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  1. Tony A

    Soft Sell Out

    Throw away your decks lads, the way forward is the Reel to Reel tape recorder.
  2. Has to be, Any Day Now, that's the one I heard first of his.
  3. Tony A

    Not so Tired Oldies....

    Snap, I normally give Chiffons & Florence Devore a spin on the rare occasion I guest DJ.
  4. Tony A

    Linda Perry demo in sales

    First I've seen, not a very good photo though, issue here.
  5. Tony A

    Speaker repair help

    The main drivers normally only go if overdriven, the voicecoil gets overheated and burns the lacquer coating on the copperwire coil causing it to short circuit or in some cases just stick around the magnet stopping movement of the cone. another cause is a faulty amp output where the output transistor goes DC causing coil problems as already described, the transistors overheating normally cause this, most modern amps are fan assisted cooling now anyway and most use Mosfets which run at a higher temperature without problems.
  6. Tony A

    Speaker repair help

    Ohms dear boy, but I know what you mean, Adding a series resistor greatly improves most uses of piezoelectric tweeters usually about 47 ohms with a 10/25 watt rating, don't worry that you have a higher powered amp as the bass & midrange speakers take the brunt of the power so a 10/25 watt resistor is fine in series with the piezos.
  7. Tony A

    The Volcanos - Youre Number 1

    One sided demo here Dave, in one of the boxes, will try find and post pic.
  8. Tony A

    Playlist - Cantley Doncaster 27 May 2017

    I thought you was there, we ended up kipping in an old church that had been opened as a drop in centre.
  9. Tony A

    Playlist - Cantley Doncaster 27 May 2017

    Edy, were you there that night Baileys got shut down about 2.30 in morning, all kicked out onto the streets ? Remember Necko, Pearsy, Crabby, Willie and myself been there, I think you was, but memory fading now.
  10. Tony A

    Ortofon problem

    Only thing I can think of now is the headshell connections, sometimes need cleaning and make sure tightened fully up with the collar, bit of a coincidence for them both to be effected though, double check any earthing connections.
  11. Tony A

    Ortofon problem

    Are both sets of cartridges of the same type, ie moving coil/moving magnet ? what are your original carts ? make & model ?
  12. Tony A


    Took me over an hour to overtake this lot. as per earlier post above Edited Friday at 12:17 by mike nsfw image removed - do need to be careful with images as can damage the site rep
  13. Tony A

    Speaker Cable - Recommendations Please

    It's worth checking the cable inside your speakers, I bought some Shark cable for my runs from amp to speakers and when I researched a little deeper into pros & cons for changing cable I came across an article that pointed out " if the cable inside your cabinets is of poor quality you can have the very best cable on the outside and it will not make much difference" I changed my cable inside the cabinets & yes you do notice a difference.
  14. Tony A

    Righteous Bros - Rat race

    Nor mine.
  15. Tony A

    R.I.P. Melv Kaye

    R.I.P. Speedy, was a great friend and fellow DJ, worked with him at several places, had a great knowledge of soul music, we would prop the bar up talking for hours about this great music we follow and love, a very big loss to us all.
  16. Tony A

    Favorite Song From-The Moments

    Just having your love gets my vote from the album Sharp.
  17. Tony A

    Motown Soundalikes

    Mary Love, Turned my bitter etc.
  18. 4 - 0 Graham, done better than you thought.
  19. They are gonna put a roof on old trafford Swifty, here's the pic with the roof open.
  20. My Stanton cartridge fitted with both styli, Another pickering styus number on this one PD07-C.
  21. Pickeringuk.com look under disco & broadcast section £19.90 says sold out at moment. Taking it's a genuine product as using pickering trademarks, logos etc, designed & made in the USA since 1946.
  22. Yes, that's where I pinched the picture from, let me know how if performs please.
  23. DJKIT.COM, these are copies for around a tenner, don't know what they sound like, original stantons no longer made.
  24. PVA glue, are the stanton styli like this.


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