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  1. jimmy clitheroe

    Robert Thomas 'Salvation'

    Les Hare at Kingbee Records has one on his web site
  2. jimmy clitheroe

    Lovations "Heaven Told Me So" / "la la la ooh

    Think there is one on discogs at £150
  3. jimmy clitheroe

    Sugarcube sc-1 anyone tried one ?

    Don’t try and sell Records saying “ plays mint on my deck” though
  4. jimmy clitheroe

    Sugarcube sc-1 anyone tried one ?

    Yes very expensive mike , hopefully they will come down in price.. might dip my toes in
  5. jimmy clitheroe

    What interesting vinyl do you have ?

    Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd , first Pressing from 1973 with solid blue triangle + posters
  6. jimmy clitheroe

    Poll: Version Battle - I Have Faith in You

    Doni for me too
  7. jimmy clitheroe

    Excellent grade used in sales

    I agree The Uk Record Collector Guide should adopt the Americans Grading system . It would make it less confusing ie Vg++ = Ex
  8. jimmy clitheroe

    Best live performance

    Sam Dees at Morecambe Weekender(Southport) and Tashaan singing Romantically inspired on the Dance floor at Cala Gran ,Brilliant
  9. jimmy clitheroe

    Talking pies- your best

    They could be made in a sewer and I’d still eat them
  10. jimmy clitheroe

    Talking pies- your best

    Stanforths in Skipton - Best Pork Pies On The Planet
  11. https://store.universalmusic.com/motownclassic/*/*/The-Motown-7-s-Vinyl-Volume-3/58F80000000 picked this up off universal the other day , it’s in the sale at £26.99
  12. jimmy clitheroe

    Herb Reed....... Charles Johnson

    What a voice
  13. jimmy clitheroe

    Liverpool are 2nd in EPL....how did that happen?

    Deffo Steve
  14. jimmy clitheroe

    London soul nights in the 80s

    Remember going to some great nights at Dingwalls Camden in the late 80’s
  15. jimmy clitheroe

    John St John - you can't mean it

    Great Tune Is the flip side “One in a Million” same as Maxine Brown
  16. jimmy clitheroe

    Gene Townsel 45

    This has just been listed on Discogs £2000wowser!!
  17. jimmy clitheroe

    recently brought technics 1210 turntable

    I fancy one of these turntables, Shinola made in Detroit usa..
  18. jimmy clitheroe

    recently brought technics 1210 turntable

    Sky’s the limit on what you could spend on a decent deck..This one is a snip at £43,800
  19. jimmy clitheroe

    Christmas Holidays

    Yep , same where we are Steve, if fact some sad F@#ks dump at the front gates on either Christmas Day or Boxing Day. One guy came down on the 27th December with 7 foot Xmas tree with all its lights, trimmings everthing , Not a happy bunny. iam off at the moment, don’t envy any of the lads who are at the yards over Christmas..MadnessATB Paul
  20. jimmy clitheroe

    Christmas Holidays

    Busy time of year for waste Steve..It’s like hells gates have opened on the 27th December where I work (suez)
  21. jimmy clitheroe

    Gene Townsel 45

    Yes read it myself.. Discogs are supposed to be getting rid of Bootlegs etc.. especially at that eye watering Price
  22. jimmy clitheroe

    Local car boot find

    Found this a few years back, only Vg but I like it


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