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    Steve Luigi
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    Northern soul, Old skool Funk and disco, Old skool House and Garage.
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    West Yorkshire
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    The Younghearts - A Little togetherness (Still makes me tingle)
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  1. Northern Soul UK

    Leeds Central Soul Club Christmas Alldayer

    Next Sunday in Leeds. One of the most historic Northern Soul clubs in the UK holds it Christmas Alldayer. Now in it's 50th year in the same venue, with the same 1960s/70s DJs, playing the Classic tunes you all know and love. Come and taste the unique electric atmosphere at this legendary event.https://www.facebook.com/events/2170232279962715/
  2. Northern Soul UK

    News: Men jailed for ‘fake’ vinyl records scam

    It also stated on the news article that Godrey had convictions for 100 other offences, wonder what they were? for the same thing? Also he said that as far as copyright and licencing was concerned, that he "didn't have a clue where to start" Really? Try Google. More like he thought he could get away with it without having to lay any cash out.
  3. Northern Soul UK

    Leeds Central Soul Club Christmas Alldayer

    Only 2 weeks to go to the legendary and mighty Leeds Central
  4. Northern Soul UK

    Music Stack Gone??

    Strange eh??
  5. Northern Soul UK

    Music Stack Gone??

    Anyone tried getting on Music Stack in the past 3 days? Not loading, looks like it might have gone the same way as Gemm. Anyone know what's happening with it?
  6. Northern Soul UK

    Question on ripping vinyl on Audacity

    You have to choose "Mic Input' in Audacity' to record.
  7. Northern Soul UK

    Wrong forum sorry

    Sorry Wrong Forum
  8. Northern Soul UK

    Leeds Central Soul Club Christmas Alldayer

    Sunday December 16th sees the Legendary 'Leeds Central Soul Club' Christmas Alldayer' With Guest DJ 'Snowy' Plus Residents 12 Noon to 8pm - 8 hours of Solid Soul Sounds Come and test out the brand new Sprung Wooden Dance Floor In an atmosphere electric enough to power the UK for a week Only £8 On The Door On The Day HiFi Club - Central Road Leeds LS1 6DE Merry Christmas
  9. Northern Soul UK

    Leeds Central Soul Club October Alldayer

    Just one more sleep to the Mighty Leeds Central Alldayer.
  10. Northern Soul UK

    The Supremes - Stoned Love (Motown Yesteryear)

    I have the 'Spanish' release of this from 1971, it is the Extended version. Has anyone any idea when the 'Yesteryear' one was released. It says '1970' on the label, but I think that is when it was first issued? Anyone?
  11. Covered up as the 'Detroit Shakers - Help Me' at the Casino, this is the original USA Demo on 'Capitol' of 'The Rainbows - Help me if you can' in VG+ condition. https://www.ebay.com/itm/312233682595?
  12. Northern Soul UK

    Cats Whiskers In Leeds?

    Yes, he grabbed hold of one of the Toy Sax's and tried to get a tune out of it, but gave up saying "Lord, I can't get no tune out of that thing"
  13. Northern Soul UK

    Leeds Central Soul Club October Alldayer

    THE SOUL WILL ALWAYS BE HERE! The Leeds Central Soul Club October Alldayer 2018 Sunday October 21st - 1pm-8pm With All Original DJs from the 1960s & 70s Playing Only The Very best Northern Soul Tamla Motown 60s R&B Only £7 on the door on the day Over 18s Only HiFi Club (formally The Leeds Central) 2 Central Road, Leeds LS16DE
  14. Northern Soul UK

    Miners Arms FREE Northern Soul Night

    The Next episode of the Free Northern Soul event at the 'Miners Arms' in Morley, Leeds. Leeds Central Soul Clubs 'Steve Luigi', and the 'Black Cat' Soul Club 'Mick Elsworth', will be spinning the discs from 8pm to 12 Midnight, playing only the very best of Northern Soul, Motown, & 60s R&B. FREE ADMISSION ALL NIGHT
  15. Northern Soul UK

    White Rose Soul Club Yorkshire

    Looking forward to playing at this. A lot of effort has gone into the planning by Danny, and all for a good cause. A welcome return to Northern Soul to the old Queens Hall Building


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