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    Rare West Coast 45's
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    A Dell Laptop !
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    Delilah Moore - It takes love - Middle Earth.

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  1. OK......................looks nice, what's yor Paypal address please & how much extra for special delivery. ?
  2. Simon can you post an Image of the record please. !!
  3. Hello Interested in this, does it play without any Issues at all. ?!!
  4. Somebodys offered me £200. If you don't want it. !! Regards Ritchie. !!
  5. I'm after a nice copy of Patti & the Emblems Gonna love you a long long time Kapp would prefer an Issue. !!!
  6. Hello have a US Mercury white demo E+ condition available, not sure what It's worth now however a fair offer & its yours. !!
  7. Has anybody got a Barbara Jean & the Lyrics - Why weren't you there - Big Hit & The Hytones - Bigger & Better - A Bet for sale. ? PRice & condition please if you have. Thanks for Looking. !!
  8. Wanted - Lorraine Rudolph - Keep coming back for more - Jetstream. Will pay £90 for a M- copy. !! Thanks for looking. Ritchie.
  9. Andy do you still have Lorraine Rudolph for sale. ??
  10. 2 Wanted................................... Lee Poter +Peaceful Persuasion - Nobodys doing a doggone thing - Select O Hit. Nancy Butts - I want to hold your hand baby - Flaming Arrow. !! NANCY BUTTS SORTED. !! price & condition please. !!
  11. I had the pleasure of meeting John at an All dayer in Whitchurch. I had just bought a "Tightrope" UK Stateside demo, he took one look at it and said "thats what you call a record....they don't make them like that anymore." Well John R.I.P.......................they don't make Influential Soul People like you anymore. !!
  12. Kev......................... What's your best price on the Deltas please. ?
  13. Anybody got a copy of Tommy Dodson - One day love - Uptown they want to sell. If so price & condition please, cash waiting. !! NOW SORTED MANY THANKS. !!

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