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  1. https://djmag.com/news/turntable-shaped-device-allows-you-press-vinyl-home?fbclid=IwAR0VHtjOwSwwUQ4pDJ0mepBdTCLKXbcl3RIH39GCXFqKxvW6bEebGqqpn7I
  2. Benzedrine where the main tablets used according to the tv program .. Made them aggressive apparently
  3. Can you Think of any vampire related tunes for the sound tracks Rod?
  4. That could be any hotel room anywhere , probably in Blackpool or some other seaside shithole
  5. Always liked it along with Burning Bush / Wakefield Sun Etc
  6. Les Hare at Kingbee Records has one on his web site
  7. Don’t try and sell Records saying “ plays mint on my deck” though
  8. Yes very expensive mike , hopefully they will come down in price.. might dip my toes in

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