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  1. Rugby Soul Club - 15th Anniversary Allniter

    We fought having to do this but from next year we will be putting up our door tax by £1. The council are having a laugh at what they charge us and we just about break even, even though the numbers in are good. The higher numbers also mean we have to put on another door person. I know we love doing this but I'm sure no one would expect us to do this for nothing. We hope you will support us in this move we are forced to make.
  2. Rugby 10th Nov 2017

    Wayne Napier-Gibbins Main room 10.10 - 11.20pm Ray Agee, I’m losing again Wayne Champion, don’t panic baby The Cairos, stop overlooking me Ishola Mohammed, open up your heart Eula Cooper, let our love grow higher Ellipsis, people Boco, run...
  3. Rugby 10th Nov 2017

    Ethan Howarth Main room - 9:10PM - 10:10PM Gary Sol’e - Holding On - Knight Bobby Hill - To The Bitter End - LoLo General Assembly - Sensitive Mind - Desiree’ Youngblood Smith - You Can Split - Verve Milton Wright & The Terra Sherma String...
  4. Rugby 10th Nov 2017

    Tom Page - Main Room - 3:50 'til 4:50 Patti & The Emblems - I'm Gonna Love You A Long, Long Time - Kapp Rita Dacosta - Don't Bring Me Down - Mohawk Marie Knight - That's No Way To Treat A Girl - Musicor The Constellations - I Don't Know About You...
  5. Rugby Soul Club - Allniter

    Don't you just love it when you are so wrong We'd realised with so much on that we'd be down on numbers. Boy did you prove us wrong but what a buzz as they just kept coming and coming. So, the thank yous... Top man tonight and worth his weight in gold Adam Topping. In at 6pm to set up, a job which takes us normally 40 mins max. 7.55pm and he'd sorted what the night before had trashed. xx Our DJ role, who are happy to be as flexible as we need and still spoil our dancers. Kenneth Aitchison, Dave Rimmer, Phil Shields, Adam, Matt Blackmore, Nerrad Nikad, Chris Davies, Ethan Brent James, Ted Massey, Dian Susanna May, John May, Wayne Napier-Gibbins, Tom Philly Groove, Mick Welsh and Lou Wood. The dancers, record dealers and the whole caboodle which together give us such great nights & memories to treasure xx I'd best add a thank you to Carole Matthews, who not only drove down from Durham to Rugby, stopping off at Leeds to pick up my baby girl. She then proceeded to sort of help me on the door but best of all, provided me with lots of laughs along the way. xx Not a bad night at all considering our house full of 6 people waiting to get ready, had no electricity until 2.30 that afternoon
  6. Rugby Soul Club - Allniter

    Omg, what a morning. Just got electric, so all 6 of us can shower Anyway, back to business... David Raistrick has managed to pick up some bug en route back to the UK with treates for our record bar and will not be able to make it tonight We thought the easiest route at this late hour was to give other DJs an extra 10 minutes. Also, Calvin Lee Hughes is poorly but luckily Ethan Brent James is already here, so will fill his spot. Deep breath :-D MAIN ROOM 8 – 9.10 Phil Shields 9.10 – 10.10 Ethan 10.10 – 11.20 Wayne Napier-Gibbins 11.20 – 12.30 Ted Massey 12.30 – 1.30 Dave Rimmer 1.30 – 2.40 Adam 2.40 – 3.50 Dazz Dakin 3.50 – 4.50 Tom Page 4.50 – 5.52 Ken Aitchison 5.52 – 6 Dave Rimmer FREESTYLE ROOM 8 – 9 Chris Louca 9 – 10 Dian & John 10 – 11 Chris Davies 11 – 12 Adam 12 – 1 Mick Welsh 1 – 2 Ted Massey 2 – 3 Matt Blackmore 3 – 4 Lou Wood 4 – 5 Chris Davies
  7. Rugby Soul Club - Allniter

    DJ times
  8. DBSC Presents DJ Piggy, Cressy & Gaz Shooter

    Thanks for your continued support
  9. Rugby Soul Club - Allniter

    I'm a bit lost on here now and wasn't sure where to make a post on future dates, so I thought on here was prob as good as anywhere. We only have one allniter left this year - Sat 11th Nov. The dates for 2018 are: Sat 10th Feb - 15th Anniversary Sat 14th April Sat 16th June Sat 8th Sept Sat 10th Nov. These dates are so no one buys a ticket for anywhere else without realising the clashes :-D Oh yes and for promoters who have asked
  10. Rugby All Nighter Sept 9th 2017

    Tom Page - double decking in the Main Room... Early on 9 'til 10: The Continental 4 - The Way I Love You - Jay Walking Linda Jones & Whatnauts - I'm So Glad I Found You - Stang Bunny Sigler - Sunny Sunday - Cameo Parkway Coasters - L...
  11. Rugby All Nighter Sept 9th 2017

    Trill - Main Room... Playlist in roughly the right order! King Tutt - You've got me hung up. The Dells - Don't want nobody. Razz ma tazz - On the disco floor Gillespie and Co - Sunshine people Coke Escovado - I wouldn't change a thing. Kings...
  12. Rugby All Nighter Sept 9th 2017

    Dazz Holt - Freestyle Room... Harold Jackson Freedom Riders Edsel Carl Underwood Ain't you lying Merging West Coast Distributors Girl (I love you) Jam Cha Rocks Keep my woman home White Cliffs Soul Blenders Love built on a strong Vanessa Bobby Kl...
  13. Rugby Soul Club - Allniter

    Anyway folks, as Dave Rimmer isn't able to attend this time, we have decided that his last 3 tunes shouldn't be played as a mark of respect. So, when Ethan & Tom play their last tune and the lights go on, we hope you will fill the floor as per normal and give them your support
  14. Rugby Soul Club - Allniter

    Sorry it's taken a while but I'd decided to be rubbish for a few weeks. We've had a juggle with the DJ line up and below are the new play times...we hope you likey lots
  15. Rob Smith, Chris Sikora & Gaz Shooter at D B S C Notts

    Thanks for posting the discount