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  1. The Hollingwood

    I would like to say a big thank you to Mark for asking me to "early doors" DJ for the Hollingwood. An excellent night was had by all i would say with a large & great crowd in from the word go until the end of then night. Now looking forward to next months event! :-) KTF
  2. The Hollingwood

    Looking forward to spinning a few records at the Eearly Doors" spot :-) KTF
  3. Walking With The Wounded Charity All-Dayer

    So looking forward to DJing at this charity event "Walking For The Wounded" later today. It's going to a great day i am sure and what a honour to share the turntables with vey well know DJ's :-) KTF

    Aup Carl, have a great night matey, sorry can't be there As i am DJ at Kimberly :-) KTF
  5. hucknall town football club soul and motown

    a great night was had at this event, well done to all, shall be back for some more!! :-)
  6. The Phoenix - Crooked spire soul club

    Are you having a senior moment there, our Bellyfullosoul, as i have been on afternoons all week and was at work while you have enjoying yourself's!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Billy
  7. Padiham Northern soul & Motown night

    Billy Back Drop has his ticket!!!!
  8. Eddys Northern Soul Club

    i would like to personally thank each & everyone who attended Eddy's August night, your support is very much appreciated i can assure you! Billy (Back Drop)
  9. eddys august flyer

    We are not the biggest! We are not the best! We will give you the warmest of welcomes! We will play only 100% Northern Soul! We donot do piss heads, hand baggers or wedding reception/disco music! If you donot like us, please tell us, if you do like us, then please tell everyone else about us!
  10. eddy's june 2012 flyer

  11. Eddy's Soul Club March 2012

  12. Eddys Soul Club 1st Anniversary

    I would just like to say thank you to every one who visited Eddy's on Saturday 3rd March, your custom was very much appreciated by "The Three Amigo's" & we hope you all had a great evening with us, A special thank you goes out to Ian Gee for stepping in as guest DJ for us at short notice, you did us proud once again Ian. Love you one & all!! KTF Billy (Back Drop) XX
  13. Eddys Soul Night

    thank you to both Lindz & Gigs for your kind comments, they are much appreciated by the "The Three Amigos"
  14. eddys feb 2012 flyer

    Yes!! Eddy's is back after January's "cock up" on the 4th of February!! guest DJ from the Crooked Spire Soul club is "Gigs" "so don't be square, be there"
  15. Eddys & Santa's Soul Night

    my i say a big thank you to everyone who attended Ewinstowes (Eddy's) Soul Club night, i thought it was a brilliant night & thank you Mick H for a fantastic guest DJ spot - KTF always

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