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  1. Hi Steve there’s parking outside the pub. It’s only free after 8pm though. And there is also parking around the side street too. The actual Pub doesn’t have its own car park.
  2. Thank you
  3. The Hubble Bubble Mod / Soul club as now moved to the Vat & Fiddle about 200 meters from the Nottingham train station. We will also be moving to bi monthly. The first one will be Saturday the 1st of February. What to expect to hear at the HB Mod classics, British RnB, American RnB, 60's Beat, Psych, Northern soul, Motown and a tad of Ska. So if your looking for something different than the usual night out come give us a go. All played on orginal vinyl only. Resident Dj's Gary Wall, Steve Charlton, John Whittaker and Jo White 8pm - late £4 Door tax There is also free parking from 8pm till 8am Smart dress only
  4. Nottingham monthly Mod and Soul night
  5. The HB is back on the Saturday the 5th of May 8pm - till late Playing some of the best sounds around from both the Mod & Soul scene goes without saying all played on the original vinyl. What to expect from the HB in terms of the music we play, Mod & Soul classics, American R&B and British R&B, 60's Beat, Garage, Freakbeat, 60's Northern & Motown. Resident dj;s Paula Axtell, Steve Charlton & Gary Wall. Door tax £3
  6. The Hb will be celebrating our 4th anniversary on the 7th April at the Lord Roberts pub in Nottingham. With guest Dj's Pete Whelbourn from one of Nottingham's original British R&B club ( Harry Palmers ) Also to grace the decks will be Garry Archer from nottingham's Polish Boogaloo Mod club. As usual they will be supported by the resident Dj's Paula Axtell, Steve Charlton and Gary Wall. despite the HB being a small Mod Soul club we pride ourselves on playing some of the best sounds around from both of the scenes. Expect to hear Mod classics, British & American R&B, 60's Beat, Garage, Freakbeat, 60's soul, Northern and Motown. Its goes without saying all vinyl played is original at the HB 8pm-1am Door tax £3
  7. This month's guest at the Hubble Bubble is Garry Archer from The Boogaloo Club Nottingham With the usual resident Dj’s Paula Axtell, Steven Charlton and myself Gary Wall Despite the HB being a small club we pride ourselves on playing some of the biggest and best Mod and Soul sounds around and all on OVO. What to expect in terms of music. Mod classics, British & American R&B, 60’s Beat, Garage, Freakbeat, 60’s Soul, Northern & Motown. 8pm - late door tax £3
  8. The Hubble will back up and running on Saturday the 25th of March at the Peacock Pub in Nottingham, up stairs in the function room. As usual we will be playing across the board from Mod Classic, British RnB, Northern Soul, Motown, RnB, and a tad of Ska. All played on the original vinyl only Residend DJ's Paula Axtell, Steven Charlton and Gary Wall. there's plenty of parking at the VIc Centre car park. Which Is straight facing the venue. 8-late £4. OTD
  9. The Hubble Bubble is a well established Mod and Soul club in Nottingham where now heading into our fourth year . If your looking something different then come and join us at the Ropewalk for a night of authentic Mod & Soul sounds, all played on OVO to had to the ambience. This month's guest Graham Johnson from the White Rabbit. Leeds. Resident Dj's Paula Axtell Stephen Charlton and Gary Wall. What to expect from the HB.. Mod Classic's. 60's Beat. Freakbeat. British RnB. American RnB. Northern Soul. Motown. and a tad of Ska 8pm-late £3.50 otd plenty of free parking facing the ropewalk and on the side streets
  10. Northern Soul & Motown night "Windsor" Friday 13th May The Boom Bar is to present a night of Northern Soul and Motown for the first time at their newly refurbished venue. This is going to be an across the board event playing the very best of 60's & 70's Northern and Motown. DJs for the night :- Ian Harrison - Souled Out, Burnham Park, Windsor Haydn Kettle - Jagz, South Ascot Gary Wall - The Hubble Bubble, Nottingham 8pm - 2am Tickets £6 Or £7 otd For more information please contact Vik or Paul on Windsor 01753 306070 Email vik@theboomboombar.co.uk or paul@theboomboombar.co.uk
  11. the "Club" playing the best in 60's,70's Northern Soul,Motown and Oldies
  12. I don't suppose you still have this for sale do you ?
  13. Hi i'm after a copy of, Vernon Harrell- Slick chick ! must be vg+ at least !! Please in box or call me on 07525 792927 Many thanks Gary
  14. Firstly i would just like to say what a fantastic set that Simon Hunt played ! Thats not to forget Jono and Kip both always play blinders on any night ! Secondly just to put any gossip to rest me and Malc have not fell out in anyway ! Malc wants to concentrate on the Oldies side of things hence him sticking with the Polish ! and i will be still sticking with the open box policy that we have always maintained at the Central ! Thirdly Central soul club will not be ending the only difference will be Malc will not on the door with me ! I'm hoping that Jono will still be a resident for me. And there will be another resident joining us shortly ! I hope that folk will still continue to support the venue. And finally i would like to thank Malc for the last 5 yrs and i wish you all the best at the Polish club.

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