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  1. Talking pies- your best

    They could be made in a sewer and I’d still eat them
  2. Talking pies- your best

    Stanforths in Skipton - Best Pork Pies On The Planet 😋
  3. https://store.universalmusic.com/motownclassic/*/*/The-Motown-7-s-Vinyl-Volume-3/58F80000000 picked this up off universal the other day , it’s in the sale at £26.99
  4. Herb Reed....... Charles Johnson

    What a voice 👍
  5. Liverpool are 2nd in EPL....how did that happen?

    Deffo Steve 👍
  6. London soul nights in the 80s

    Remember going to some great nights at Dingwalls Camden in the late 80’s👍
  7. John St John - you can't mean it

    Great Tune 👍Is the flip side “One in a Million” same as Maxine Brown
  8. recently brought technics 1210 turntable

    I fancy one of these turntables, Shinola made in Detroit usa..❤️
  9. recently brought technics 1210 turntable

    Sky’s the limit on what you could spend on a decent deck..This one is a snip at £43,800😱
  10. Christmas Holidays

    Yep , same where we are Steve, if fact some sad F@#ks dump at the front gates on either Christmas Day or Boxing Day. One guy came down on the 27th December with 7 foot Xmas tree with all its lights, trimmings everthing , Not a happy bunny.🤣 iam off at the mo...
  11. Christmas Holidays

    Busy time of year for waste Steve..It’s like hells gates have opened on the 27th December where I work (suez)
  12. Gene Townsel 45

    Yes read it myself.. Discogs are supposed to be getting rid of Bootlegs etc.. especially at that eye watering Price 😱
  13. Gene Townsel 45

    This has just been listed on Discogs £2000🤪wowser!!
  14. Local car boot find

    Found this a few years back, only Vg but I like it 🤩
  15. J Manship Auction Results 25/10/2017

    What’s all that Bull shite about record players with straight arms are crap?? I have a linn deck which has a straight linn arm? Don’t get that at all. There’s loads of top end hi-fi decks with straight arms and a Technics 1200 fitted with a Orfoton cartridge ...

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