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  1. Rugby Soul Club

    Driving Beat Soul Club Notts 18th anniversary

    Thanks OW31, your continuing support is always appreciated
  2. Rugby Soul Club

    Rugby Soul Club

    Some comments I read, I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. We just have to believe in what we do and hope the people who attend believe in it too
  3. Rugby Soul Club

    Rugby Soul Club

    Well, that's 15 years under our belts. It's amazing that you've supported us and kept us going. It's also hard to keep the lookback fresh but it would be bang out of order not to thank all those who've played a part. So, to Kenneth Aitchison, Dave Rimmer, Phil Shields, Mark Johnson, Adrian Cope, Nerrad Nikad, Kevin Higham, Ted Massey, Djbobmdm Bob Morris, Tom Philly Groove, Swifty, Terence Tezz O'Hara, Andrew Skelson & Mark White, we thank you for keeping us entertained and on the floor. To the dancers, travellers, record sellers and our helpers on the night, thank you. A break now until 9th Feb and our 16th anniversary
  4. Rugby Soul Club

    Rugby Soul Club

    Well, that statement says more about you than the DJ. We have 2 rooms running for a total of 18 hours and we truly try and dish up soul of every genre to keep everyone happy. You didn't like one hour of music. There was another room and we do compliment the djs to offer a different sound in either room at the same time. You could easily have gone in there. Instead you feel the need to ridicule a DJs choices and slate him personally. So, the people who looked forward to his set and enjoyed it aren't important to you, just as long as everything played is to your liking. Maybe "welovesoul" is not your best choice of name?
  5. Rugby Soul Club

    Rugby Soul Club

    DJ times
  6. Rugby Soul Club

    Rugby Soul Club

    I have had one of the best weekends in a long time (yes, it's all about me) A year ago my health was such that I considered whether I could go on but last night proved to me that I still love seeing the smiley, happy people who come to help us party. Obviously I missed those who's health stopped them joining us but I know they'll be back So, thank you Phil Shields, Paul Collinson, Mick Welsh, David Abbott, Ethan Brent James, Dave Rimmer, Sean Chapman, Tony Clarke, Dazz Holt, Kenneth Aitchison, Jo March, Tom Philly Groove, Derek Smiley & Andy Newman for providing one hell of a mixed bag of music to keep everyone happy. I'm always blown away by the distances people travel and the lovely surprises of people turning up who I haven't seen for many years. Spinny boy Liam Quinn, sorry my poor eyesight took me a while to recognise you. My amazing door staff... Idell Kamili, Georgia Dixon, Tom Philly Groove, Kenneth Aitchison & Michael Tamblin. I'd be lost without you and would never balance YOU, the dancers, record sellers, entertainment providers, without whom, we'd be nothing, I salute you all. Now, to bed BTW... 61 sleeps.
  7. Rugby Soul Club

    DBSC - Sam Moore, David Dee & Alex Gallagher @ Cotgrave

    Thanks for your support, yet again
  8. Rugby Soul Club

    Rugby Soul Club

    As a few of you other promoters know, putting on a niter is so easy & it all, as if by magic, just falls into place So, in the run up to Rugby, we thought everything was in place. At 6.30pm the person who supplies our door staff phoned to ask if it was our do tonight. As he's a very old friend, I thought it was a wind up. No door staff = no niter He'd been taken into hospital and our door staff hadn't been booked. Our eldest, who has a door licence, had been drinking. We manged to get one by opening at 8pm and called in some favours to cover our arses. No stress whatsoever I know it's an old cliche when people say all the djs were great but imo (and obviously it's all about me) they all ticked my box. I left the door to dance because I couldn't do it in the foyer without people coming in wanting to pay So at this point, our thanks go out to the DJs - Kenneth Aitchison, Dave Rimmer, Phil Shields, David Abbott, Adam Topping, Pat Bleasdale, Steve Cato, Chris Davies, Denise Draper, Kevin Draper, Ian James, Les Norman, Tom Philly Groove, Dean Read, Soul Sam, Chris Stanley & John Weston. Then, another thank you to the people who chose us. It is appreciated. It's not always easy to have the fun you want to. Families, finances & so much more, get in the way. Oh and an apology to the Freestyle Room attendees & Adam Topping. I forgot to open the windows in there I was also 2 fans down, which will be sorted for next time, when it's cold For those of you who ventured into the Freestyle Room and never made it to Move On, you now know what a little gem of a club that was. I have one big complaint...why did it go so quickly? I know it's supposed to be a sign of a good night but I want to start all over again. It's our long summer break now, so we'll see you all again on 8th Sept. And for those who love this...it's 82 sleeps
  9. Rugby Soul Club

    Rugby Soul Club

    Updated DJ running times MAIN ROOM 8 - 9 Phil 9 - 10 Steve Cato 10 - 11 Kev & Denise Draper 11 - 12 Les Norman 12 - 1 Ken 1 - 2 Ian James 2 - 3 Soul Sam 3 - 4 Tom Page 4 - 5 John Weston 5 - 6 Dave Rimmer FREESTYLE ROOM 9.00 - 9.50 Adam Topping 9.50 - 10.20 Pat Bleasdale 10.20 - 10.50 Chris Davies 10.50 - 11.20 Dean Read 11.20 - 11.50 Dave Abbott 11.50 - 12.20 Dr Pickles 12.20 - 1.10 Pat Bleasdale 1.10 - 2.00 Chris Davies 2.00 - 2.50 Dean Read 2.50 - 3.40 Dave Abbott 3.40 - 4.30 Dr Pickles 4.30 - 5.00 Adam Topping
  10. Rugby Soul Club

    Rugby Soul Club

  11. Rugby Soul Club

    Rugby Soul Club

    Oops, just realised that I hadn't posted up the dj line up. All done now
  12. Rugby Soul Club

    The death of large Hall commercial oldies nighters

    For me the worst niter is one where it sounds like the same record is being played all night. I love that the scene has a very wide umbrella of different genres and tempos and to hear it all mixed up and served in one room is interesting, vibrant and never stale. But then we are all different.
  13. Rugby Soul Club


    Would be great if you could finally get over. Please say hi if you do. Sian
  14. Rugby Soul Club


    Now it makes sense. I had this message on Facebook... hi mate youve made a comment on soul source SUNDAY SOUL STATION april 29th about doing a spot sorry mate youve not been booked i know it says open decks but they have to be arranged regards addi As I don't DJ, I wasn't sure if it was a laugh, or they just wanted a bit of publicity. I am not Trigger on here
  15. Rugby Soul Club

    Rugby Soul Club

    We're not much into charity things at allniters as we think it's a bit tacky but we will have a collection bucket on the door at Rugby (behind where you pay to come in). It is to go to the family of Lee Vowles. We weren't sure what to do to help and this just seemed the right thing to do. We won't be making a biggy of it, or shaking it in people's faces but if you do want to give, you know where it is.


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