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  1. Unless you are buying original acetates then you would be better buying cds with uninsured tracks and getting carvers cut
  2. Also I forgot that Scott's on swingers has been bootleged on a white demo and a red issue but it was a promo only
  3. Laura Lee was boot legged and also Rose Battise but this is poor sound quality and a lighter label I think these are the only 2
  4. Of course lol that's why I cant a new rolex
  5. I was given a second hand fake Rolex when my watch broke by a friend as I needed a watch . It kept going for 27 years lol Bootlegs are all over the scene, I'm sure most of us could cut carvers from rare tracks we all have on acetate cd vinyl mp3 etc and mate a good deal of money but we choose not to. While people get away playing these out at events it wont change. People listening to them at home are not the problem as they could watch on YouTube etc
  6. Away from the soul scene Norman Cook aka fatboy slim has the world record for aliases used for recording artists https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatboy_Slim#Aliases
  7. Record collector stated that an unplayed record that had been dinked should only be treated as vg plus and worth 50 percent of a mint non dunked one. Doubt this applies to northern soul though
  8. Ring your home number every now and again to show you are making calls. If you dont answer it then you wont be charged but it keeps your sim active
  9. Technically the 100 club would be the first uk release so would be ok by me

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