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    Open the door to your Heart -Darrell Banks
  1. Thanks Roburt makes sense re the 33 1/3 in Brazil, no one here as really been able to answer correctly, though money was always muted as the reason. But unlike the rest of S America not a great deal was released here during the 60’s. Number of reasons, Brazil has and had a massive music industry of it’s own Samba/Pagode/Sertaneja etc etc., plus it’s own “soul” stars like Tim Maia who recorded for Stax. Soul was always a niche though. This was compacted as only 2 radio stations played regular international music at that time Liberdade and Diffusora, so there was very little exposure. Party cities -just about every city imho played a mix but less than 10% was imported ( source my wife who’s Brazilian and was clubbing late 60’s/70’s). Biggest club sound in 68 here-Wooly Bully ! Even Motown never cracked Brazil, they had 5 different distributors during this time Fermata, Rozenblit, Mocambo, Ebrau & Toptape and sold sod all hence the frequent changes and only started releasing under it’s own steam in the mid 70’s. By then things were changing and the military government was relaxing hence the explosion of stuff from then onwards. In the meantime I shall continue looking for Chubby Checker YJDK
  2. Just to piss off all the anoraks, it got two Brazilian releases! Scan courtesy of Richie Conn, thanks mate
  3. Me too and as there are no complete lists anywhere of Brazilian releases it makes diggin fun because know what you might find!
  4. Title different as well
  5. Found it yesterday in south Brazil in M- condition, flip is Spanish Harlem. Never seen one as a single before, came out in Argentina on Microfon , but this is something else. And yes I have it and have sold it.
  6. Found this earlier today, seen some on Argentian before, but this has got to be super rare, Brazilian Shout label is rare, never mind Freddie Scott. Awaiting for the deluge of imb !!
  7. shelly

    Brazil Torch Stomper

    Argentinian has been posted a few times , never seen one from Brazil before 33 1/3 like most in Brazil
  8. shelly

    Brazil Torch Stomper

    Found today in Brazil A first me thinks!!!
  9. Original big E White Levi jacket No side pockets or any shit like that , bought in 68 and wore at both the Wheel and the Torch! super rate and in great condition for a 50 year old jacket! Size, fits a 40” chest Very rare £70 plus £5 p&p paypal friends and family pm if interested
  10. Mod and Northern books for sale, 5 in total. Stuart Cosgrove -Detroit 67 and Memphis 68 Two excellent books from Stuart, Detroit paperback, Memphis hardback. Sit Down! Listen to this - Bill Sykes biography of legendary Roger Eagle from the Wheel to Erics a must read Sawdust Ceasar -Howard Baker , life and crimes of mods back in the day Last, Tony Ellis’s piss take of Northern( a must for you Steve Proudlove) How to do Northern Properly £40 plus £6 p&p for all If you want to cherry pick, pm me lol
  11. shelly

    Black Power books

    SOLD Four books from back in the day when black leather jackets, berets and sunglasses were the norm If you think that this isn’t relevant, look at the cover photo below of Stuart Cosgrove’s about to be oublished book below!! Black Power books for sale Eldridge Cleaver -Soul on Ice Angela Davis-If they come in the morning; she was America’s public enemy number 1 in 1969 wanted for Interstate Flight, Murder and Kidnapping-cool bird!! Iconic pic added George Jackson - Soledad Brother ; if you don’t know what Soledad was, you weren’t into the scene! George Jackson-Blood in my Eye, published just before he was murdered in a prison riot/escape. £20 for the lot, plus £3 p&p , paypal friends and family please pm me
  12. shelly

    Price required

    Any ideas of price, condition VG++, Fermata sleeve Nice Brazilian issue, not common.
  13. shelly


  14. shelly

    Which Northern Track You Dislike The Most

    Suzy Seranade absolute dog shit
  15. shelly


    Innocent Bystanders - Frantic Escape, mega Torch sound and f**king awesome Shelly


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