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  1. A lot of European sellers use those. Once they're taped up I find them very hard to open without tearing the tab, so not sure I've ever been able to re-use one. For a single 45 or LP the envelope type are ok with 3 good stiffeners (and taped up - had a few sent without tape and arrive open) re: soundswholesale - bought some 7" stiffeners and cruciform mailers from him recently - the stiffeners are ok, not the best but perfectly fine (guess the cardboard quality varies), but the cruciform mailers are awful, really flimsy.
  2. There's 4 listed at the moment: http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?release_id=2726266 arguably overpriced, but they are there
  3. The first issue was on Athens, then Checker I think...?
  4. Are you still after a copy? Got one here somewhere, need to dig it out and check the condition though
  5. Label changed name to Galliant, because of the existing Gallant label?
  6. one's an instrumental version, if I remember? Also note that a number of the Maycon 45s have different paired catalogue numbers on each side (i.e. 108/109 )
  7. There's two versions - one with false ending, one without. Can't remember if the difference is simply between promo and issue or not.
  8. the Dog War version on Island is a mid 70s version: the Buster Dog War 45 is the ska version
  9. there are other SPQR releases with the same plain white label, e.g. http://www.ebay.com/itm/JIMMY-SOUL-IF-YOU-WANNA-BE-HAPPY-7-SPQR-RECORDS-london-45-/321038807517?pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item4abf6771dd
  10. does it have to be Wand or are you interested in the French EP?
  11. here's an 80s Federal reissue, shouldn't be too hard to spot the red Gusto label!
  12. two great hard-to-find exotic instros, in time for Halloween... The Tomkos - The Spook - Artistique 5003 Promo EX, 40 GBP Charlie Fury - Reptile - Al-Be 167 VG, 20 GBP (scuffs, plays better than looks)
  13. aha! cheers, my hurried Googling earlier didn't find that...
  14. both the Ervin Rucker on Musette and the Big Daddy Rucker on GME have 'Ervin Groves' as the author, maybe that was his real name? his stuff on Duplex is great

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