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  1. Hey Pablo. Just pay on the door, as usual. Sian
  2. It looks like we will be out of lockdown and able to have allniters again by this date, so we are adding an extra one to our usual dates.
  3. Two roomed allniter 8pm - 6am in Rugby
  4. Two roomed allniter 8pm - 6am in Rugby
  5. Two roomed allniter 8pm - 6am in Rugby
  6. Two roomed allniter 8pm - 6am in Rugby
  7. Two roomed allniter 8pm - 6am in Rugby
  8. Two roomed allniter 8pm - 6am in Rugby
  9. Two roomed allniter 8pm - 6am in Rugby
  10. A great big thank you to all who came to help us celebrate our 17th birthday. A rough old night, weather wise but it didn't dampen the enthusiasm of those who were able to join us. It's hard trying to be fresh with the thank yous after so many years but the gratitude will always be as strong. So much goes on behind the scenes but I won't bore you with that. I'd just like to mention Adam Topping, Kevin Morris and Andy Newman who were absolute stars xx Our DJs, who kept us entertained... Kenneth Aitchison, Dave Rimmer, Phil Shields, Mark Johnson, Amanda Cottrell, Chic Mullineux, N
  11. Quick change (artist) on the line up. Carl Fortnum has come down with a chest infection and won't be able to make it. I know he's gutted as he loves Rugby. We are very lucky that Trill (Andrew Skelson) was flying over anyway and we've talked him into bringing his records and filling in for Carl. Thanks Trill
  12. Thanks for your support as ever Ow31
  13. Sorry for the slow review and thanks...someone has shared their bad chest with me and I've been in bed since Sunday So, down to business. Thank you Cheryl Saunders for wanting to have your 60th in our Freestyle room and Mick Spencer for agreeing to come on board, lend equipment, help promote and be an all round professional on the night. The room was just as we expected; filled with happy, dancy people and I noticed a good amount of swap over people from both rooms. Just as we'd hoped. We'd kept the main room to mostly 60s as the smaller room was covering the modern side but
  14. That's made my day

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