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  1. https://djmag.com/news/turntable-shaped-device-allows-you-press-vinyl-home?fbclid=IwAR0VHtjOwSwwUQ4pDJ0mepBdTCLKXbcl3RIH39GCXFqKxvW6bEebGqqpn7I
  2. Can you Think of any vampire related tunes for the sound tracks Rod?
  3. That could be any hotel room anywhere , probably in Blackpool or some other seaside shithole
  4. Always liked it along with Burning Bush / Wakefield Sun Etc
  5. Les Hare at Kingbee Records has one on his web site
  6. Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd , first Pressing from 1973 with solid blue triangle + posters
  7. I agree The Uk Record Collector Guide should adopt the Americans Grading system . It would make it less confusing ie Vg++ = Ex
  8. Sam Dees at Morecambe Weekender(Southport) and Tashaan singing Romantically inspired on the Dance floor at Cala Gran ,Brilliant
  9. https://store.universalmusic.com/motownclassic/*/*/The-Motown-7-s-Vinyl-Volume-3/58F80000000 picked this up off universal the other day , it’s in the sale at £26.99

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