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    Cecile Campbell-Whisper to me. Wailing Souls-Trouble Maker. George Scott-My Neighborhood. Soul Chargers- My heart beats for you.

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  1. Time won't change you - Looking for VG++ Thanks
  2. Hi All. Looking for a EX-copy Please pm with price etc Thanks
  3. Looking for a clean copy of Wilma Scott's, it's a mean world -Thanks
  4. Hi,Please pm with price and condition.Royal Jesters-Girl i can't forget(jester label).Moonlighters-Lonely Baby(Lamp). t Techniques vi -How can you win(Twink).Thanks
  5. Malcolm,I don't get it,you sent me a postive constructive pm,but here your suggesting i “ignore people”??? lol.What is this some type of character assassination or my knuckles being rapped for public entertainment?.I have bought lots records here on soulsource from various dealers for nearly 5 years.Most from people who have responded to my wants list.I got back to you didn't i?.Let's move on and recover from yesterday's full moon
  6. Lol,malcolm please don't patronise me with your above message.I was considering the best offers and would have gotten back to you!.I will now pm you my decision.
  7. Also looking for Eugene Evans, Too much pain. Thanks
  8. Hi, I am looking for the following 45s: Cookie Scott-Mislead, B-side with instrumental version. Techniques iv-How can you win. Royal Jesters-Girl i can't forget. Please pm me with price and condition Thanks
  9. Rich text editor, editor_517327949fb96, press ALT 0 for help.form{border: 1px dotted #FF0000;padding: 2px;} img.cke_hidden{background-image: url(/public/js/3r Still looking for :Royal Jesters -girl i can't forget.Soul Experience,i'm so glad i found you.Techniques iv-how can you win.Moonlighters-lonely baby.Can anyone help?
  10. Now sorted for both Positive Sounds and Shades of Brown

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