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    Leeds Central-Still on top!
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    Steve Luigi
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    Northern soul, Old skool Funk and disco, Old skool House and Garage.
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    The Younghearts - A Little togetherness (Still makes me tingle)
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  1. Leeds Central Summer Alldayer

    Don't worry Dave, the DJ stand is a no shirt free zone. One way of keeping the punters out of the dj box though :-)
  2. Leeds Central Summer Alldayer

    Looking forward to seeing you up there Mopsey.
  3. Surely it has to be Ila Vann - Can't stop loving dat man of mine, originally from the movie 'Showboat' in 1936? Why they even start Northern Dancing at the end :-)
  4. Tunes that remind you of other tunes.

    Denise LaSalle - Love reputation, sounds like Denise LeSalle - Too late to check your trap, sounds like Nolan Chance - Just like the weather
  5. Rare and semi known UK Blue Eyed Soul 7" Keith Powell - Song Of The Moon/It Keeps Raining UK Piccadilly http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311907780712?
  6. Leeds Central

    Who would have thought that this convo that started in 2011, would have spurred me on to restart the Central, and it's still going from strength to strength after 6 years. Not only was the Central the best years of my younger life, it is now also the best years of my autumn days too. Who would have thought back in the day, that little 'Bletch', 'Gnomey', would have been the one to get the Central going again some 40 years later? Thank you to Pete Dillon for putting some fire back into the old belly, and thank you everyone for the support you have given to the Central reborn over the last 6 years. Steve
  7. Just Brothers Honey/carlena - Last Few

    Any of this left please?
  8. Leeds Central Summer Alldayer

    The Mighty Leeds Central returns for it's Bi-Monthly Northern Soul Alldayer on August 20th 2017 1pm-8pmThis time we have a long standing Leeds Central attendee and accomplished Northern Soul DJ 'Mopsey' spinning for you, in true Leeds Central tradition, the very best Northern Soul on the planet. Along with the 'Leeds Central' Residents, this will prove to be another stormer of a day for those who know.£7 on the door, Over 18s only, No drinks to be taken into the venue, Bag searches on entry.
  9. Customs charges!!

    Yes I have been caught out a few times, but I think it's pretty random that you get charged. For instance a few weeks ago, I got charged one day for a record that cost about £30 from the states, and the next day didn't get charged for one that cost over £60? Don't ask.
  10. Rare Semi Known UK Northern Soul Single For Sale on Ebay Keith Powell - Song Of The Moon b/w It keeps raining UK Piccadilly Records http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/311907780712?
  11. The Younghearts - A little Togetherness on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311906483565?
  12. Ending today http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311900952998?
  13. Steve Karmen Big Band feat Jimmy Radcliffe - Breakaway (Vocal & Inst.) USA 'UA' Demo, in VG+ Condition http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311900952998?
  14. Leeds Central Soul Club Alldayer

    A week earlier this year to avoid other events including Fathers Day The Legendary Leeds Central Soul Club firing on all cylinders as usual with the original DJs playing the Original sounds, in the original venue where it has taken place since 1971. HiFi club 2 Central Road, Leeds LS1 6DE The only original Basement Northern Soul event in the UK, still running since the day it started over 40 years ago. With an atmosphere so electric, your hair will stand on end and your feet won't stop dancing. The Leeds Central - There is only one!
  15. Is there a second press of this happening as a store in Germany has got them on pre-order?