue number AAG 211
  6. UK copies (Cat No AAG 211) go for around a tenner so I guess the USA copy will be around £3 to £5
  7. Probably a bit late but are there any tickets left . if so I would like THREE . Is it also vinyl ? If so and you are after a particular record I might be able to help if you want to borrow them for the night. No charge of course!! Please let me know on 0121 373 0394 or 07479 969635 , many thanks . Jeff King ( for list of records to choose from)
  8. The sleeve is correct , Eastbound did not have it's own label but was a label distributed by Janus Records. Going back on topic DISCOGS standards expect records to have the appropriate sleeve (picture or company , it depends on the attached picture) and even has a grading system to be applied. GENERIC is one of those options and this is where the problems start ! For a long while I took this to mean a PLAIN sleeve such as a white paper or card sleeve and NOT a company sleeve and listed accordingly. Apparently not although many, like me , disagree! This term relates to the company sleeve appropriate for the record. I'm too far into listing my catalogue to change now so I always comment in the description field PLAIN white (or card) sleeve. Even then I've fallen foul of the perfectionist who expects the picture sleeve because it is shown in the photograph attached.
  9. I do hope these get found. I am a Seller listing on Musicstack & Discogs and I wonder if it would help by placing this appeal on the sellers & Buyers forum within that site. I'm happy to organise this if OK with you. I will need a contact email or telephone number however. Mine is , telephone on 0121 373 0394 or 07479 969635
  10. Being an absolute novice I am confused and could do with some help in identifying the difference between the original and the 2nd issue . Are you able to assist please ? Jeff King
  11. Thanks for the kind words and I'll try to get the publicity machine working overtime for the next one. Hopefully we'll also have the large screen TV plugged in for some linked videos with the music. Jeff
  12. 30 August Evening.pdfAston Unity Cricket Club ( Coppice Lane, Tamworth B79 0BG) is hosting their very first Motown & Soul night on the 30th August 2014 from 9PM There is a licensed bar and hot & cold snacks will also be available. Admission is free but donations are encouraged ! I have been coerced into making a DJ'ing comeback ( 38 years after the last time !!) so this could be fun!! Emphasis is on MOTOWN (I have the complete UK 7"catalogue on Fontana, Oriole, Stateside, London, Tamla Motown etc) but also featured will be SOUL that was recorded before 1972. All the sounds being played will be on vinyl (Can't get used to this modern CD and MP3 stuff) Also featured will be TWO x 30 minute 'Open deck' sessions for aspiring DJ's (vinyl only) and I may be able to help with particular records if they are stuck. Contact me(Jeff King) to book these slots on 0121 373 0394 or 07833 642421 Finally if anyone has a favourite sound that fits into the above , if they email ( or call me (0121 373 0394) I will try to make sure that it is brought along Jeff King
  13. Thanks for that appreciate your help. My it's a long way from home .
  14. I hope someone can put me out of my misery. I have a copy of The Valentines 'Breakaway' on Monument Records Cat No = MOS 446 and appears to be a typical UK issue with the solid centre and raised 'nurls' around the outer edge of the label . The actual A side was 'If you love me' with 'breakway' as the B side The matrix number stamped into the dead wax is MOS446A & MOS446B The label is the late 60s two tone green with the darker green as a swirl onto the label centre . Anyway very simply I thought that this was a UK issue but now I'm not so sure. Can anyone help in identifying the country of origin please.
  15. Hi, I doubt it As far as I recall the catalogue series covered 401 -692 (at least ) and I don't think that there were any gaps. I've got 122 of 'em but until very recently they didn't go for lots of cash and what the guy is asking for is likely to be the retail return so I think is a bit on the stiff side. There is a company in the USA (Mell-O-dee I think) that does provide a comprehensive list but you have to pay !
  16. But is it legal?? intrigued !! from
  17. The only thing in EBAY's defence is that all the charges are listed beforehand and , let's face it, wherever an item is sold there will be charges and if you want to enjoy the convenience of accepting credit card as a payment option you would be charged a minimum of 5% let alone the Hosts charges. I do agree that they can come as a rude awakening and if sites like this one work , great. BUt sadly all to often there are no takers and at least you know with EBAY you are tapping in to one of the largest retail sites in the world. By the way Not that important but PAYPAL was created by Peter Thiel & Max Levchin and was nothing to do with EBAY indeed in the early days PAYPAL and EBAY did not see 'eye to eye' and there were frequent disruptions I'm not sure when (but it wasn't too long ago, maybe 2 or 3 years max) but eventually EBAY managed to buy PAYPAL out. Since then EBAY have tightened up a lot & although their 'placement charges' have reduced it has always been the final value fee that stings. Add to this the profitable charges from PAYPAL and the owners win all round. There are alternative sites and for specialist soul records & you can always try GEMM who make no charge unless you sell an item (if you are looking for a fixed price this may well be a good alternative but again there are charges , 13% when sold plus the joys of playing the currency market as their prices are charged at the USA dollar rate) NETSOUNDS is a UK equivalent but much much quieter. There are other alternative auction sites, I am currently trying out EBID (PLUG - my ID is JEFFB235LF) and very cheap it is too!! £50 all in and no more to pay no matter how many items you list AND you have the option of combining BUY IT NOW with an auction option as well as a reserve safeguard all at no extra cost but again 'footfall' is significantly less than EBAY and again I would protect your investment by liberal use of the RESERVE option! One very nice feature is the easy to use BULK UPLOAD facility so if you have lots to list and already have them catalogued electronically then it is not too difficult to create an automatic conversion programme , save an awful lot of work. not much soul in that lot is there ??
  18. Hi Kev, Its is definitely on that collection but sadly I don't have it . I've though about it often enough but it's a CD set and i do love my vinyl!! I was hoping that it would jog someone else's memory now we've got the right song!! regards, Jeff
  19. Hi Mike, I could be wrong but I'm wondering if you mean the Equadors with 'You're my desire' and the B side was 'Someone to call my own' This does appear on the 6 CD set 'The complete Motown collection 1959-61' if you do, regards, Jeff
  20. I'd say most of the stuff that came out of the west coast, the move from Detroit just about killed it for me. There were exceptions of course but considering the output from Motown in the 70s & 80s , a drop in the 'Northern' sea.
  21. just has to be 'Ask the lonely' had a bit of a fur tops session toninght and the one that stands out.......................... Ask the lonely it simply breaks yer heart! try playing it at a soul night tho' philistines
  22. As someone who has just come back from the moon can anyone tell me just what did 'do I love you' actually sell for ?? regards, wallace

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