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  1. Billy Keene – Wishing and hoping – Vault – Issue - £175
  2. Casuleers - Dance, Dance, Dance (Roulette demo) £200 + p&p
  3. Jonhnny Robinson - Gone but not forgotten (Okeh demo) £250.00 + p&p Puffs - I only cry once a day now (Dore demo) £300 + p&p Shane Martin - I need you (Epic Demo) £150 + p&p Evil - Posse £100 (Janus) + p&p
  4. Maurice Williams - Being without you (Deesu-nashville matrix stamp) £350 + P&P
  5. Hi, I’ve got a nice copy. Was looking for £250 if you’re interested I can send you scans. all the besr Andy
  6. Got a demo version, if you're interested?
  7. The Voices of East Harlem Cashing In - Just Sunshine EX £ 90 + p&p
  8. THE PUFFS I Only Cry Once A Day Now DORE DEMO £400
  9. Gone but not forgotten- Johnny Robinson (Okeh Demo) £250
  10. Youngblood Smith - You can split (Verve Demo) £250 + P&P SOLD Two people - Stop, leave my heart alone (Revue) £250 + P&P Scans available on request.
  11. Hi, I've got a copy I'm willing to sell. Can send you a scan if you give me your email. Looking for £75.
  12. After a copy of Furys - I'm satisfied with you on original Keymen if anyone can help?
  13. After an original Columbia copy if anyone can help? Thanks Andy

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