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    Northern soul, Old skool Funk and disco, Old skool House and Garage.
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    The Younghearts - A Little togetherness (Still makes me tingle)
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  1. Big In Japan

    Sorry just thought I'd post it
  2. Leeds Central Soul Club October Alldayer

    Only 2 sleeps
  3. Big In Japan

    Interesting article about the surge of Northern Soul in the clubs of Japan. http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/asia/japan-northern-soul-music-kobe-club-night-nude-restaurant-o-jays-never-forget-you-gonna-be-a-big-a7990431.html
  4. Leeds Central Soul Club October Alldayer

    One week to go!!
  5. Al De Lory - Right On - German Capitol

    I paid a little more, but to me, well worth it and I am happy also
  6. Bunny Sigler R I P

    R.I.P to a legend http://www.philly.com/philly/news/pennsylvania/philadelphia/philadelphia-music-legend-bunny-sigler-dead-at-76-20171006.html
  7. Al De Lory - Right On - German Capitol

    Any idea of value on German please?
  8. Al De Lory - Right On - German Capitol

    Excellent Thanks for that. The seller didn't have facilities to send images so needed to know what it looks like
  9. Leeds Central Soul Club October Alldayer

    Only 2 weeks to this legendary event, marking the return of DJ Swish
  10. Al De Lory - Right On - German Capitol

    Help please.Has anyone got a copy of Al De Lory - Right On, on German Capitol, (1C 006-80 996 U)and could they please put a photo of it up so I can see what it looks like? Thank you
  11. Velvelettes Demo label differences?

    I don't have the bottom one 45celler, so I can't say
  12. Velvelettes Demo label differences?

    Great thanks RobbK, Just bought the top one, according to Manship it's the rarest of the 2. Never seen that label layout before.
  13. Velvelettes Demo label differences?

    OK think I found out thanks. The one with the 'Soul' down the side is the West coast Demo.
  14. Paloma Faith

    Just like the backing track and the lyrics, so the full song really. Strokes for folks I s'pose
  15. Velvelettes Demo label differences?

    Does anyone know why there are 2 label designs for the Velvelettes - These things...... Thank you