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  1. 11 copies on discogs, shouldn't be more than 20 to 25 delivered tops
  2. First us demo version I've seen with a small spindle hole :P
  3. Wow they are priced great. I paid 50 for Dennis Robinson when I bought my copy on it's own several years ago. I would have def bought it if I didnt have a copy Hope you sell it
  4. Try des parker on here soul inc. He has done me packs in the past. John Powney did great packs before he died.
  5. I have never seen a bootleg let alone one of the demo
  6. Parents bought a new mg with no CD player I had to transfer all music to mp3s to USB flash drive then plug that in or use an ipod. Upside is I can get thousands of tracks and cds on one drive
  7. Would you make as much selling the rare and in demand ones yourself and getting 100 percent of the money than letting the dealers pay 50 percent on the whole lot? If you list the grapevine set in one go that should geta fair bit. If you sell yourself you may not need to sell them all to get the amount you need You can replace most tracks on cd reissue 45 or mp3 cheaply or if its a v rare one or acetate get a carver cut before sale
  8. I was offered about 35/40% of the market value when I enquired about selling up a few years ago , not the book value. Dealers will take the good oldies they can flip out quickly for a bit more but low ball or refuse the lower price stuff I have found. I sold off most of my records above £50 and bought some others that were a lot cheaper. Sell the rare stuff yourself then do some small packs with the rest to shift them quickly
  9. Has this ever been released on a cd ? , i know its not available on vinyl at the moment. Thanks
  10. If its uk grading record collector mag says a very good copy is worth approx half of that of a mint copy , but on the northern soul scene usually goes for 75 % of a mint price for some daft reason like greedy dealers finding idiot wanna be dj buyers with top cash burning a hole in their wallet lol
  11. epitome of sound , moses smith , ruby andrews , ring leaders , al kent on rictic
  12. Has anyone had one of these recently , I was looking at getting one and wondered if anyone had bought one and what type of things they got , I saw the old thread about them but realize that the contents change with stock etc thanks
  13. The 2 different labels have different versions of stranger at my door , one on soul clock was listed yesterday somewhere , probably facebook i think for about £170
  14. Met him a few times locally, sorry to hear this sad news
  15. Interesting to see they value barbara mcnair uk demo at 400 and the soul scene its selling for 800 to 900. Are people just overpaying on the scene.?

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