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  1. Met him a few times locally, sorry to hear this sad news
  2. Interesting to see they value barbara mcnair uk demo at 400 and the soul scene its selling for 800 to 900. Are people just overpaying on the scene.?
  3. Double page feature about UK Motown this coming issue.
  4. There was a Richard Searling interview a month or so ago with his new book out
  5. Keep the best conditioned one or sell the one you get most money for or trade whatever the person who has something you want asks for
  6. Most nights are just about the numbers through the door, the music played is second to the bar takings and entry money and the format is behind these .
  7. But old boots seem acceptable and just part of the scene back in the day to many
  8. if the bootlegs dry up then the wanna be djs will just switch to carvers or acetates albeit they are more expensive but still a lot cheaper than originals
  9. Also des Parker soulinc on here has done me a small pack in the past that was good value. Sorry forgot about thid
  10. Roger banks listed 2 types on here last week, I was interested but got to save up first.
  11. I think that the original is the blue label and very rare 3500/4 thousand pounds, I think this was one of the ones that was pressed done for family and friends on a orange / red label a few years ago and not meant for sale
  12. I'm ovo most of the time, recently a top name dj played a tune on an acetate carver thing at an ovo event. I only knew as it had a small hole and the 45 original was only us release. I was the only one who picked up on this not anyone on the dance floor cared and it was rammed. The dj had records worth thousands of pounds and in his sets the cost would have been over 20 thousand pounds to buy them As for youngsters playing bootlegs to dj at small pub events etc the only thing worse than a young dj playing a bootleg of a 100 pound tune is the same dj playing an original of the record a dealer has charged him 250 for Big name djs deceiving people living off their reputation from years ago are just taking the piss and trying to hang on to something they don't have
  13. Ex is not used in the USA for grading but is usually used in the UK for items that have been played a few times and are not quiet mint. Don't get me started on vg+ it seems its anything that plays through ok but looks knackered to vg which seems to be ok to have snap crackle and pop in it which would probably only be good in actual collecting grading but no one wants to take 25 percent of the value when they can aim for 50 upwards

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