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  1. Happy birthday my lovely friend. I still think a chinese at ours would have been a great way to celebrate
  2. Thanks Chalky, I was starting to think my posts were invisible
  3. Thanks Ow31. Always appreciated your support. Have a great night.
  4. Also, how many were pressed as we have two in just this house. Maybe it's just because we were at the same venues when it was sold.
  5. Just came across one of these in a box to sell. Any idea of the worth now-a-days please? Not on Discogs
  6. Right, here goes and before I retire to recovery mode I'd like to just put "thanks" but that seems too little a word to express our gratitude at those who chose to join us on Saturday. Us door ladies had to rethink our summer attire, so armed with thermals and blankets we were ready for the first arrivals at 7 (yes, we open at 8 but we secretly love them). We were kept healthily busy until, at around 10pm, when I managed to grab a quick boogie. Sat on the door, we had no idea how hot it was in both rooms. Who needs heating when the dancers keep it hot. So many of our loyal regulars joined us and a lot of first timers, who were giving us a try. I hope we were all you expected and more. What seemed like no time at all, the main doors closed and we defrosted. I think as the night went on, the clock went faster because the night was ending and I couldn't help wondering where it went I love running this allniter. I love that we've shaped it into what we wanted and love even more, that so many enjoy what we offer. I do joke that we put on a nite we'd enjoy attending and then have to work. A big summer break now until 14th Sept. So, last but not least, roll call of the wheels who kept us rolling... Kenneth Aitchison, Dave Rimmer and Phil Shields (our residents). Adam Topping, Dave David Abbott, Roger Banks, Pat Bleasdale, Dazz Dakin Nerrad Nikad , Chris Davies, Denise & Kevin Draper, Tom Page Dontee Romark, John Purist, Dean Read, Soul Sam, Dr Pickles Chris Stanley and "young" Michael Taylor (our guest djs). Idell Kamili and Georgia Dixon (our door ladies) and the dancers, record dealers, talkers and anyone I've missed out who make us what we are xx
  7. Nothing to do with us BTW
  8. DJ times
  9. So, our little girl April Menesse is all grown up. Thank you to all who came to help her celebrate her 21st and make her feel special. I've got to admit that the build up to this night has had me a little emotional and just to prove it to myself, I gave myself a stye the night before. I love anti alergy pills I've been receiving so much encouragement and support in the run up, that I new we could do this in style. I want to thank each and everyone of you for being part of last night. Unfortunately, I can't name everyone. So, just a few of the cogs which keep us turning. My door helpers, Idell Kamili and Georgia Dixon. Our sound engineer - Adam Topping. Our amazing DJs - Kenneth Aitchison, Dave Rimmer, Phil Shields, Nicola Anderson, Catriona Jakeman, Simon Cottrell, Mattie Holme, Ethan & Brent Howarth, Eddie Hubbard, Billy Maguire, Dontee Romark, David Raistrick, Soul Sam, Pete Shirley, Rob Smith, Tim Fletcher, John Weston and Jordan Wilson. To the people who danced, chatted and laughed and made the night so memorable. I didn't want the night to end. I didn't want the clapping to stop but I hope we did you proud Winston Heath. xx
  10. DJ times
  11. Well, you wanted to get in quickly and party on Saturday, that was for sure First person in at 6.45 (yes, we open at 8pm) and nearly 200 in by 9pm. Idell was an absolute star...arriving at 7pm and jumping into action. I've trained her well I even put the doorstaff to work doing wristbands. I think the first time we sat down and breathed was 10pm but what an amazing buzz. Thank you everyone for helping us celebrate our 16th birthday. I know everyone plays a part as none of it would work without the other but I do need to mention the DJs... Thank you Kenneth Aitchison, Dave Rimmer, Phil Shields, Adam Buchanan, Nerrad Nikad Caroline Dann, Tom Hunt, Illya Hudsson, Shane Kent, Dick Kropniewski, Carl Fortnum, Ian James, Alan Jenkins, Wayne Napier-Gibbins, Les Norman, Tom Philly Groove, Mark Randle. I have spotted a few playlists which I will post on here all together but if anyone wants to pm them me, please feel free. I'd love to mention by name all the people who made this night so special but I'd have to list you all xx I had a little nap this afternoon and upon waking, the realisation that after all the build up, puff and it's over So, that leads me to the important part...when can we do it again? Sat 13th April is only 62 sleeps away. This time the Freestyle Room will be hosting a 70s/crossover/modern room and we also will be helping our own Rugby girl April Menesse to celebrate her 21st. We hope you will all be up for joining us
  12. Oh poo, no Swinton reply

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