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    Northern soul, Old skool Funk and disco, Old skool House and Garage.
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    The Younghearts - A Little togetherness (Still makes me tingle)
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  1. Paloma Faith

    Thanks Mike
  2. Got a tip off from someone that had one for sale. Cost maybe more than I wanted to pay, but just wanted it so? £75 Mint- Copy
  3. Paloma Faith

    Paloma Faith - Cry Baby, What are your thoughts? I love it.
  4. Not heard that? Is there a sound clip anywhere?
  5. Gerry & Paul and the Soul Emissaries. Cat walk.

    LOL, good answer
  6. supremes stoned love (long version)

    Played the long version at Brighouse last Friday and 3 people asked me what version it was LOL, of course I told them it was an exclusive :-)
  7. Gerry & Paul and the Soul Emissaries. Cat walk.

    This is deffo the side that was played at the Torch, one of my all time faves and never gets played anymore more's the pity
  8. So where are all these records being found?

    I know for a fact that it's down to people selling up and moving on so to speak. I speak to top dealers on a regular basis and many say they are not short of offers for them to buy collections. Wondering if it's the 1980s scenario when many collectors and clu...
  9. Well Bloody Hell, I've only been and gone and found a demo copy of Bill YESSSSS!!! Been after it for ages, and that BUZZ when you find one you've been looking for, OOOEEEE!! Mint- Condition. Very Pleased.
  10. supremes stoned love (long version)

    Just listened Ady, lovely track mate
  11. supremes stoned love (long version)

    Just bought the album with it on too. It has a 4 minute version on it.
  12. Badge query - Have you seen one before?

    Yes top days in Cleethorpes Pier and Winter Gardens. A lot of good memories and friends
  13. supremes stoned love (long version)

    The one I have on collectables is 2.49? and still has the long intro
  14. Badge query - Have you seen one before?

    Rick, further to your above post.? I have had this photo sent from someone on Facebook, as I also asked the question on there. He says that it was the 1st anniversary badge, so this is a boot then LOL
  15. Badge query - Have you seen one before?

    That's a weird one then? As I say the white sticker was under the red sticker. Please give my regards to Mary and Colin, they may not remember me, but would definitely remember the guy that I used to go to the Pier with, Gary Field. I also used to go with I...