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  1. John Powney used to do the kent cds for £8-50 delivered and the goldmone ones for a pound less but they usually go for around the 12 / 15 quid with postage , people never seem to get rid of these like other cds so it must say lots about the quality and contents as they are not about in 2nd hand record cd sections
  2. What's the betting the seller can also offer the 2nd place bidders copies as it only takes a week or 2 to get another carver done for £20 ish and anything over the postage costs and ebay fees is almost free money. No one seems to be cracking down on them and its easy for anyone with a sound file of a rare tune to get them cut
  3. Yes the full run on rictic I have i think was done from a tape collection many years ago , the golden world stuff is not too bad but I don't think there will be a full reissue of the label as the rights are complicated I read before
  4. no ric tic ,golden world or wingate cd compilations have ever been released as far as I know , there are full run bootleg compilations for rictic and several golden world and wingate cds with most of the tracks on
  5. Sell the rarest first as you may get enough money for what you need without getting rid of the lot. You could also sell any that have been boot legged or are on cd so you can get cheap copies to listen to. Dont expect to get anywhere near market value if you sell quickly in bulk, when I tried to sell some a while back I was offered as little as 30/40 percent of market value, not book value
  6. Cheaper on the lp about 300, the 45 is about 1200. Was reissued on Red vinyl recently
  7. It's a tricky question but will give it a go. People go to northern soul nights to hear records they like , the more they like the better the night is for them so they are likely to attend again and tell others so increasing the numbers to keep the event going , it doesn't matter if they hear it off a boot , reissue etc I have seen some top dj's from back in the day play from cds , Colin Curtis , Kev Roberts Brian Rea etc and the floor was full . One dj I know has a massive collection of tunes , all the greats and has played at all the large events but he includes one record in his set usually that packs the floor but it is not an original , very few people know this and even less seem to care , he said he can not get an original as its very rare £3k but has the means to get one should it come up , I only found out as I went to ask if he would play the flipside for me and saw it was on a carver. It is the only non original I have ever seen him play in 15 or so years. It seems that the ones who moan about it either want their shot at djing and can't get a booking or are people who want to keep djing themselves and dont want other people coming in stealing slots . I also think that the over pricing of records does not help , what is worse a dj playing a £10 boot of a £100 record or a dj playing the original of the £100 that he has just had to pay £250+ to a dealer for. Nobody needs to play bootlegs but nobody wants to see an empty dancefloor or have to pay a fortune for 2 and a half minutes of sound on a 7"single , is it just being lazy and not finding your own originals? People will play what they want , sometimes try to deceive others with look a likes , promoters wont mind if numbers are high and dancefloor is full. Obviously there are a few events that you wouldn't expect boots to be played at , those like the 100 club with good reputations but if its a reunion of an event from 40 years ago and people want the original djs , some may not still have the tracks played then as musical taste and situations change
  8. if you don't want the hey love side you can pick up a pressing with try my love on the other side on ebay for about 10/15 as opposed to paying a bit more for the 70s one , try searching for try my love instead of girl as sometimes they are listed as that was in demand a few years back
  9. One was listed earlier today or yesterday on Facebook.for 25 quid. Think it may have been dave pinches
  10. I got half way through this last night , will finish it later today
  11. Just depends what you are into. Several of the classic album series are worth a look Led zeppelin 4 , physical graffiti. Nivarna nevermind and inutero. Lynyrd skynyrd Steely dan aja Just depends on your taste Going to see if there is any soul Motown stuff on search tomorrow as I'm not used to it as only found out about them at the weekend .
  12. Lots of music documentaries on Amazon prime . Mainly rock but free to subscribers.
  13. 11 copies on discogs, shouldn't be more than 20 to 25 delivered tops

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