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    Maidstone, Kent, UK
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    Jerry O Karate BooGaLoo
  1. Funky 4 Corners

    Jerry O

    Thanks, I have addresses for both his Chicago and Detroit apartments.
  2. Funky 4 Corners

    Jerry O

    Thanks Chalky! The Americans don't seem to be very bothered about trivia as we are, I live near a tourist attraction, Leeds castle and my local, the White Horsre gets its fair share of overseas tourists - anyhow, I got talking to two white guys, in their early 60s and from Chicago and said they were into Soul, so I got pretty excited. When I asked who their favourite artists was.....................Bruce Springsteen
  3. Funky 4 Corners

    Jerry O

    I'm in touch with Gerard, the guy who runs that site, he's as much in the dark as the rest of us!!
  4. Funky 4 Corners

    Jerry O

    Another guy who s involved, Larry Blasingaine also has a couple of different spellings,
  5. Funky 4 Corners

    Jerry O

    This is nice too, I only have the Blues & Soul ad from the UK! What music paper is this from please?
  6. Funky 4 Corners

    Jerry O

    Thanks for this, I'll certainly quote this title!
  7. Funky 4 Corners

    Jerry O

    I'm trying to wrap up a book on Jerry Murray and would like to get it out before the end of the year. It's been on my back burner for many years. I have some questions that I can't get answered in the US even by the few folk who really knew him, e.g. Sammy Kaplan and Bernie Hayes. So here goes - Was he Tyrone Davis' cousin? Was he born in Greenville MS? He died in a car accident in Mississippi in the mid 70s but exactly where and when? As a child was he raised in St Louis or Chicago? A guy called Larry Payton worked with him in the early 60s, Payton had Larry O records, who was this guy? Art Morton owned the Soulville record store in Chicago, what street was it on? Why did `Oolya-Coo` / `Bacardi` ABC / Paramount #10787 get to the eleventh hout then got pulled? Finally, who was Joe Berry, the last release on Jerry O records? Is he the same guy as on Ron's? Or is it Jerry O with J E R R Y O simply remixed? I'd really appreciate any help at all! Thanks.
  8. Funky 4 Corners

    Northern & Sixties night in mid Kent

    DJ F HERE JOINERS.docx Easy access by train on the Victoria - Ashford line. Venue 5 mins walk from West Malling Station. Junction 4, M20. 6pm.
  9. Funky 4 Corners

    Two Chicago 45s wanted

    Joe Berry, (Do)The Wang Dang Doodle / Inst. Jerry O 112 Five Du Tones, Mountain of Love / Outside The Record Hop, One-Derful 4836 Thanks!
  10. hi 

    emails from wanadoo.co.uk are no longer valid 

    can you send me a valid one via pm and will sort



  11. Funky 4 Corners

    Pendulum Club

    Barry Tasker, who was the top Soul guy in Manchester at the time (and probably still so!) gave me this T shirt over 20 years ago. It's been proudly worn on three continents! The membership card must be '71 or '72 as I was born in Oct '50.
  12. Funky 4 Corners

    Archer Pressing Plant

    Thanks John, I had looked at this previously but it doesn't go back further than 489. I specifically want 467. I'm trying to do the impossible - a complete Jerry O story. Boo-Ga-Loo #467, `Cole Slaw`, an instrumental by Milton Jefferson is documented in various places. It's a record that I have never seen or heard and am very dubious about. In 1957 RCA issued a 45 by Hilton Jefferson, `Cole Slaw` the B side to `The Hour Of Parting`, it was an instrumental version of the original by Frank Culley on Atlantic. It is of course possible that Sammy Kaplan resurrected and re-issued the side but I very much doubt it and so for me #467 remains an unfilled gap. Cheers Keith
  13. Funky 4 Corners

    Archer Pressing Plant

    Does anyone know where I can match song titles to Archer dead wax numbers please? I mainly need the 400s from around '67. Thanks
  14. Funky 4 Corners

    Nice Mix with Reductions

    Hi Lee, I tried to PM you but the system said I couldn't, I just need to enquire about a 45 please. Thanks
  15. Wanted, Fantastic Four, Girl Have Pity / Live Up To What She Thinks, Ric Tic 119 must be EX or better. Will trade for any of the following - Dee Dee Sharp, What Kind Of Lady, Action ex+ Marlena Shaw, Wade In The Water, Cadet ex Larry Williams & Johnny Watson, A Quitter Never Wins, Columbia ex Jimmy Beaumont, I Never Loved Her Anyway, London ex- Dave & Ray, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Mica ex Yvonne Baker, My Baby Needs Me, Modern ex Belles, Don't Pretend, Mirwood white demo ex Dynatones, Fife Piper, Pye Int yellow demo ex+ Chuck Jackson, Hand It Over, Pye Int ex Fascinations, Girls Are Out To Get You, Stateside ex Mary Love, Lay This Burdon Down, Stateside ex Moses Smith, The Girl Across The Street, Dionn ex (original) Thanks, Keith Rylatt.


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