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  1. Shane martin and just brothers are not original
  2. If a mint minus is 250 then an ex should be 180 and a vg plus 125 with the record collector grading scale. 313 minus the 20 percent sale commission means the seller gets the 250 it went for on popsike etc
  3. There is a quote in one of john manships early price guide that at least 1000 copies of epitome of sound arrived in just one day. It's not that rare and for sale every week for 300 which is too much for how often it is available
  4. Tapes went to cds CDs went to CDR mp3s Cdrs went to DVDs of mp3 Then it went to flash drives and then to dropbox files People tend to make their own podcasts these days or just send a virtual playlist with YouTube or other links I have found or just live streaming on Facebook
  5. I had the charay talk about love but sold it for 230 about 10 years ago so picked up the lp Found what does it take on facebook sales for 8 quid so bought it but then sold via a dealer and I ended up with 800 Lp is still around but shouldn't be more than 30 to 40 quid
  6. Yes the reissue has the number 8n brackets on the label and lighter red colour
  7. I paid 14 for a vg+ huriah boynton last year on here and none on popsike reaching 3 figures Am I missing something?
  8. I'm looking to get a new computer that I will mainly want to use as a jukebox/media player for all my music. Most of the stuff will be on external hard drive i have recorded from my cds but may want to add a usb turntable to record some vinyl that I dont have on cd. May also use a touch screen monitor and have heard a jukebox being made from a raspberry pi system Does anyone have any recommendations of the best sort of thing to get ?or details if they have made their own setup. Thanks for any info as I'm not really sure yet how to venture on this idea
  9. Buy a big wallet that holds 200 or 300 cds or DVDs then bin all the cases
  10. If a 50 pound record from USA will cost nearer 80 pounds to the UK then it wont be a 50 pound record for long with some dealers lol
  11. Unless you are buying original acetates then you would be better buying cds with uninsured tracks and getting carvers cut
  12. Also I forgot that Scott's on swingers has been bootleged on a white demo and a red issue but it was a promo only
  13. Laura Lee was boot legged and also Rose Battise but this is poor sound quality and a lighter label I think these are the only 2

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