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  1. the 12' on gk productions! not the j&j one
  2. Gregory Jolly: What 'em doing is my business/ I want to clap my hands... 12' on gk productions please pm with price and condition
  3. Please PM with price and condition
  4. wanted: Joseph ‎– Three O'Clock In The Morning/ i want to see you on Project 3 Total Sound
  5. gregory jolly what em doing is my business/ I Want To Clap My Hand For The Power 12' on gk productions
  6. wanted curtis mayfield rca custom demo talk about my baby / you must believe me/ minstrel and queen /romancing to the folk 826C- 3890 A3K B-3890 thanks
  7. anyone????
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  8. wanted: 12' Gregory Jolly- What' Em Doing Is My Business / i want to clap my hand for the power - GK Productions please pm me with price and condition
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  9. looking for a copy (at least vg+) please pm me with price and condition
  10. George Scott Find Someone To love on Maple original
  11. Pete Brandt's Method ‎– What You Are on fried egg records
  12. wanted Udell won't you try 12' ( tom'n jerry records)
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  13. kolahyah: leo (kino records) wanted clean copy please
  14. marva whitney: givin up on love/this is my quest on t-neck wanted! clean copy please
  15. wanted bobby lee fears exodus clean copy
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