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  1. davidwapples

    RIP Dave Forrest - Peterborough

    Sorry to hear this sad news
  2. davidwapples

    Heir Hunters on BBC

    It was at an auction house in the north east , sold in a few lots and the auction house listed what was there
  3. davidwapples

    Heir Hunters on BBC

    The records were auctioned, there was a thread on here about it
  4. davidwapples

    Mixcloud downloader ?

    One of Pete smiths a dr bird and Ian levines latest. Offliberty wasn't working for me. There maybe another programme that would work instead
  5. davidwapples

    Mixcloud downloader ?

    I've used mixcloud-downloader.com before after off liberty stopped
  6. davidwapples

    Poll: Cd Buying in 2018

    You could scan the booklet then enlarge it on the pc screen
  7. davidwapples

    7 inch only .Your Song 4 Tops .Uk Calibre

    Is thereany differencentre between the 7 and the 12 of this? I often see the 12 for sale online but not the 7
  8. davidwapples

    The Five Stairsteps - Dont Waste Your Time

    pete smith listed one today on facebook if the above one has gone
  9. davidwapples

    Is it, time to sell up.?

    Sell the expensive ones then replace them with some cheaper ones you like, that way you still have some tunes and some money. If a record is rare on 45 but cheap on lp sell the 45 and get the album. Dare I say sell original oldies and replace with 5 quid boots from eBay so you can still hear them on vinyl. If you don't dj and just listen at home does it matter if you downgrade a few and have the cash as well
  10. davidwapples


    Just set up another account if its a problem
  11. davidwapples

    best under priced record under 20 pound

    Any on windy c won't cost more than 20 and they are all good
  12. davidwapples

    J Manship Auction Results 20/12/2017

    you can play a carver or bootleg of it now to protect the original and if anyone of the soul police object you can show them you have the original
  13. davidwapples

    Need help!!!!

    Cover the label up
  14. davidwapples

    Sides with a spoken part

    Pyramid soul bros inc
  15. davidwapples

    Top Tips for Soul Sourcers

    Advertise local djs at your event then just get your mates to play a few records often bootlegs

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