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  1. Nottingham Northern Soul & Motown Creepers Basford Hall Miners Welfare 55 Goldcrest Rd Basford Nottingham NG6 8PT Capacity 240, Large Sprung Wooden Dance Floor, Loads Off street parking, Good sized bar, Close to Tramstop, Pedestrian Entry via Nuthall rd opp KFC, Fully air conditioned, No Talc on the dance floor please, Guest DJ Sam Moore Nottingham, Resident DJ's Ryan C...Rob Smith...David Dee.. £5-00 OTD 11-30pm Bar Closes, No Entry after 11pm... Artist of the night Isley Brothers as it would be Marvin Isley birthday August 18th and the tunes from the group would have been played at Creepers in those Halcyon soul nights at this great venue...……..Each DJ will play a track,
  2. Hi all Always a pleasure to see Sam, top man with a brilliant record collection see you there David
  3. Hi all Looking forward to seeing Paul behind the decks tonight, been a while since we shared a stage see you early doors David Dee
  4. Nottingham Northern Soul & Motown Creepers, Basford Hall Miners Welfare. 55 Goldcrest Rd Basford Nottingham NG6 8PT Capacity 240, Large Wooden sprung Dancefloor, Loads off st parking, Good sized bar, Close to Tramstop. Pedestrian entry Nuthall rd opp KFC. Air Conditioned room, No Talc on floor please, 7-30pm---midnight, last orders 11-30pm £5-00 OTD Resident DJ's.... Rob Smith...David Dee......Ryan C Guest DJ ..Paul Lightly...Acacia Radio, Creepers was a Soul venue in the late 60's 70.s so nice to go back to this great venue, Artist of the night The Temptations all Dj's will play Two tunes in tribute to Paul Williams whose birthday would have been July 2nd
  5. Hi all Looking forward to this Friday with guest Martin Edwards and a couple of tracks from Jr Walker and Jackie Wilson So hope to see you there David Dee
  6. Nottingham Northern Soul & Motown Creepers Basford Hall Miners Welfare 55 Goldcrest rd, Basford Nottingham. NG6 8PT Our 6th Event back at Creepers which was a Soul Venue late 60's -70's Capacity 240 ..Large sprung wooden dance floor...Loads off st parking..good sized bar...Close to tram stop Bagnall rd...Pedestrian entry via Nuthall rd... Air Conditioned room..air cooled dance floor....No talc on floor please floor does not need it, 7-30pm - Midnight, Guest DJ Martin Edwards Soul Valley, Resident DJ's Ryan C ….David Dee...Rob Smith... £5-00 otd, 14th of June was birthdate of Junior Walker so we will dedicate this night to him each DJ will play a brace ….and I saw him live ….
  7. Hi all Records ready looking forward to tonight. Have good time today Trev catch up with you sometime. see you there David Dee.
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  8. Hi all DBSC is always one night i look forward too, a great atmosphere and a great crowd so hope to see you all on Saturday night David Dee
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  9. Hi all Two guest DJs tonight so make sure you got your dancing shoes see you soon David Dee.
  10. Nottingham Northern Soul & Motown, Creepers, Basford Hall Miners Welfare, 55 Goldsmith Road Basford Nottingham. NG6 8PT Our 5th Event at creepers Capacity 240, Large wooden sprung Dance floor, Loads off street parking, Good sized Bar, Close to Bagnall rd tram stop, Pedestrian entry via Nuthall rd, opp KFC, Air Conditioned Room, Dance floor Cool system, No Talc on dance floor please, So nice to be at a venue that was here in the 60's 70's running Soul nights, and I attended. So we will go back to those Halcyon nights of 60's Soul.....Turning the Clock Back... Resident DJ's Rob Smith, David Dee, Ryan C, Guest DJ Mick Jay Grantham Soul Club Back by popular demand from his spot in January, Also Dave who Ran Turners Mapperley top will do a spot, Entry £5 OTD.... 7-30pm finish Midnight...last orders 11-30pm
  11. Hi all Looking forward to Creepers tonight with Ian behind the deck and a couple of track from Edwin Starr See you early door David Dee
  12. Creepers Basford Hall Miners Welfare Nottingham Capacity 250 Large Sprung Wooden Dance Floor Loads off st parking Good sized Bar Close to Cinderhill tram stop second to last stop, Pedestrian entry via Nuthall rd Air Conditioned room No Talc on dancefloor Now into our 4th Month..average attendance 150, Guest DJ Ian Palin Resident DJs Rob Smith and David Dee, Ryan C, 7-30pm ….Midnight £5-00 otd contact promoter Mal 07778797800
  13. Hi all If you haven't seen Gas Simpson before get yourself down to Creepers for great night of soul and Motown also first time behind the decks Ryan C See you early doors. David Dee.
  14. Nottingham Northern Soul and Motown @ Creepers Basford Hall Miners Welfare 55 Goldcrest rd, Nottingham NG6 8PT Guest DJ Gaz Simpson, Resident DJs Rob Smith, David Dee, Capacity 250, Large Sprung Wooden Dance Floor. Loads off rd Parking, Close to Tramstop Pedestrian entry via Nuthall rd Air Con Room No Talc on Dancefloor please this floor is superb it is not Required, 7-30pm --12 midnight £5-00 otd This will be our 3rd event it is going well with great attendance, Contact Mall 07778797800

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