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  1. until

    On this rain sodden day that looks so miserable, the only joy we have to look forward to is the Bridlington Spa Soul Weekender, which is now only seven weeks away. With Six, yes Six rooms of your style of Northern Soul. Entry is byadvanced ticket only! The good news is I have tickets available for this fabulous event. To get yours please contact me via either of these methods - a TX or call to 07752319244, or email at william.cudworth@ntlworld.com all you pay is the ticket cost, no more! Hopefully I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Stay safe & KTF (Keep The Friendship) X
  2. until

    All is as normal SHEEP KTF In twelve weeks time we will be sprucing our selfs up while listening to John Kane on the radio for the Saturday Evening of the Bridlington Spa Soul Weekender. Where there are six rooms of soul music to suit everyones taste. But, to enjoy this "Apsolutley Fabulous" event you will need to purchase a ticket in advance as NO tickets are available at the event! So to get your ticket for this not to be missed event, contact me now, either by a TX/call to 07752319244 or email at william.cudworth@ntlworld.com I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Stay safe &
  3. until

    In thirteen (an unlucky number?) weeks soulies will begin to gather in Bridlington for the 1st weekend after been "released from lockdown"! It will be unlucky for some, as you must purchase a re-event ticket, as there will be "No" paying on the door or purchasing tickets at the event!! So to avoid bitter disappointment you can purchase your ticket or tickets now by contacting myself by TX/calling 07752319244, or by emailing at william.cudworth@ntlworld.com Tickets are £30 each and I must stress, there are NO booking or postal fees charged!! I look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe & K
  4. until

    Hello Soulmark, Yes it is going ahead and I have tickets for sale should you require any. Stay safe & KTF
  5. until

    In only 15, yes 15 weeks, Bridlington Spa Soul Weekender, all being well, will be underway. It is anticipated that ticket demand will be high as it is the first weekender after our release from "lock down"! so if you donot want to miss out on this fantastic event please contact me either by TX/call 07752319244 or email at william.cudworth@ntlworld.com to secure yours now! Please do remember it is an advance ticket only event!! Stay safe & KTF (Keep The Friendship) :-) X
  6. until

    No problems Frank thank you. Stay safe & KTF
  7. until

    No problems Frank :-) KTF
  8. until

    Hello Frank, yes I can do three for you no problems at all. Stay safe & KTF (Keep The Friendship)
  9. until

    Hello Frank, you can purchase tickets from myself either by paypal or bank transfer. You should contact me either by TX on 07752319244 or email william.cudworth@ntlworld.com for further details. I provide a trouble free personal service and there are no booking or p&p charges at all. Stay safe & KTF (Keep The Friendship)
  10. until

    “The ECSC are optimistic that the Bridlington Weekender will be on following the government announcement on Monday.” Bridlington Spa Soul Weekender, is planned to go ahead on the Weekend of 25 th June 2021 following the government announced it plans to lift all Covid restrictions on 21st June. The ECSC are waiting to get final confirmation to go ahead and run the event once the authorities have had their meetings. When we get the green light we anticipate a huge demand for the remaining tickets. IMPORTANT! This event will be Advance Ticket Only. Following on from
  11. I am really looking forward andeel honoured to be the guest DJ for my very good friends here at The Twisted Spire Soul Club. So "polish your dance shoes and practice your dance moves" beause it's going to be a cracking night, that's for sure! KTF (Keep The Friendship)
  12. Hello Holly, I have sent you a pm about prince & princess. William
  13. So looking forward to guest DJing for Five Towns. Always a friendly welcome and a great crowd to play too. :-) KTF
  14. billy back drop

    Ilkeston Soul Club

    July's Soul Night brings you our guest DJ Paul Lightley along with resident DJ's, Tony D, Billy Back Drop and The Sheriff (AKA Shirley Stevenson). A proper music policy that's Northern Soul & OVO all the way at our events with guest DJ's who their stuff!. A warm & friendly atmosphere. Plenty of seating for everyone. Wall to Wall wooden dance floor. Great bar prices that don't rip you off. A large free, well-lit and off road carpark. Always on the first Saturday of the month. Please contact either Tony D on 07759308446 or Billy Back Drop on 077523
  15. until

    With just over 24hrs to go the start of this fantastic event it is not too late to purchase a ticket for this event so please ring or TX me on 07752319244 to reserve yours! :-) KTF

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